Globalization Essay: A Controversy of the 21st Century


Despite the fact that the very concept of globalization has emerged some twenty years ago, the tendency itself has been present in many countries for centuries. It appeared with the emergence of international trade. Nevertheless, with the development of technology, it has become especially widespread, while the controversy around this concept has long been growing. According to the economists, globalization is a process that helped different nations of the world to create world-wide connections and carry out international activities with different countries. The following paper will analyze the controversial aspects of globalization in the 21st century. The current globalization essay represents an attempt to clarify the issues associated with the effects of globalization on different aspects of social life. Like all essays on globalization, the following globalization pros and cons essay will examine the problem in detail in terms of the political, cultural and economic consequences of the phenomenon.

All globalization essays generally discuss the debate surrounding the concept of international unification. Similarly to the existing studies, the essay on globalization presented below will also analyze the major pros and cons associated with this phenomenon in order to draw a well-grounded conclusion regarding the current situation in the modern globalized world. The current essay about globalization is intended for a broad range of readers who take interest in this question and would like to know what consequences of globalization can be observed in the modern society. It is widely considered that globalization is associated with both advantages and disadvantages. Although it has brought about many positive changes, the opponents of this phenomenon say otherwise. Before drawing any conclusions, it is better to analyze the pros and cons of globalization in greater detail.


  • Globalization is suggested to promote economic growth of the world nations. Those who are in favor of globalization consider this trend to be a means of uniting the world countries and exchanging products and services, while at the same time opening the gates to commercial trade. In this regard, investors from the developed states can now open businesses in the underdeveloped countries and in return provide employment opportunities to people from foreign states. While opening new business in foreign countries, the investors enjoy such benefits as cheap labor services and low taxes. At the same time, more job opportunities are created and this partially solves the problem of unemployment in the developing countries. Furthermore, employers can now hire employees from other countries without a necessity to pay local workers by hour. This is considered a great benefit of globalization.
  • One more positive side of globalization is the fact that free trade is now available in a greater number of countries. With the rise of globalization, free trade has become accessible to various nations who can now purchase and provide their goods under the regulation from the state’s government. As a result, we can see the increase in profits and sales. Due to the market diversification, producers of various goods can now enjoy the abundance of resources. On the other hand, consumers have easier access to a great variety of goods available at lower prices. Furthermore, due to a wide choice of products, customers can find everything they need in the market.
  • Experienced workers can now get employed overseas and earn money for the benefit of their native countries. Nowadays, there are more job opportunities than previously. A free movement of work force allows immigrants to earn higher salaries than they would generally earn in their native countries. At the same time, the governments of their countries earn revenues from employees working in other states. The host countries also take advantage of this situation, because foreign employees can fill the gap in the sphere of health care and other social services.


  • The opponents of globalization claim that this phenomenon can result in the abuse of immigrant workers as well as tax evasion on behalf of employers. Despite the fact that the trend of globalization allows businessmen across the world to make investments in underdeveloped countries, the opponents say that foreign employers can take advantage of their workers. There are employers who cannot afford providing healthy workplaces, but at the same time demand their employees to work long hours. Besides, there exists a problem of child labor. This is because many children from underdeveloped countries are often forced to get involved in shadowy business. One more disadvantage is that many investors are trying to avoid paying taxes and this consequently results in the loss of profit for the local government.
  • Besides, it is claimed by some people that globalization can lead to the loss of job opportunities for local workers. This happens because skilled and professional workers like nurses and doctors from developing countries go overseas to earn more money, while their native countries lose talented professionals. This results in a situation when poor countries are left with no qualified labor force. At the same time, immigrant workers in different countries are afraid of losing their place of work and thus, agree to lower salaries. The only ones who get benefit from deindustrialization and globalization are the multinational corporations, while ordinary workers lose a number of opportunities for personal growth.
  • One more disadvantage of globalization is its negative effect on the environment, which further results in the transmission of such diseases as HIV. A lot of discussions have been carried out on the issue of industrialization that is interrelated with the phenomenon of globalization. In fact, more waste is being produced and left unattended in poorer countries disregarding the environmental concerns. Toxic waste produced in the course of industrialization causes irreparable damage to the environment. Besides, with greater numbers of tourists going to countries where various transmittable diseases are prevalent, the overall health of the world population is under a certain risk. All this proves that globalization has a number of adverse effects.

To conclude, any kind of development or growth is associated with certain pros and cons, and globalization cannot be considered an exception. It is a fact that globalization has opened doors to various foreign countries and had a great influence on different nations from the economic, cultural and political perspectives. Besides, it is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped. Therefore, what the world community can do is minimize the negative sides of globalization to mitigate the problems associated with this trend. The governments of the countries and common people can only hope that the ever-increasing globalization will bring more good than harm in the future.

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