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Guest posting is one of the effective tools to increase the value of your website both for Google and real customers. Contact us to see that is true. 

As a SEO professional or the website owner, you are definitely aware of the importance of high quality backlinks in your efforts to boost the performance of your online project.  We accept guest posts on our website for affordable and offer the following guidelines to ensure the best results for you.

Write for Us: Guarantees

First, let’s take a look at a number of guest post opportunities and the guarantees we offer:

-          Dofollow link that does not cease its existence

-          Page is indexed by Google and immediately adds value to your own website

-          We accept payment through PayPal and it is absolutely safe to cooperate with us

-          There will be no additional links in the article you submit

-          You can post the link in an already published article and save your time and efforts on preparing the content

As our blog articles cover a wide range of topics and issues, including the samples of pre-written essays, diverse tips, and just informative writings on all possible concepts and events that are of interest to the readers, you are not limited in your choice of the subject matter for your own article. However, please keep an eye on the informative value of your post to ensure the readers find it interesting in the first place.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

To enjoy the best results and achieve your SEO goals with guest post submission, take the following guest posting guidelines into account.

·         Provide author bio to establish credibility of the post. The description can be short and contain several sentences. Readers tend to trust the content as well as click on the links within the article when there is a bio included.

·         The statistics show that popular posts that are read more frequently and keep the attention of the viewers for at least a couple of minutes are better treated by Google compared to short notices or irrelevant posts. Thus, keep your blog post at sufficient length. Our recommendation is to ensure your blog post is at least 700 words in length. However, the more words you write – the better.

·         Match the content of your blog post with the major focus of your online project. In other words, if your link is related to online streaming, the article should be about online streaming. Of course, this objective is not always achievable, but you should try your best to ensure the best match.

·         As a guest blogger, you should keep in mind the best SEO practices, including the use of HTML formatting for headers and lists, capitalization of the first letters, use of tags for headlines, writing out the numbers, etc.

Please contact us for the detailed guidelines on how to format your blog post/article for publishing on our website.

Tips and Recommendations for Guest Posts

To guarantee the best results, we check all submissions for plagiarism before publishing. We will not publish the content that is copied from other sources and contains plagiarism. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy and authenticity of your article.  Plagiarism is copying the content written by others without giving a proper credit to the author. Close paraphrase of the previously published content (changing a few words in a sentence, for example) is counted as plagiarism as well.  Be sure to properly integrate quotes and indicate the original sources of your content to avoid the situation when your submission is rejected.

The value of your submission counts! While evaluation is a subjective process, you should pay attention to the quality and originality of your blog article. Neither readers nor Google will appreciate brief notes overloaded by links. Such submission will not add value to your website and can be harmful in some cases.  Link building strategy should be balanced and well-planned with due attention paid to the quality of your article, keywords, and link itself.

The Publishing Process

Not all blog posts shared by contributors are posted on our website. Please read the following guidelines to avoid misunderstanding and speed up the process of publishing for your content.

·         We do not accept guest posts related to illegal or unethical services, products, or activities, including but not limited to the following: pornography, violence, drugs, crime, and gambling.

·         To submit your post for publishing, please contact us first. In response to your inquiry, you will receive the detailed guidelines for the posting procedure, the content requirements, and the payment terms.

·         All posts are manually checked by our editorial staff. We will pay close attention to compliance with the posting rules, the URL of the link you want to add, etc.

·         Grammar, spelling, and informational value of the post do matter! We will not post your article if it is not written in proper English language, contains numerous mistakes, or there is a gap in the content you provide and the linked website.

·         If your blog post does not meet the basic requirements, it will be returned for amendments. The posts of high quality will be submitted to publication.

We do not guarantee your post will be published, as all decisions are made upon the review. While we try our best to respond to guest blog posting submission in a timely manner, it may take a few days for our editors to provide feedback.

The Fees and Payment Terms

We do not have a fixed fee per blog post. The fee for posting is determined by the editor upon the review of your content and depends on the number of backlinks you expect to insert into the article, the quality of the article, editor’s service to proofread and format your post, and other factors. To get the lowest fee, please be attentive to the above requirements and make your post ready for publishing. Before you submit your post, ask yourself the following questions:

·         Would I read the article I want to publish and would I find it interesting and informative?

·         Did I follow the guest posting recommendations and requirements?

·         Did I provide all the information requested by the editor?

If you have doubts about the quality of your content, English is not your native language, or you are a SEO beginner and do not have a deep understanding of the essentials of guest posting, do not hesitate to contact us for guidelines.

Have Doubts on Whether Blog Posting Strategy is Right For You?

There is no one-fit-all SEO strategy but link-building approach through guest posts with dofollow links remains one of the most effective organic way to grow your online project visibility. Link building strategy that works requires careful assessment of the website hosting your link. It means that 10 links of high quality can be much more valuable than 1000 links from irrelevant, overloaded, or red-flagged websites.  You can have numerous backlinks but your website’s presence online will decrease only because the quality of those backlinks is so low that they actually hurt your SEO efforts.

Posting a guest article on our website, you not only get the high quality link to your online project but may also enjoy the instant reach to your target traffic, improve the credibility of your website, grow product or brand awareness, and stimulate organic growth in the number of visitors.

Do not hesitate! Contact us now and enjoy the results tomorrow!

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