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How to reveal your talents and abilities?

“This guy is a born athlete”, “It seems like that girl was born on the stage” – such words can be heard in the unique cases. It is not easy at all to find your calling. It is not always obvious what a person can do better than others. How to see and unleash the potential given by nature? The experts of our website will take you closer to the understanding of what abilities are and how to use them properly.

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Abilities are the system of psychological (curiosity, attentiveness) and physiological qualities (speed, agility, flexibility) that secure the easiness of getting knowledge and skills, and also, create prerequisites for achieving unsurpassed results in some field of activity.

If you manage to discover that you have the abilities to a particular field, which maximally correspond to its demands, most likely you will achieve the great recognition in it. In fact, even people with very poor abilities to some profession can succeed, making the necessary effort. However, it will be required to spend much time and power.

In order to present the role of abilities for a person, let’s draw an analogy with a computer. Its “iron” is the abilities; “soft” is knowledge and skills; a user is the motives, interests, and willpower of a person. The one who works with a computer can benefit from its hardware and software features. An advanced user can not only use these features, but also expand them by upgrading and using some particular resources. Your task is to become such a user towards your abilities.

Of course, there are so-called “super computers” that easily cope with everything they engage. However, such people are very few. The one who reaches amazing heights is not the “nature miracle” but a hard-working person who knows what he (or she) is capable of. If only primitive programs are installed, there will not be much benefit even from the most advanced computer. A powerful computer with the best programs will also be useless when no one needs them. The same happens to a talented person if he (she) does not manage to find his (her) calling and is not hard-working enough to carry out his (her) job. Every single person has the abilities. The difference is that they are presented either stronger or weaker in different people.

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How to discover your abilities?

  1. The first and the most important sign, according to which you can judge about the abilities presence, is the easiness of getting knowledge and skills in a particular field. When a person starts learning something he (she) has abilities to, it seems like he (she) has already done it before but forgotten a bit. In order to feel the attraction to some activity, do not be afraid to try different occupations.
  2. The second sign is the flexibility, i.e. the ability to perform your actions in various ways. For instance, the ability to find several ways of a complex task resolution testifies about mathematical abilities.
  3. The third sign is the ability to transfer some mastered skill to a new situation. For instance, you studied English, and then, you started learning French. They have much in common. If you have linguistic abilities, you will manage to study the second language faster than the first. In case if such abilities are weak, the second language will be harder to learn than the first one.
  4. The fourth sign is a quick positive reaction to advice and support. It is enough to hint or show something to a person, or just say: “You can do it!”, and this very person will handle the task of a higher difficulty level.

There are the following groups of abilities: intellectual (linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, interpersonal), creative (originality, fluency, flexibility), and special (for instance, absolute pitch (or perfect pitch), and resistance to seasickness).

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Are abilities inborn or gained features?

Bear in mind that the abilities are not limited to a single feature. They are the unique combinations of several qualities called inclinations. The inclinations are the features of the structure and functioning of the human body that underlay the abilities and are mainly inherited (being tall, having absolute pitch, etc.). Some inclinations are inherited but their combinations that underlay the abilities are not transmitted unchanged.

Modern researchers claim that up to 50-60% of abilities are inborn, and the rest 40-50% are determined by the conditions of person’s life. It means that your effort and favorable conditions (for example, time, well-equipped gym, and a good coach) compensate the lack of inborn features. That is why pre-selection based on abilities is so much important in the fields that require the highest difficulty level of performance (art, space). If you think that the lack of time is the only obstacle on your way, our experts can help you deal with it:

A good mentor will help reveal the abilities. You need to look for such people who want and are able to share knowledge, skills, and experience. Having found them, use the opportunity to learn from them as much as possible. Remember that the talented teachers prefer working with those who demonstrate interest in learning.

How to benefit from learning? 70:20:10 model

We usually know “what” to learn. However, we do not always pay the necessary attention to the question “how?”. Of course, the result depends on the efforts, understanding of the process importance, correct goal setting, and time distribution. You lose much when you do not know how to organize the learning process, match the theory with practice, and when you hesitate to ask for professional help. Our specialists will present you 70:20:10 learning method that will help answer these questions.

What do 70:20:10 figures mean? It is not difficult to see the proportion. However, what relation does it have to the effective preparation for the exams, studying at school or college?

  • Perfectly, 70% of the whole process should be allocated for practice (solving the tasks and problems based on your own experience).
  • 20% is the teacher’s assistance, as well as the positive and negative examples of other people.
  • And only 10% is the theory, reading, lessons, lectures, courses, and so on.

This method was created by Morgan McCall with the colleagues from the Center for Creative Leadership in the United States. The team members Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger in 1996 wrote a book on this issue.

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In order to understand the model, let’s look at the proportion of the other way around. Only 10% of success depends on the fact that you have listened to a lecture, read an interesting book, or learned the theory. Having stopped at this stage, you will not manage to get the results. Information without use will be lost for good. It is also not recommended to neglect this stage. A firm ground is very precious.

The next 20% depends on people you communicate with. It is important how good your tutor is, whether he (she) is able to listen to worthwhile advice and not to let others make mistakes.

Did you read the necessary books and attend the courses of the best professors? Great! However, remember that his is only 30%. Agree that this is not much. We want to emphasize the importance of 70%. Do not forget: everything you have heard from the guru of your field, read in the reliable books, you need to try yourself. It does not matter whether this is the mathematics tasks or creation of an outstanding presentation.

This method is used in many educational establishments, as well as in the companies that care for the personal growth of their employees and success of their projects.

The basis of 70:20:10 thinking is the understanding that no one but you can handle got knowledge. It concerns not only preparation for the exams, studying at school or college. It would be great if you apply this method to other matters. It is up to you how to study. In any case, our professional team is always ready to support and assist you with any issue, especially when it concerns academic writing:

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The aim of this post is to help you reveal your abilities and start studying more productively. We hope we have managed to reach it. Of course, our main goal is to be maximally helpful. That is why we offer to take any your assignment and do it quickly, professionally, and for cheap. Visit our site, select the services you need, and contact us. You will get a personal writer who will work on your papers. You can contact your personal assistant directly to discuss your requirements. Our support team is 24/7 available. Do not hesitate to appeal to the specialists to be as much productive as possible. It is important for your success.

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