Kindness Essay Based on Truth Is A Must Have for Real Man


Random act of kindness essay is not just a story, but a necessary part of our life.

Check out an essay about a personality trait, that differs a “man” from a “real person”.  A real man is not the one, who is just strong, rich or successful. It’s a person who is really kind and generous.  This story will entertain you in a way and make think about the sense of your life. Our team is also ready to give you a wide range of writing services: course work, essay, dissertation, term paper, powerpoint presentation, research paper as well as checking your grammar And if you ever ask us: “Can you help me do my essay?”, we will always answer “Yes” as we have 24/7 support.

Our first act of pure kindness essay

Kindness is not just an empty phrase from religious books or moral lectures. It’s a fact proven by examples from history, nature and real life. Omar Khayyam encouraged people to shut down religious books and to be just kind to each other, lend a person a helping hand.

Our first essay about humanity which we probably get at school is a reflection of parenting. Kids get lessons of humanity in their families just right from their earliest days. They learn to understand good and bad things. But even an essay writer help won’t be useful for them if they don’t have real examples from their experience.

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Nevertheless, kindness is a natural feature. Just watch animals who are so kind to take care of each other. You must have heard about dolphins who rescue people, birds who become parents for founding baby chicks, cats, and dogs who accept little strangers to their families, pets who protect their masters. So altruism is definitely in our genes. Science claims that this feature of our character is linked with hormone oxytocin. So we have all been kind since our childhood.

Kindliness is an integral part of a soul that makes sense of our life. Scientists proved that the first thing we need for our happiness is communication. And kindness is a key feature that helps people build relationships with each other.

Most people think that love is the most important thing in their lives. But it’s not so easy to distinguish the real one. And this feeling is impossible without kindness. It is a deep feature of our character. It means love to humans and environment, willingness to help other people, animals, and nature in difficult situations.

Kindness was the main feature of the character, that helped nations and people survive. And it still is. Without kindness, people would probably kill each other in wars and fights as cruel animals. So this feeling is an important part of religion and culture.

Proved facts for a random act of real kindness essay

History shows gorgeous examples of kindhearted people like Saint Teresa, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, etc. When you want to change the world it’s not important to have a lot of money, occupy a significant position in society, be a cool warrior or possess dangerous weapons. Common people who just were kind to surrounding world saved others’ lives. For example, Desmond Doss was an unarmed medic but he rescued 75 people in Hacksaw Ridge fight between Americans and Japanese. And what’s more important is that he saved the lives of his enemies too.

Nowadays therisre a lot of evidence that kindness is still alive. We can find them in the news feed for example.

  • Subway gives meals for free to homeless people
  • “One Philippine woman saw a homeless boy in the street, wrote about him in social media and thus helped him get a scholarship”
  • “A woman from NY bought the whole toys shop that wasn’t profitable anymore and gave them to foster cares”…

But the evidence of generosity can be seen not only in news reports and social media. Kindness is everywhere. It’s not only about charity, but about everyday acts and thoughts. It warms our hearts with smiles, handshakes, hugs, words of support. If you help an old woman carry her hard bags, feed a homeless kitten, make your little brother’s home task together, call your grandmother just without any reason, you are definitely a generous person. Cordiality is not just one feature of character, it’s a lifestyle.

Everyone has his own understanding of “kindness”. Men and women can have different opinions about it. It’s not easy to be kind in difficult situations. For example, you see a homeless beggar. What would you do? Will you be so kind to give him some money? Or will you try to find him an opportunity to work or place to live? Or maybe you will organize a meeting to support homeless people and distribute information about him in social media?

Act of genuine kindness essay. Are you ready to write your own one?

Will you have enough experience if someone asks you to write this story? Look deep into your heart. Do you see any kindness there? Or is it just a wish to get some profit after your actions? Really kind people are selfless. They don’t think about any profits their kindness could give them.

It is rather difficult to be a humane person in our modern world. Most people take kindness as granted, get used to it, but don’t have the same attitude to kind persons. So it’s important to say “no” being a gentleman and not to kill somebody with kindness.

Sometimes cordial people are considered to be just silly or weak. But it’s not true. Really kind people have a very strong character because they take care not only about themselves but about surrounding world too. Being generous takes much time and efforts. But it’s worth it. Kind people always look attractive, as their actions tell a lot about them.  

It’s very sad that nowadays the number of really kind people decreases. People become lonely, mainly because of virtual reality where they can hide from difficulties of the real world. So they don’t need to build relationships and feel real empathy.

But still, it’s very important to be kind for each person and for all society in general. Kindness is a long-term investment into socialization and communication. It’s an essential feature of social development and evolution. Just imagine that all people in the world are not kind, they are egotistical and they think and take care only about themselves. What will the life be like? Relationships without soul and inspiration, just consumer society. Would you like to live in this world without any kindness? Give us your opinion. Send us your answer and we will check it thoroughly like we check paperwork for grammar.

To be a kind person – is the choice of everyone. It’s not easy but still it makes sense. There should be always a place for kindness in your heart. Just appreciate kind people you meet in your life and take an example from them. Let the kindness win not only in tales or American comedies but in real life too.

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