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Do you need a reliable assistant that will help with your written assignments? You have found it! is the best custom writing website that provides competent academic writing services. We are the best school and college essay writing service on-line. Our writers are certified MBA and PhD degree owners. They will not only help you improve your grades, but also get a lot of free time. Get your papers done professionally, quickly and for cheap. We know that the studying loads of a regular student are very high. That is why we do our best to assist you. In addition, we want to share several useful pieces of advice on how to finish school successfully without excessive worrying.

How to finish high school and not to go crazy

We want to give advice to the seniors who barely manage to cope with the studying loads. You can do a lot of things during the last year at school: improve your grades, pass the final exams, get ready to enter a college, celebrate the graduation ceremony, etc. How not to go crazy when there is so much to do? The experts of our site are going to share the secrets of how to make the life of a high school senior easier.

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You want to do everything planned but you lack time. You come back home late, do your home assignments, rest a bit. After that, you have additional learning courses, classes with a tutor, or prepare for the exams on your own. You do all this feeling totally exhausted. Then, you get despaired when see that the results are lower than expected. So how to get enough time to get prepared for everything?

  • Plan your day

Do not keep all your plans and businesses in your head but transfer them to paper. Having spent only 10% of your time on planning, you will save 90% when solving the tasks. Having learned this rule, as well as the time management basics, you will start coping easily with studying (and work, in the future).

If you are getting ready to enter a college on your own, approach it seriously, and your efforts will be rewarded. We have a lot of useful posts on our site that can help you greatly to prepare and gain some necessary experience.

In order not to come to a standstill (when you have planned many things but done nothing eventually), set your goals according to the SMART technique. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound. It means that “I will solve all the tests on Thursday” is not your option. “March, 11, 16:00 to 18:00 I am solving the tasks on chemistry” – this is much better.

  • Prioritize

When the problem is not about your ability to plan but about the fact that the businesses are actually too numerous, it is necessary to learn to prioritize. You need to be strong enough to remove less important tasks. Now we are not speaking about the rest and entertainment. We shall explain what exactly we want to say.

Let’s suppose that you have an X subject. It is not the most significant subject because you are not going to pass an exam on it. Also, you are not going to connect your life with this field. Nevertheless, the X subject takes a lot of your time. You are wasting hours to do the home assignment because “the teacher is very demanding”, “I need a good grade”, and “parents may punish”. Believe us, even if your grade is not the highest, you will not lose much. If other your grades are excellent, there is not much sense to chase for perfection in something less important.

There is no need to be a high achiever in all the subjects. Pay more attention to the things that really matter. Of course, if you are one of the best students, we do not recommend you to give up everything. In this case, it would be better to make more effort. Do not worry because the best British writers will support you with your assignments:

Now we are gradually transferring to another problem. How to build good relationships with the principled teachers, who demand to pay to their subject the most attention?

  • Resolve the conflicts diplomatically

Try to talk to the teacher who conducts the lessons on the X subject. Explain that right now this subject is a bit less important for you because you want to direct all your powers to get ready for the entrance. Naturally, it is difficult to predict the reaction of a teacher because all people are different. However, if you select a correct approach and explain the situation clearly, there is the chance that the teacher will meet halfway.

The problem itself is not new. Do not be afraid to demonstrate your sincere worrying. If you try to cope with the problem on your own, without discussing it with other people, it will not disappear.

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Cooperate with other students of your class

There is another option of the problem solving. In order to do the assignments faster, join efforts with a friend. Written assignments can be easily divided among you. Naturally, if a subject is important for you, it is better to study independently.

When except the school problems you suffer from misunderstanding from the parents’ part, your self-esteem gets extremely low. Luckily, this problem can be solved as well.

  • Talk to your parents

Share with your close ones your fears and worries, ask for advice. Tell them sincerely that some their words hurt you (something like “study or you will not enter a college”, “I am not going to pay for your studies”, “what will you eventually be if you do not study well?”). Do not get angry and slam the door. Sometimes parents express their care in such a clumsy way. However, when you feel your parents’ support, you will feel much stronger. Also, we recommend you to enlist support of a professional academic writer:

Not enough sleep, chronic fatigue, and stress are the loyal companions of a senior. How to fight them?

  • Stick to the schedule

Turn “mother mode” on. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you cannot sleep that many hours at night, you should rest after school. Eat well, do not forget to relax, and do sport. Worry less.  Air the room more often. You will feel better, acting in such a way. Now you can turn “mother mode” off.

  • Engage in your hobby from time to time

Everyone has his (or her) own method to fight stress. It can be music, books, dances, painting, computer games, sport, walks, or whatever else. The main effect is to get distracted from routine and make yourself forget about all the problems. If you still have not found such a hobby, you should definitely look for it.

  • Be able to neglect some things

Why do you worry if you can avoid this? Try to take the situation easy. Do not worry too much about the things that you cannot influence. Learn the art of unconcern and let your problems go. For instance: do you feel bad? Let things slide. Tell yourself: “I do not care. So what?” This is a great way out. With a single wave of a magic wand you stop hating you for feeling bad.

The last school year, exams, entrance: all this is a big challenge. However, it will end, one way or another. If you have good relationships with other students of your class, you should appreciate every moment you spend together. School years will never return to your life again. If your relationships are not very good, you can comfort yourself with a thought that soon you will finish school and another stage of your life will begin.

However, do not think that “it will be easier soon”. It is not true. College studying is responsible and complicated time. It will be necessary to learn a lot of things on your own, to do a huge amount of assignments, and lead an active social life, if possible. However, you will have a lot of fun moments and you will eventually start learning your future profession. That is why it is very important to choose something you really like. We wish you enjoy your time wherever you are and whatever you do. Everything will be great!

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