Traditional VS Non-Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes


Traditional VS Non-Traditional Christmas RecipesAre you fond of various holidays and celebrations? Maybe you like to cook or eat well, or both? If you have answered affirmatively at least one of these questions, you will definitely like our today’s post. In this post, we have gathered traditional Christmas dishes of different countries. Some dishes are traditional for some country and seem unusual or even exotic for another one. So read about traditional Christmas cuisine of various countries, and you will learn much new, for sure. If you need an essay on a similar topic (or any other topic required) order custom high school essays writing service on our site. Our writing services are affordable and quick. You will get a discount, and your paper will be delivered as soon as possible. Now let’s return to the essence of our post.

The United Kingdom

The English begin to celebrate in the daytime already. They bake a turkey for a festive meal (sometimes a duck or a goose but it depends on how many guests invited). As another alternative, there can be made a baked ham or piglet, fries, cooked veggies, ragout with sausages, cranberry sauce. For dessert, there are served pudding and sweet butter with brandy. Sounds really exciting! British know a thing and do everything in the best possible way. Academic writing field is not an exception:

The custom of cooking a turkey originated many years ago and became widespread quite quickly. In the very beginning, they used to cook either a peacock or a wild boar as the main dish. When turkeys were brought to England, this poultry became the basic festive dish since the 18th century.

Traditionally on this holiday, in Great Britain, people divide the breastbone of a turkey (goose or duck), thus, predict the future. The breast bone in the form of a slingshot is taken by two people who begin to pull both its ends in different directions. As a result, a bone breaks and the one who gets its bigger part wins. It means that this person will be lucky all year round. If you want to know more about Christmas traditions, you can ask our writers to write an essay on this topic for you. Custom essay writing is one of the numerous services provided on our website.

Customs in the USA

Many holiday customs were borrowed from Great Britain. In general, there is no wonder because the first immigrants were Europeans. The basic holiday food in the USA is turkey, cranberry sauce, corn, pumpkin, and beans. For dessert, they serve what they like in a family according to ethnicity, but they often cook pies (usually, these are apple and pumpkin ones), marchpanes, cookies, panettone pie, fruit and carrot cakes, and others. They can also make a grilled beef because turkey is the main dish for Thanksgiving Day.

In different states, it is customary to make different dishes, for example, teriyaki sauce in Hawaii, oysters, and pie with ham in Virginia, and in the Midwest they prefer the food of Scandinavian people, such as turnip meals, in the southwest, soup pozole, tamale (meat stewed with corn), bizcocho) and others. What a variety! Just like the variety of cheap services from the best writers on our site:

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Christmas traditions of Canada

In the English part of Canada, Christmas dinners do not differ much from British or American.

Nevertheless, they also have their unique features. For instance, Kogel Mogel is a milk punch with whipped eggs and alcohol, a trendy drink in winter holidays. Additionally, they prepare buttercream cakes, shortbread cookies that are usually baked on the holiday eve. Immigrants brought many dishes and traditions with them. In the French part of Canada, as you can easily guess, people follow more French customs and habits. This is one of the examples of globalization processes. Do you want to know more? Read globalization essay written by professionals on our blog.

Traditional Christmas dishes in Germany

In Germany, Christmas is not only a religious but national holiday. The houses are decorated with luminous angels, windows with stars, and doors with Christmas wreaths and garlands. For many people, this preparation and Christmas expectation is already a holiday! Do not darken your holidays with home assignments and let us do them for you:

Much attention is paid to the preparations and meals, which are cooked during the entire December and on the holiday itself, of course. We want to present you a couple of traditional dishes. We are going to present the cuisine of this country in more detail because here you will find more unusual Christmas meals. Meanwhile, you are checking out new dishes, our site is ready to offer a cheap paper rewriting service for you.

1. Roasted goose with red cabbage and dumplings. One of the most famous dishes in Germany is a roasted goose with red cabbage and airy dumplings. You can meet it in all restaurants in Germany and, naturally, you can cook it at home. By the way, red cabbage is so much popular among Germans that tourists speak about it as one of the sights of the country.

2. “Eisbein”: piglet knuckle baked in the oven. This is a traditional German dish. In translation, Eisbein means “ice foot." It is called so because most often it is cooked in winter, and also, the fried crust of ready Eisbein glitters as ice. In every region of Germany, a knuckle is cooked in its own way. Nevertheless, there are some common rules: the meat should be carefully marinated, and it should be taken only from the front of the carcass.

3. Munich steamed sausages. This is a traditional Bavarian dish to beer and festive breakfast. Why not? These snow-white sausages in German are called Weisswurst, they decorate the Sunday breakfast of any native of southern Bavaria. The birthday of these sausages is considered February 22, according to the legend, this is the day when the sausages were first served to the guest in one of the Munich beer halls in 1857. Sepp Moser was the one who cooked them for the first time.

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4. “Eintopf”: holiday meat soup in a pot. In Germany, a festive table is often served with a rich, tasty soup Eintopf that has been invented by German women to feed their husbands and children with a tasty and nourishing dish. Its name hides the secret of cooking: Eintopf is translated as "one pot," in which almost all products you have at home are boiled. As far as you understand, it was one of the dishes that almost everyone could afford. Our online service also belongs to the category "affordable," just come and make sure:

5. Carp baked with mushrooms. A Christmas table also contains fish dishes: it is often served stewed, smoked or boiled. Naturally, there are special festive dishes that will please the guests. One of them is a carp baked with champignons and other vegetables, which is considered a customary Alsatian dish. This fish has been caught in local ponds from the 12th century and is cooked in all possible ways.

6. Gratin. The most delicious garnish at a festive table is gratin. In general, this is the name of any sweet or salty dish backed in the oven until it gets a tasty crutch. The essence of gratin’s cooking is to set the right temperature: it is required not to burn a crust and bake the middle of the dish well enough.

7. “Christstollen," or the Dresden Stollen. The most famous version of a German Christmas cake is the Dresden Stollen. It is traditionally baked before the beginning of the Nativity Fast and left for several weeks to Christmas. It is believed that the dish symbolizes “baby Jesus in the swaddling clothes." The history of the dish tells that the Dresden Stollen since 1500 has been selling on the Christmas market in Dresden. In 1730, the King of Saxony August II the Strong even ordered to bake a giant Stollen weighing 1.8 tons.

8. Bavarian plum pie. It is considered that the motherland of a plum pie is Augsburg. In this old city in the southwest of Bavaria people first cooked an open pie with shortcrust pastry and summer fruits. This is a visiting card of Bavaria for several centuries already. This is and a very suitable dish for a festive table. By the way, the most suitable online service to create an essay is ours:

9. Brussels sprouts in the Westphalian way. The season of Brussels sprouts begins late in autumn and gladdens its lover for the whole winter. In Germany, they call this cabbage “rosenkohl" what means "rose cabbage." This delicate and flavored dish will look amazingly on a festive table.

10. Rostbraten. One of the significant features of German cuisine is the variety of meat dishes. Naturally, many meat dishes are prepared for the holiday. Rostbraten is the primary meal of most German restaurants. To taste it is to understand the spirit of Germany. There is always a place for a tasty backed in the oven Rostbraten on a festive table. Going to a restaurant is often pretty expensive but we have a good plan: you pay less for papers writing on our site, save money and get more possibilities to visit restaurants.

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Customs in France

Now we want to present several traditional holiday dishes of French cuisine. This is a family holiday, which is better to celebrate with the close ones (usually, husband, wife, and children). On Christmas, all the members of the family get together to share the meals and Christmas vibes. This is the time that should be spent with the dearest and nearest. Everything else can wait, or someone else can help and do it for you. Just tell us "write my paper for me," and we will gladly do this.

A Christmas table in France is always abundance. If at usual dinner (even with guests) there can be only a single dish as an appetizer, then, on Christmas there are many dishes. Traditional dishes are delicacies: duck or goose foie gras, oysters and snails, smoked fish. The classic variant of foie gras French serving is with a particular loaf of black or gray bread, with fig jam and a unique large salt. However, you should bear in mind that such food is often expensive. Luckily, you can save some money with our online service because it offers the lowest academic writing services rates.

Oysters are usually served with lemon, this is classic. However, there is another less common recipe: oysters baked in the oven with cheese. Not everyone likes this non-traditional way of cooking that dish that is usually eaten raw. However, the taste of warm oysters with melted cheese is pretty nice. Naturally, this is a matter of taste, and not everyone may like it. However, some things suit perfectly everyone. One of them is online writing help provided by our specialists:

Snails are another traditional dish of French cuisine. People usually eat them in the cold season, and of course, on the days of holidays. The hostesses typically buy in a supermarket or on the market already stuffed with special seasoning snails (the seasoning is shredded parsley, garlic, olive oil, most often). So they just need to put them in the oven. Hard to imagine something easier. Nevertheless, it is really easy to check your essay for punctuation errors for our experts.

Second-course dishes

One of the typical holiday dishes in France is a big turkey stuffed with chestnuts (do not forget that usually a big family is gathered). Another option is a baked duck breast. A hostess should have a huge experience not to make a breast raw or too roasted what will make it dry. A perfect result is when a breast gives a rose juice (not blood) and gets a tasty crutch from outside. This is really difficult to catch the right moment cooking a breast. Cooking is often not easy, as well as academic writing. So if you want to have excellent papers, you need to hire an excellent essay creator.

In French cuisine, after second-course dishes, cheeses follow. On a festive table, there can be a cheese plate that consists of several pieces of different kinds of cheese (or there can be no cheese plate at all). After all, cheese is always served on ordinary days that is why there is not much need to serve it on holiday. Anyway, an excellent festive table requires a lot of expenses. Since we want to make this period less painful for you economically, our service offers seasonal discounts. Email us “write my paper for cheap," and we will make you an excellent offer.

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After that, desserts go. French people love brioche, a traditional sweet bread roll, the recipe of which comes from Normandy (around the 16th century). Since it takes much time to cook a classic brioche and its recipe is not simple, today many people prefer to buy it in the bakery and confectionery stores. Although, many old ladies still keep their own recipes of brioche.

Brioche is good, but this is not the only dessert served on a French table. As a rule, there are various homemade cakes with Christmas symbolism. Something airy, bright, with many details and elements, which should not be too sugary. Do not forget that too much sugar is not good, especially for those who are prone to or suffer from such a disease as diabetes. Buy essay on diabetes to be aware of this issue more. Let's keep in mind that the dishes on a French table are many and that is why they must be light so that guests could stand the many hours at the table.

Another popular French dish is a strawberry mousse. It has an amazing taste. However, it requires only high-quality ingredients and precise adherence to the recipe. If you want something easier, a traditional apple pie will suit perfectly. It can be with caramel or without. There are such recipes that even a schoolchild can cook. Also, there are other sweets, for example, dried fruits or nuts in the glaze.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, people traditionally cook dishes without meat because it is customary to keep the Fast. The next day it is allowed to cook meals with meat. In Slavic peoples, it is customary on the holiday eve to commemorate departed relatives, and close ones and many families put one extra plate on a table for them.

A fried carp served with potato salad is usual for the Czechs. This tradition appeared when they started to breed fish in large quantities in the 17-18th centuries. Additionally, there are various cookies made that are later given to the guests. Holiday preparation begins long before the holiday. We all know that this is the time when everyone is extremely busy. However, this is also the time when we should help others. Our team does not rest even during the holiday because when we hear "write me essay please” we just cannot stay aside.

Finland customs

A festive table in Finland is rich with various food that is usually connected with the season. The basic dish is often a ham. Naturally, they do not forget about other dishes. There can be cooked fish “lutefisk” (air-dried whitefish) or gravlax (salted salmon), but also, liver casserole, rice, fries, and carrot. Among drinks, the most widespread is mulled wine (warmed wine with spices). However, do not forget that this is an alcoholic beverage. So if you drink a glass, you risk making mistakes in your written papers. That is why you need someone to type your essay online, and no one can do it better but our specialists.

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Either baked piglet or goose is cooked. A meat dish is served with potato, red cabbage or sauce. Many families cook pudding (usually, it is rice with almonds in it). The one that finds an almond will be lucky this year. On holiday, they prefer such drinks as mulled wine and beer, which is specially made for the holiday. These drinks have much alcohol. So be careful and do not overdo. In any case, our online essays help is available to you anytime.


A festive table in Holland is somewhat different from neighboring states. One of the Dutch traditions is so-called “gourmet." Small groups of people gather together, everyone brings his (her) pan and cooks a dish in a small amount. A host prepares in advances cut vegetables and various kinds of meat, fish, shrimps. Many various salads and sauces, also, fruits are cooked with other main dishes. The tradition has probably come to Holland from Indonesia, its ex-colony. By the way, our affordable essays typing services are ordered even in so much far countries as Indonesia. Our websites work with customers all over the world.

The Dutch like to cook traditional European dishes, including fried veal, pheasant, hare or glace ham. Meat is usually cooked with various veggies or goes with salads. Just like in Great Britain, they started cooking a turkey on the day of the holiday. By the way, if you want to spend the holiday somehow differently this year, we want to present you several extraordinary ways to celebrate Christmas. Read and choose what suits you the best.


On the holiday eve, all relatives gather to eat a fancy dinner that consists of a turkey with minced meat, nuts and with pineapple pieces and cherry berries, fries and sauce made of apples. For the dessert, there is served marzipan, almond nuts, raisin, panettone cake with hot chocolate. When the clock strikes 12 someone says toasts, people exchange with wishes and hug each other. Having finished with dinner, everyone goes to the living room and sing holiday songs. If you are interested in learning more about Christmas traditions in other exotic countries, we can conduct research and write you an essay. We guarantee 100% high-quality work and tested data.

As you can see, the main Christmas dishes in many countries are alike, although, there are many original dishes. We are sure that you can try to cook them at home and maybe this Christmas you will try something new, and you will get another great dish on your festive table. Naturally, in order to prepare well for a holiday, you will need much free time. There can be a problem with it because you always have a lot of businesses to do, especially when you are a student. However, do not worry. The problem with academic written assignments is not a problem at all. Just visit our site, check out our services, make sure that we can do any written assignment and order what you need. Prices are ridiculous, discounts are provided, work is done as fast as you need it. We follow your demands precisely. Place an order now and get a good bonus from our professional team.

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