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If you are a high school senior or a fresher, this post will help you a lot. Even if you do not finish school yet or study for already several years at the university, this post will come in handy anyway. Our professional writers present only useful information. So you will only benefit from reading it.

How the future students can get prepared for an adult life

School years pass quickly. After graduation, most former high school seniors will become students. So many of them dream about it. Also, many freshmen will leave their parental home and begin their journey to a new life. However, do you know what is waiting for you there? Do you consider that you are a grown-up and can cope with different hardships? In order not to feel like Robinson beached, it is better to get prepared beforehand and learn to solve a couple of tasks. Here they are.

1. Calculate resources. In the first days on the island, Robinson knew exactly how many cartridges he had and used them frugally. Your cartridges in adult life are money. You know exactly what amount of money you are allowed to spend per month, and the main task is to calculate everything in such a way that you would have enough money for everything required.

If your parents do a budget accounting, look at what they usually spend money and how much they pay. It will allow you to have an approximate idea of what money you will need for food, mobile connection services, internet, clothes, entertainment, etc. If there is no habit to calculate the budget, you will have a couple of months ahead of you to start doing it. Your parents will be glad, for sure. Also, you can make your parents glad if you have good grades. If you get the best essay writing services, your grades will always be high.

What pay attention to: which expense items require almost the same money every time, which of them are obligatory (like rental fee), and which ones allow flexible managing and saving (for instance, to change an internet provider or rate to another one that costs cheaper, to buy food in the wholesale stores and supermarkets, etc.). Also, in order to save, you can email us “write my essay for cheap” and get our services at a low price.

2. Organize your life. Even being on an uninhabited island, Robinson followed a daily schedule. In order to facilitate the process of studying at the university, it is necessary to strictly divide time, allocating it for sleep, for learning, and for rest. That is why you need to be able to wake up with an alarm clock, and it would also be nice if you learn the basics of time management. The ability to “eat the frog in the morning” and “cut an elephant into pieces” will come in handy in the stone jungles of big cities and big universities.

What things should be paid attention to while you are living with parents, do a week test drive. Your task is not to hear even once the following words: "it is time to get up," "hurry up or you will be late," "you have training today," "are you doing your home assignment at night again?". If it happens, you should know where to get around-the-clock help with academic writing.

3. Seek motivation. Far away from home, you will have to rely on you not only in the household issues but also in studying. You will have more independent work, more responsibility, and more temptation to relax too much when parents and your school teachers do not watch after you. That is why it is necessary already now to think about what will motivate you. Robinson was dreaming about returning to home. That was the reason why he woke up every morning and started to work. What will motivate you and make you get up early to be at the university on time? Is it the desire to get a degree? Or a dream about the best job in the world? You should think about it now when you select a university, at which you would like to continue your education.

What things should be paid attention to: you will need to learn to love studying.

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4. Be able to establish contact. In fact, it will be harder for you than for Crusoe. He had only Friday, and you will meet other students, teachers, roommates, etc. How to do a joint presentation effectively? How to approach a teacher with a bad temper? How to ask your roommates for a favor? Train your communication skills. For instance, set a task that during a day you will come to several strangers and ask them about the time. Learn to negotiate and compromise. Master the negotiation techniques and use them in life. Let's say you can begin with trying to convince your parents that you need to come back home later than usual.

What pays attention to, first of all, it is necessary to master a strategy that can be applied to almost any life situation. It is the so-called "win-win" strategy. It is based on the mutual benefit when all the participants of business communication are the winners literary. We have another winning option for you:

5. Get food. For sure, your caring mother will supply you with something tasty, and it will be enough for the beginning. However, later you will need to hunt, i.e., go shopping to buy food. Do you know what is better to choose: a whole chicken, fillet or frozen cutlet? What is the difference between durum wheat pasta and ordinary pasta? What cereal can be cooked right in the package? How many veggies and fruits is it necessary to eat per day to get enough cellulose and vitamins?

If you are not aware of all this, purchasing food will bring only fixed expenses, disappointment, and stomach ache. That is why learn to cook already now. Look at how your parents do their shopping and start going shopping on your own as well.

The following things should be paid attention to: how to make a grocery list, on what day it is better to go to the supermarket, what is better to buy in the store next to your home and what is better to buy on the market.

6. Cook food. Yes, there will be no porridge in the morning, pancakes, and other tasty home-made dishes any longer. However, on the other hand, you can have it all if you learn to cook. In fact, there are several solutions to this problem: you can cook yourself, you can eat in the cafeteria or café or prefer fast food. The first option requires more time, but it definitely has many advantages, such as a benefit for health and money saving (save more with our cheap services: The second option is more expensive, and if we speak about fast food, it can also bring the cost of gastritis treatment, as well as a few extra kilos. Another way out is to combine two options: to cook mainly yourself and sometimes go to the cafe with friends. So go to the kitchen and learn to cook at least several simple meals.

There is no need to learn difficult recipes from chefs, you just need to learn to cook simple, tasty and fast dishes, using available food.

7. Learn to orient oneself. Robinson was exploring where edible fruits grew, where the source of fresh water was, etc. You will also need to do this: where the laundry is, when the stores open and close, how to call a plumber. Already now you can take some home duties and find out which stains dry cleaning can remove and which cannot, where you can get tailor’s services, what a tap is and what its types exist, etc.

The level of prices for suchlike services can vary greatly, so you need to be careful.

8. Be able to provide oneself with everything required. Do you remember that Robinson used to go to a sunken ship to find something that could help him survive? Your situation is simpler: there are stores and many people around you. All you need is to understand what items are the most necessary, let’s say stationery, washing powder and medicines. Take from home a couple of notebooks, pens, and pencils to be prepared for the first studying days. You can also take a photo of the shelves in your fridge: what it contains and what for. Ask your parents about what medicines everyone must have.

What pay attention to a wool sweater and cotton shirt are washed in different ways, there are no medicines that cure everything, and pens with pencils often disappear somewhere so you should always have some extra.

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