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To be a writer is a hard job. To be a good writer is even harder. Some people realize this, someone does not. However, a lot of them time to time require help of a professional writer. Nowadays they usually require online writers. At the same time most people face such difficulties as what online agency to choose, what services to order, whether they can trust their papers to such online specialists. We do not take responsibility saying that you can trust everyone on the Internet. However, we can confidently claim that our online academic writing service and its professional team is absolutely reliable and worth being trusted. Here the services are available around-the-clock seven days per week. The cost is very cheap and affordable to everyone. Additionally, we offer up to 20% discounts and various bonuses to our regular and new customers. Our payment system is clear and handy. Also, ordering any of the services on paper writing, editing, revision, proof reading and so on, you get free paper formatting and outline. You can get more than you ask cooperating with our expert team. So do not miss your lucky chance!

Why customers do not like working with freelancers

We present a review of a freelance writer that has a great experience but sometimes also needs to use the services of other writers (in this case we would advise cooperating with the best experienced essay writing company). The review is on the freelance writers’ work written by a customer (who is an expert in this field, in addition). The critics presented here will be harsh but honest. So what do customers appreciate when they work with a freelance copywriter?

1. Compliance deadlines

Deadline is something “saint” for the copywriters. We discuss and agree on it, a customer sets the terms on his (hers) own. As soon as the deadline is set, a customer is not interested whether a copywriter is occupied with something else or cannot cope with the task, whether he (she) has lost interest or there is no light in his (hers) house / district / city. Or the writer’s muse has gone on a vacation. Or there has happened a force majeure. A customer is simply not interested in all this. Do whatever you want but the task must be performed! Often the work of other people (designer, SEO-optimizer, editor, and so on) depends on the time when the text is finished. It means that saying “I am sorry. I did not manage to finish it in time” you can set up the whole project. It is the duty to finish the work in time. It is the honor to finish it before the deadline. Our professional essay creators guarantees on-time delivery:

2. Text quality

Usually, customers look for a copywriter because they do not know how to write. Or they do not have an appropriate specialist in their team. They believe they will get a convincing, interesting, competently written text that will work for their target audience. It is easier to create a text for such client because he (she) is not a professional writer. However, what quality does such text have? Maybe, this will be one of those texts that we read on the Internet and send to each other as an example of how a text should NOT be written.

The cases when a copywriter is hired because a customer does not have time to write are more seldom but still happen. This is the most difficult situation because this kind of customers knows how to write and is aware of how a good text should look like. A “professional” customer will notice at once different flaws and realize that the set task is hardly fulfilled or is not fulfilled at all. Even a corrected according to the demands text may not satisfy the customer. A copywriter can be paid for such work but there will not be other orders again because this work will not be used anywhere. If someone claims he (she) is a copywriter, the quality of every text must be high (

3. Feedback

We know that not all customers react to the writer’s letters at once. It happens not because they ignore you, but because they usually have some other task at the moment. Usually, this work is more urgent and more important. We understand that a customer should write you that he (she) has read your letter and will answer you later. However, not everyone does this, unfortunately. If you have such opportunity, send your client a text message: “I ask you to read my letter and respond to me”. Secure yourself and encourage the customer to act.

Add to the contract such point as: “An intermediate agreement is conducted within two days from the moment when a text is sent to the customer. The shift of the project agreement terms shifts the project deadline on the equal number of days”.

We must admit that copywriters do not always behave correctly. However, they ask to react to their letters as soon as possible (perfectly if immediately). Even if there is some unpleasant for you information. Even if you want to write something unpleasant in response. Correspondence supposes a dialogue. Do not leave the letters without answers.

4. 100% availability during the working days from 9 am to 6 pm

When customers call their copywriter that does not pick up or does not reply to their hundreds of letters and text messages, they start panicking. Usually, they begin to panic not because of the paid money. They worry because if everything goes according to the plan but a customer calls without warning, it means that something has happened. Maybe the conception has changed, and something should be added to a text or changed in it. A copywriter may start protesting. However, there is always a way out that satisfies both parties, and customers are often ready to pay more for such extreme conditions. Just answer their call, that is it. By the way, there is the good news for you: academic writing services are available 24/7 on our site.

5. Absence of portfolio

Yes, customers want to see your portfolio. They want to read a couple of texts. They want to admire and make sure that they have made the right choice giving their preference to you. And wise customers will look not at the names of your previous customers but at the fact how much your texts match the set tasks. That is why the tasks you get should be reflected in your portfolio as well.

There is a good piece of advice for the beginning copywriters. The advice is to do what one of the famous designers has done in the beginning of his career. He made up 20 companies and created his portfolio with the design projects for these nonexistent clients. So create your personal portfolio. This is the presentation of your knowledge, skills and abilities.

6. Typos and misprints

Literacy is the indicator of your professionalism. Even drafts that you show later to a customer should be written without errors. There are many intelligent people among the customers that notice such flaws. There is no need to explain what they will think reading such texts with errors. A copywriter has to write grammatically correctly. No exceptions! In order to avoid suchlike troubles it is better to hire a professional writer for editing essays and other texts.

7. Absence of desire to learn the technical side (i.e. the numbers)

A customer gives to a copywriter some links to his (hers) site, sends the samples of the texts that satisfy him (her). Read them! Even if this is a two thousand word order, read them! For example, there is a phrase in a text: “Our services are provided quickly and have a low price”, and a customer realizes that a copywriter has not read the texts he (she) has sent previously as samples because there is a remark that the services do not belong to the “economy” segment of the market. This is a pretty serious flaw. So you should always study the theme you write about. Dig deeply.

8. Price

The copywriters are often mistaken when they think that customers look for the cheapest options. In fact, they are looking for a specialist that is able to solve some set task and meet all requirements. Naturally, customers would like to see at least lower prices for a big volume.

Customers like discounts but do not like to pay for the thousands of characters. For example, if a customer has many texts to order, he (she) cannot pay much money for each and expects to get some discount. However, a copywriter tells the price for one thousand characters and offers nothing else in addition. That is why a customer will manage to order only one or two texts instead of possible ten or fifteen.

As you can see it is important for a customer to know that a copywriter is able to solve the set task. So if you are a specialist, demonstrate your professionalism: study your subject deeply, ask questions and listen attentively. Experts of our website are specialists and they have already proved this. The number of executed orders and papers in progress speaks for itself. Our agency successfully exists for many years offering the best services on written works creation and editing in the market. We manage to face the competition providing low prices and high quality of the performed services. Selling essays, written assignments, term and research papers, articles, thesis and other types of written works we provide our clients with numerous various freebies. If you look for a perfect combination of cost and quality, then our online company is the most suitable option. Visit our site to get more information about our professional writers and services they perform.

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