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The 80/20 principle or how to work more efficiently. Our experts share the secrets and give advice on how to pay for essay writing little money

Do you want to do more? Do you want to do everything well and on-time? Do you think it is unreal? You have two options: either you continue thinking so, or you read this article to change your mind.

First of all, we want to tell you a bit of history. Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) is an Italian sociologist and economist. He is a very respected person, in the science world. According to our mind, in the field of economics and sociology, this is one of the most cited scientists, especially in the scientific field and in the student environment.

Pareto discovered the 80/20 principle, when studied the shares of household income, in Italy. As a result, he discovered the regularity that 80% of people have only 20% of the income and, on the contrary, 20% of people have 80% of all funds.

Later, based on his discoveries, the scientists of the 20th century have found out that the 80/20 ratio is inherent not only in the distribution of money but almost in any other sphere of human activity. Let us give several examples:

1) 20% of the universities consider 80% of the entrants prestigious.

2) 20% of the teachers give 80% of knowledge.

3) 20% of a term work takes 80% of the given time (then, in panic, the students do the rest 80% for 20% of the allocated time).

Does it look like your life? Surprisingly, but most students have no idea about this rule. That is why they have all their troubles, depressions and other diseases (read a high-quality essay on diabetes to keep abreast of it). A student, as a multifunctional being, i.e. the one that implements several tasks simultaneously, is subject to overwork very much. Many students believe that, if they do more, it will be better and they will get more useful experience and so on and so forth. No! No, no, no and once again no! This is a great luxury for our time to spend much precious time on a single task or many tasks. Such an approach is outdated.

Look, previously the big companies could grow to the gigantic sizes. However, since the mid-70's of the 20th century, so-called “scale effect” has started to bring more loss than profit to the companies. What is the reason for this? The reason is that these companies took upon themselves the giant number of absolutely various tasks. After that, they “got into a jam”. Not to go broke, they started to liquidate the unprofitable branches of their business, treat their resources more carefully and so on. Does it remind you of a modern person? First, a person takes on one's shoulders an unbearable burden, and then, complains that everything is bad and there is no time at all.

Thus, the awareness of the correctness of the 80/20 principle comes to everyone at the different time. Anyway, now you are aware of it. So, we need to find out, in what way a modern person should implement this principle to do little and get much. This is not a fairy tale or a myth. This is a competently proven scientific theory.

What to begin with to use the 80/20 principle in full?

First of all, realize that the 80/20 principle is the cure for overload. We will give a simple example. You as a student are free to choose those directions of the university life, which you want. You are led by the desire for self-realization (self-fulfillment), you want to grow as a personality, to strengthen yourself in society. Do not forget that the professional assistance makes everything easier: However, many people try to violate this right. For instance, you are asked to take part in a conference on a topic that does not interest you at all.

All such actions imposed by the teachers or other university employees often “knock down” from the right course. In addition, the students have chronic fatigue, they become always irritated, life does not please them. That is why it is necessary to define the priority directions of your activity, in order to participate in that 20 % of the events, which will contribute to your personal growth by 80%. Do not feel embarrassed to refuse people, even if they ask you insistently to do something that does not interest you. Luckily, our online company never refuses to help and our academic proofreading services are available online day-and-night.

That is why another important consequence of the 80/20 rule is to develop the skill to deny any person, regardless of the rank and position. Learn to say “no” without a twinge of conscience. This is very hard to do sometimes. Many students think, if they deny a dean or a vice-dean, they will suffer much later. Nevertheless, by means of this post, we are trying to form the 80/20 way of thinking. So, say “no” boldly and do not be afraid that you will run into trouble because of that.

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How do many powerful people act? They do not doubt that any of their subordinates cannot deny them. Many teachers believe that 100% of the students are their “employees”. However, the 80/20 rule also works, in this case. However, only 20% can refuse a teacher, having explained correctly why they refuse to implement the teacher’s task. In such case, the students not only avoid problems but also gain some extra points because they have managed to prove that they are not “immature” students but sane adult people, who are able to evaluate the situation correctly and understand whether they can benefit from it or not. As you can see, the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is true. If you are aimed at the success in life, then, you need to avoid the unpromising tasks and turn to more important things for you. Only those few things that are really important will become a springboard that will push you towards your desired goal. You can also rely on our help anytime:

Also, one of the most significant consequences of Pareto’s 80/20 rule is the fact that only some really intelligent competent people do the right things. They are not more than 20%. Or they are even fewer. The 80/20 ratio is a kind of “perfect universal measure”. Do not treat these numbers as the common truths. So, another advice is not to be led by the crowd, or you will be just like everyone else.

What is wrong about being “like everyone else”? We all will dress similar, study at an approximately the same level, have similar interests with other students, jointly oppose some student problems. Maybe it will not happen so, but you will remain an “average” person, a gray mouse that does not decide much, works well and performs others’ orders, according to the beliefs about the average attitude to work. Such an “equality” was usual for the society about 50 years ago (in addition, read the gender inequality essays). At that time, if a person stood out from the crowd based on its financial state or something else, it was judged publicly. However, those times have already passed and now the situation differs. In the modern society, the focus on success is appreciated. How can someone be successful, if you do the same things that an average student does? Do you hope that, when you become adult, everything will be different and the success will find you, for sure? You are wrong. Your individuality, your predisposition to something is created and fixed in your educational establishment.

So, “later” it will be too late. That is why, if you want to lay a good solid and stable foundation of your future adult life, do not follow everyone. Create your personal stimulus, which will allow you to refuse the opinions and actions of many other people and will help you join those few ones (less than 20% of the students), who really want to achieve something in their life. Look at your life and, if you are one of the “crowd lovers”, from tomorrow look around and find those few that differ from others. Remember for good: the minority rules the majority. It was always so. It is so now. And it will be so, in the future. The choice is up to you.

The 80/20 principle of Vilfredo Pareto is the discovered in an empirical (experimental) way regularity that 80% of all actions give 20% of the results, and vice versa, 20% of the most productive actions can bring 80% of the results. For a student, this is especially important due to the psychological and emotional overloads during a study at the university.

The main conclusion is to be picky about everything. Do not chase after quantity, it will not turn into quality as quickly as if you would initially choose the main directions of your activity and without question, regardless of the various reproaches from all sides, would follow your principle of selectivity.

Allocate more time for something more interesting than the career growth. Live your life and rejoice in the spring sun. Now you know another secret of the successful studying activity. We have shared it with you gladly. We hope that this article was useful for you. We want to develop and progress to satisfy all your demands related to the studying process. If you hear that there is a college essay writer for pay, it does not necessarily mean that this is something extremely expensive and you cannot afford it. The prices of our services are really low and the quality of the performed work and executed orders is professionally high. Do not let the word “pay” scare you. Our prices are reasonable and cheap; discounts are available. Visit the website and make sure on your own.

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