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The students are one of the busiest categories of our society. Even when they have some time, they prefer doing something they want to do, instead of something they need to do, let’s say their written assignments. However, the assignments need to be done and some should deal with them. Do not worry. We are right here to assist you. Our online service offers smart essay writing, rewriting, correction, formatting, paragraph and sentence fixing, punctuation, grammar and stylistics improvement. This is just a small number of all services we provide. In addition to them, our customers are guaranteed to get discounts along with some other pleasant perks from our professional team. So, use the chance to get the expert help at a low cost. And now we continue discussing the topic of our previous post, which is how the students and schoolchildren can earn money in different seasons. There are two seasons left, so, here we go.

Season: summer

1. Advertisements posting. This way of the money making suits everyone, the students, and schoolchildren, the boys and girls. The job is not very difficult. You take a stack of ads and put them wherever you can and is possible. Although in summer, when it is hot, it is pretty hard and not very comfortable. However, this is a great opportunity to earn money during summer vacation.

We want to warn you at once because we know that among the readers there are “smart kids”. Never throw this stack in a rubbish bin and go to your boss, saying proudly that you have coped with everything earlier than required. First of all, almost always you will be sent to some particular district of a city, so, it will not be difficult to check your work later. Second of all, your boss perfectly knows that some workers do so, trying to get more money.

There will not be any extra money and, in addition, you risk losing all your salary. And your boss will be absolutely right because you are paid for the well-done work but not for your “wit”. So, you should work honestly, do not rush too much because it can really happen that you post up all advertisements earlier than required, and your boss says that it is impossible to finish such a job so much quickly. The conclusion is to work calmly because being ahead of a schedule may bring harmful consequences. In general, this is a good job that perfectly suits the students and schoolchildren during their summer vacation. Remember that the academic editing services are available day-and-night, in any season.

2. Lawn mowing. The grass is absolutely everywhere in summer. Sometimes, it can be even higher than the human height. Previously people traditionally fought with it with the help of a scythe, and this job was really hard. Today there are special so-called trimmers for the lawn mowing, the lawn mowers. With the trimmer help, it is easy to make a smooth lawn in a few minutes. However, now people are lazy. They are lazy to mow the grass near their houses. That is why, if you go to a village to your grandparents in summer, their house is not a place where you have nothing to do but a chance to earn good money. Besides, today not only old people live in the villages. Many rich people come there in summer. This is just what you need. Walk around and look attentively at the laws of your neighbors. If there are houses that require the lawn mowing, you can meet with the owners and offer them your services.

We believe that rich people will hardly refuse an offer to mow their lawns almost for free (because the money that the students ask is not big for them). Such people are either lazy or too busy and do not have time, or just do not feel like lawn mowing, or they may feel bad (one of the reasons for feeling unwell and constantly tired can be diabetes: Also, they can easily say: “There is no problem to pay for some services. For example, I can pay someone to do my homework for money”, and this is absolutely okay for them. That is why the lawn mowing is a good money making way for you that provides you with money during the summer period. What a great job, is not it? You rest in a village, sunbathe, swim, mow the lawns for 30 minutes and get your money. As you can see, it is not very difficult to earn money, you just need to have the desire for it.

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Season: autumn

1. Berries and mushrooms picking. Fall is the time to harvest. Although this is the time when the studies begin, but if you have the possibility to go to a village on weekend, you definitely need to use it (do not forget to take everything necessary with you: The point is that autumn is the season of money. There are so many mushrooms and berries, your task is just to gather them and not to be lazy. Look for what berries grow in your area. For example, we would advise you to gather cranberries. Why exactly cranberries? The collecting of cranberries is one of the easiest. This berry itself is pretty firm and it is not that easily smashed as strawberries, for instance. In addition, there are special tools that help gather cranberries. They facilitate and accelerate the collecting process greatly. Thus, it becomes possible to gather up to 40 liters of cranberries per day. The most important is to find the customers that will buy it. You can offer your friends to purchase some. Also, in the case of berries, you can sell during winter the harvest that you will gather in autumn. Although you need to have an appropriate storage space and, of course, the desire to deal with all of that. If you have them, then, you can really earn very much money during the season. Just try!

2. Sewing / knitting to order. This way of money earning suits the girls more. It smells like a gender inequality issue a little bit. Learn more about it from the gender equality essays published on our blog. Anyway, if you know how to sew or knit different blouses and sweaters well, so, why not turn your hobby into a source of a stable income?  In autumn, when the weather becomes duller and the temperature is below zero, the warm clothes are always appropriate. Every girl wants to have such a cloth than any other girl does not have. That is why the sewing / knitting to order is always a demanded occupation.

However, how to act to make others give you money to sew something? The best advertising of your skills is to come to the university, wearing a new blouse that you have made by yourself. If this is a really good cloth, your friends will notice it at once. The girls will notice that it not only looks well but also there is no chance to buy it in a store because it is handmade. This is the direct way to make you an order. The orders are the direct way to money (and even good money, we must say). Also, keep in mind that the rumors spread fast, and soon others will know that there is a girl that creates (sews or knits) the good clothes. If you work well, you will get good money.

These are the ways of how the student and schoolchildren can earn money. Of course, there are many other ways. Today it becomes possible to make money doing absolutely anything if you have the desire. For instance, we help with the speech writing, saving your money simultaneously. We hope that this post will help you look at the world through different eyes, in particular, through eyes of a businessman. Look for the chances and opportunities to make money in everything around you. The world is full of the chances and most of them are right in front of you, and now you know about them.

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