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Today people need to apply for help of professional writers more and more. The profession of an online writer has become highly demanded. That is why their number in the market has increased greatly. Naturally, there are really good specialists and experts in their field. However, there are also those who do not carry out their job at a satisfying level. The good news is that right now you are on the certified custom writing website that provides written papers creation and processing services in the academic field. Our highly qualified and experienced writers and editors offer their professional support. Another good news is our low affordable prices and flexible payment system. Our experts always present high-quality work. They constantly develop and improve their professional skills. So we would like to share with your information about how a writer (an online writer) can develop and what it is needed for.

How can an online writer progress?

Often when a writer starts working remotely, it is hard to imagine what knowledge and skills are required and demanded in the market. Those writers that have broad experience are often surprised when they hear “There are no orders in summer”, “No one will pay much money for a text”, “The market is already overfilled with the writers”. So let us figure out how an online writer can grow and develop.

False start in the web writing

In web writing, as well as in sports, if the start is incorrect, it will not lead to the victory. Here are several reasons, because of which the freelancers stop at some level and do not grow professionally.

1. No one will pay much for the texts. In the beginning of a career many people believe that it is impossible to be paid well for text writing, and it is necessary to write many texts to have more or less sufficient income.

2. Any scholar can write a good text. Many people think that if they are able to write good compositions at school, then they will easily cope with the texts for websites. However, in fact, many authors that have passed some special training do not always use the got knowledge in practice. They just do not realize that this is the most important skill to be able to turn theory into reality. One of the experienced writers shares his little secret: he uses a “system of cards”, what means that the structures of various texts, “stop” words for the newsletter and other useful hints are written on separate cards, which are always close at hand.

3. No one will work with a writer paying money in advance. This is the most widespread fear among the beginners. The sooner you will reach the level of the work with prepayments the more confidently you will feel about your future.

4. The web writer’s income depends on the clients. Probably, this is the biggest mistake and misleading. A web writer plans his (hers) income on his (hers) own. The author’s professional future depends on the fact of how he (she) will manage to build his (hers) personal brand name. Our company has already gained the reputation of a top writing site:

5. There are too many good professional writers on the Internet already. This is what many beginners think until the moment they start promoting their services independently. It seems to them that the market is already full and divided and that there is nothing they can get. In fact, good strong web writers are pretty rare and extremely demanded. They are carefully recommended and gently “passed” from one client to another.

First-level clients

There are different levels of the clients. There is such a comparison that there are clients of the first, second and third level (according to their ability to pay). For example, some web writers can stay for years at the first payment level and do not imagine that they can earn much more. It happens because they communicate only with the clients of the first (lower) level.

The secret is that many of them do not believe in the opportunities of a higher income.

  • Someone is afraid to leave the office, to lose the usual lifestyle, which is called stability. So they continue combining their office with a part-time job.
  • Someone lacks self-confidence to build the personal brand. They simply wait for something.
  • Someone is just not ready to learn something new, believing that he (she) is the first-class writer and getting little money at the same time.

It looks like you have doubts, don’t you? Then you just must learn five main success components in the freelance filed that will help you take the first step towards your high future income.

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 Go straightly to the niche!

The best option for a web writer is to go to the niche. However, first of all it is required to overcome your fears, the strongest among which is “What if I do not find orders?”. Based on personal experience, the experts claim that this is just a barer that should be overcome.

A web writer has two ways:

1) to stay on a stock exchange fighting for each cent and working days and nights;

2) to attend courses and training to learn how to find the clients independently.

In the first case, the time passes but the income does not satisfy at all. In the second case, the investments pay off according to the skillfulness level. It is also important to take into consideration the time you allocate for web writing. If this is your temporary job that takes about 2-3 hours per day, do not expect to have a high income, and do not expect to grow professionally. Especially, if your experience is just several school essays and a couple of research papers you have performed once. If it is so, then we would advise you to hire an essay creator online.

So what services can a web writer offer?

1) Company blogging. If you have your own good style and you possess the story-telling skill, your direct way is to become a blogger. The themes can be various: beginning with the tourist, immigration and ending with the building or education. Your advantage will be your famous personal blog on a demanded topic.

The story of a web writer

There was a writer (a girl) who earned money working online. The subjects for the texts were various, but the most interesting occupation was to maintain her own blog. She shared her experience gained in her travels to the states of the former Soviet Union and Europe (if required, you can purchase essay about globalization on our site at low cost). On her blog she shared how to save money easily on a long-distance move, what to take with you, how to find a safe place to stay in a strange city, on what a naïve tourist should not waste money. How much greatly she was surprised when one of the tourism companies noticed her blog on the web. The company owners liked the amusing manner of the author and professional approach of the traveler. The writer was offered to maintain her blog and a good income at once during the first interview via Skype.

2) Content management. This is the “pain” of the training centers and web studios that have a huge information flow and much outsource work. They need someone in this chaos that can regulate an uninterrupted supply of a quality content: creation of videos, networks posts, email newsletter or pictures selection. They expect that such specialist will be able to find good executors and build long-term cooperation with them. Speaking about good executors, find the best ones here:

3) Reviews writing. Some companies, when they need a web writer, look for such an author that has a deep knowledge of some particular subject: for example, knowledge of the gadgets, building field, IT technology, cosmetics, etc. Professional reviews are appreciated not only by the companies but also by the profile internet magazines.

This is not all prospects of a web writer’s job. Gaining experience, you will get more opportunities to cooperate with more interesting projects.

Author demanded! Payment is high!

A web writer’s income depends on three parameters:

1) the time invested in work;

2) the writer’s skillfulness (the ability to turn theory into practical skills);

3) the ability to sell one’s services (created niche).

That is why the starting payment (for the beginners) and a master’s reward will differ greatly. A web writer can pass several income levels: the beginning level, the medium income, the decent (pretty high) income. These stages are usually dependent on the inner readiness and confidence. If you know what you want, and you know who can help you, you will reach your goal.

What skills will come in handy in the work process?

The most interesting begins here. If you cope with all underwater rocks on the way of a web writer, the decent income is guaranteed! It should be mentioned at once: it is worth mastering the required skills. Why do you need to pay money to learn? The reasons are:

  • To be better than the competitors and present your services convincingly.
  • To find the clients and conduct negotiations competently.
  • To raise the prices smartly.
  • To cooperate with other specialists without problems.
  • To see at once the customers that are not worth being trusted.

All these skills do not appear that easily in your experience after graduation or several years of the office work. If you believe that the investments in your education are worthy and justified, then we can assure you that you will reach the high skillfulness level! At the meantime, we present you our essay editor online of premium quality: come and see what “real quality” means.

Online essay writer: choose the best ones

It is obvious that the job of a copywriter is extremely hard and not everyone can carry it out. It is better to apply for professional help of certified and qualified specialists who have many years’ experience. Copywriting is a pretty difficult matter, so do not take risks! Now you can see what role professionalism and skillfulness may have. These are not the only components of success, but they are among the most important ones. Experts of our online service realize it and that is why they work hard not only to provide our clients with the works of the highest quality level but also to progress professionally and improve their skills. Each service presented and offered on the site is executed by the qualified expert team. We care for our reputation a lot, that is why only the best writers and editors work for our online company. You can get full information about our services, activities, team, guarantees, prices and so on visiting our site, emailing us or using live chat anytime. If high quality and professionalism matter to you, then you will enjoy cooperating with us!

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