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Why do students take academic leave?

If you read this post carefully, you will know why students take an academic leave. By the way, the post is written by the most competent specialists, thus, the information is reliable. Maybe you have already heard this term but you do not realize what exactly it means. Luckily, the World Wide Web allows us to expand our horizons and get the answer to almost any question, including this one.

Academic leave: what is it?

Having conducted small research, we have found out that a term academic leave means a leave for an indefinite time interval, which is provided to a student under particular important vital circumstances, on which even a human life may depend. In other words, a student can take a break in studying, but only for a very good reason. This can be family circumstances, medical indications, natural disasters that become a real suddenness in the life of any student.

It also should be mentioned that an academic leave is available to all students. However, it is necessary to understand that such a break in the study has its time frames, which every student should follow if he (she) has the intention to graduate eventually and get a degree on his (her) specialty. Competent online thesis writing services will make the process of getting a degree less stressful and more pleasant.

Thus, a provided academic leave should not exceed twelve calendar months, starting from the day when the dean of the faculty or the rector (every educational establishment has its own rules) officially signs the permission. If a student does not manage to cope with his (her) problems during this time, in this case, within the specified time, he (she) must come to the dean’s office to discuss and settle this situation. As a rule, if a situation is really serious, it is allowed to prolong an academic leave for other twelve months, i.e. a student can take a break in the study for two years, as a result.

Medical indications for the academic leave

In most cases, students take an academic leave due to the issues of health: some of them are not able to cope with the physical and mental load stipulated by the learning process. However, in this case, it is necessary to provide to the dean’s office a special medical report that confirms an unstable state of health of a student. Such a report can be got individually from a clinical expert commission of the municipal medical institution in the student hospital or at the place of registration, i.e. in a district hospital.

It also should be mentioned that a diagnosis can be written in a report only on the patient's consent, otherwise, a disease should be encrypted with a code. However, a rector or the head of an educational establishment has the final word, in this case. He (she) studies this issue personally and gives the permission to an academic leave or rejects it.

As a rule, an educational establishment cannot reject an academic leave based on medical indications. However, a student should attach to a medical report an application, in which the situation is described in detail. When students have health problems and continue studying, they often need someone’s help and support. We provide the best essay writing services at affordable prices that allow students to keep on studying well and deal with other life hardships they face.

Maternity academic leave

One of the most common medical indications, according to which a higher educational establishment must provide an academic leave, is the time of pregnancy and birth of a child. It should be mentioned at once that there is no rejection, in this case, and in general, no one can prevent the replenishment of the family. It is also necessary to say that an academic leave based on the pregnancy and childbirth is provided without fail. A girl student must provide a report from a gynecologist that confirms her pregnancy.

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As it has been said previously, an academic leave is provided for a year, but in this case, its terms can be changed. Also, in case of a difficult childbirth, a long period of recovery and the need to care for a baby, it is extended for another couple of years. It can be done only if a young mother wants it and, of course, there should be a special document that confirms her state. It is possible to stop an academic leave earlier and it is strictly forbidden to finish it later without strong reasons for this. By the way, if we speak about the financial aspect of this issue, it is worth mentioning that there are countries where pregnant women, including those who study, have the right to some social benefits.

Some girls willingly refuse a maternity academic leave and stop studying only to care for a child. This is their right, which they can use being the student of any year, i.e. it does not matter whether a girl is a fresher or a senior. A postgraduate student has the same right. One way or another, the most important is the correct formalizing of an academic leave, which is not possible without a medical certificate with stamps and signatures of doctors.

When an academic leave is officially provided, a future mommy may not worry about the fact that she can be expelled. It will definitely not happen while she is absent because this category of students is protected by law. Any actions that contradict to this are considered illegal. And the last thing to notice is that an academic child care leave can get not only a mother but father as well (if it is provided by law).

Academic leave based on family circumstances

However, health is not always the main reason for academic leave. Sometimes there are certain family troubles that get in the way of getting a degree. Whatever happens, you can always get 24 hour essay writing services on Among the most common circumstances, there are care for a sick relative, financial difficulties, and other global problems in the family.

If it goes about a sick relative, and a student wants to get an academic leave, it is required that a patient must live together with a student and really need his (her) care and assistance. In this case, it is necessary to provide a special medical certificate confirming that a relative has a serious disease that requires round-the-clock care. The dean’s office can also request a certificate of family composition that confirms the absence of other relatives who could care for a patient.

In the cases when a family has financial problems, there will be problems at the university, for sure. As a rule, young people go to extremes: they leave university and start working to support their families financially. Of course, this will be the choice of a student. However, we want to say that there is no need to quit studies if you decide to get a job. Our specialists will help you combine work with successful studying: In order not to lose the future specialists, such students can be provided with an academic leave. However, the dean’s office requires an appropriate document, anyway. Only based on this document, it is possible to provide a student with a leave. Such financial difficulties are usually connected with a sudden death of one of the relatives or with the dismissal of one of the parents. The situations are widespread and treated with understanding. In general, a break in study lasts about a year. It can be extended to three years but it always depends on each particular case.

One way or another, the reasons for an abrupt break of the studying process should be strong and serious. Otherwise, a university administration will not satisfy such a request. Playing hooky and poor academic performance can become the reason for expulsion. Thus, if there is a reason to quit study for some time, you need to provide a required document that proves it. If you do this, there should be no problems. Also, collaboration with the professional writers and editors minimizes the risk of having the problems with the study:

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You should know that it is possible to take an academic leave only in case of emergency. Also, professors say it is better to finish studies on time, otherwise, after a long break, it is harder to start learning again. Whatever your case is, you can always rely on our support. Our writing online company offers professional academic writing services from qualified specialists. The services are day-and-night available and orders are always delivered quickly. We are not rushing you. You have as much time as you need. Just make the right decision.

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