Non-Traditional Approach to Christmas: Make It Unforgettable


Non-traditional approach to Christmas

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How to celebrate Christmas non-traditionally

The Christmas Fairs in Europe are amazing without doubts, but sometimes you just want something less traditional. We will gladly help you broaden your horizons and choose the most suitable and memorable vacation.

Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, you will not find the usual fairs and fir-trees, but the garlands of any shape and size hang on almost every tree. It looks very bright! The squares are filled with the various singers, dancers and artists from all over the world. You can hear the Christmas songs from everywhere. There is a rich show program that waits for the customers in the Japanese Disneyland. Japanese people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, but they like to gather at the restaurants in a big company of friends and relatives. That is why it is better to book a table in advance. The most unusual tradition in Tokyo is that everyone at Christmas has to go to the KFS fast food restaurant to eat the chicken wings or legs cooked specially for the holiday.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hot Christmas is waiting for you if you choose Hawaii. We mean not only weather. The Festival of lights is held in Honolulu, which ends with the grand opening of the main Christmas tree. Santa Claus comes to children not in a sleigh but canoe, the elves helpers change their overalls for the colorful Hawaiian shirts. What about the traditional Christmas carols accompanied by ukulele?

Valparaiso, Chili

There is one of the brightest holidays. The biggest firework in South America waits for you on New Year's Eve. There are seventeen boats at the seacoast, from which the fireworks are launched. The light show lasts for about half an hour. Then there is a big party on the beach that lasts till dawn of the next day. At midnight the Chileans eat twelve grapes that symbolize twelve months of the year. If a grape is sour, it means that this month will not be lucky.

Goa, India

This is the paradise for those who love exotics. Only 2,5% of population celebrate Christmas in India. That is why the holiday looks very bright. The local citizens decorate the palms, sometimes they buy and decorate even the real fir-trees. The restaurants and cafes work round-the-clock on this day (our essay creator works 24 hours a day as well, by the way). The holiday tables are filled with the national Indian dishes and meals. The combination of the usual for us holiday elements and the culture of far India make Christmas in Goa extremely interesting. Of course, there are really impressive parties on the beach.

Nassau, the Bahamas

Annually on the 26th of December and the 1st of January there are held the festivals in Nassau, which remind the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The local citizens wearing amusing costumes fill the streets of Nassau since early morning. They have fun, drink and drum. The tradition to hold the carnivals appeared during the times when the country had the slaves. In such a way the slaves used to celebrate three free days that their masters gave them.

10 ways to celebrate the Christmas holiday in an unusual way

This is great to celebrate the holidays in a way we used to do this in childhood. However, are not you tired of the monotony and the same events? Here are several alternative ways to spend the holidays.

1. Cook the dishes you have not cooked before. Let it be something new and unusual. If you cannot quit the homelike parties, you can add something new to your holiday table at least. Let this time all meals and drinks on your table be new. Try the cuisine of some foreign country, ask your friends what their favorite recipes are and make different cocktails on your own (it is up to you whether to make them with alcohol or not). There is enough time, so you can make up your own nonstandard menu. By the way, if you decide to cook the traditional meals of a foreign country, why not celebrate the holiday in the style of the county you choose?

2. Get closer to the traditions of a foreign country. This is another way to spend the holiday with your family and friends but make it unusual and memorable. Decorate your house in the style of a foreign country. For example, use the Japanese “kadomatsu” or Chinese lanterns and some pictures with the wishes. It will be interesting to follow the holiday traditions of any other foreign country. For example, in Spain, they eat grapes at midnight, or in Bulgaria, they switch off the light for a couple of minutes to kiss.

3. Spend the holiday outside (in the wild). It is worth celebrating the holiday in the woods or at the coast of a frozen river at least once in your life. There you will be provided with the incredible silence, a safe place to launch the fireworks and the absence of different irritants (such as the drunk neighbors or a loud TV-set).

You still have some time, so you can find a suitable place, take care of the transport, buy a winter tent with the heater and thermal underwear, convince your friends and relatives to support your idea, and in general, get seriously prepared for the holiday in the wild.

4. Spend the holiday in an unusual city location. A park, a roof with a beautiful view, an abandoned building, an installation of the ship on the shore and many other places are always present in any city. Having a bottle of champagne and the fireworks with you, being surrounded by the holiday atmosphere, any place will seem even more beautiful.

5. Start doing good deeds. You can begin the year with the good deeds, helping those who need it. You can organize the holiday performances at the hospitals or orphanages, make children some gifts and so on. Helping others, you also become happier, and the good deeds along with the confidence that you are doing good are the best start of the year.

6. Spend the holiday actively. There are many options. You can ski (in the woods or in the specially organized for it places). You can go to the skating rink with the fireworks and music. You can rest in the winter camping. Spending time in such a way, you will feel fresh and get many positive impressions instead of having a full stomach, a headache and a hangover.

7. Give up the alcohol drinks. Remember when was the last time you spent the holiday without alcohol? If it was about 10-15 years ago, then the non-alcohol holiday will become a new event for you. Of course, you risk being not on the same wavelength with your friends and relatives unless they agree to support your initiative. What to do? Discover the unusual places in your city with tea in a thermos, become a volunteer, skate, ski or snowboard. Remember that your health is the most precious thing you have. To prove this, we present this essay on type 2 diabetes.

8. Celebrate alone. Eventually, you can spend the holiday alone (if you want). It is accepted to gather in the big crowds: with relatives, friends or even people you do not know. What if you act on the contrary, stay alone and devote this night to you only? Thus you can think about the passing year in a calm and silent atmosphere, set the goals for the next year or just make a wish. If you have never done this before, try once to spend the holiday alone. It is worth trying at least. If you get bored, you can always surprise and visit someone of your close ones.

9. Visit a foreign country. This is a really unusual way to celebrate the holiday that you will remember for a long time. It does not matter what location to choose for your travel: the exciting adventures in the cities of Europe, the rest on the beach, the mountain resorts or whatever else. You will get so many impressions that you will think about them during the whole year.

10. Celebrate it on a plane. As a rule, the airplane tickets become more expensive during the holidays period because people want to be together. However, on the dates of the holidays the tickets get much cheaper. If you book a ticket on the 31st of December, you will save money and get a very unusual experience of the holiday celebration, being several kilometers above the ground. Another way to save money is to use the cheap English writing websites, among which our online service is the best one.

The more unusual way you choose to celebrate the holiday the more chances you get to see the Christmas miracle. Do you have your personal experience of celebrating the holiday nontraditionally? Contact us and share it!

Other nontraditional approaches to the Christmas celebration

Traditional Christmas is when the whole family sits at the holiday table, which is filled with the meals and drinks, and waits when Santa brings the gifts. However, if there is no opportunity to celebrate it in a traditional way or this time you want something different and special, we have prepared another helpful list of the unusual approaches to the Christmas celebration.

Non-traditional approach to Christmas

Wait for Santa wearing your swimming-suit. Cold, snow, warm clothes and short days help create the Christmas atmosphere, which we all like. However, those who want to celebrate it somehow differently should go to any country with the warm climate, where you can rest on the beach, drink the tropical cocktails and swim in the sea. The hot sun rays will warm you instead of the fireplace. Christmas is the holiday that you should celebrate with your family, fortunately, you can do this wherever you want!

Go ski touring.  For many people perfect Christmas is when they sit at the table and eat all those delicious dishes. Do you want to spend the holiday in a more active and interesting way? Then you should go skiing. This is so much exciting to be in the mountains surrounded by snow, skiing and feeling the Christmas activities’ atmosphere. Who knows, maybe on your way you will meet Santa with his elves that hurry to you with the gifts…

Do good. It is accepted to do good for those who need it at Christmas. Let us be honest, most of us do it very seldom or do not do at all. Here is a good idea for you: why not give the money you want to spend on the expensive gifts to those who are really in need? Why not dedicate your time to those who are really alone instead of spending your time with people you often meet in everyday life? Also, you can do all of that not only on Christmas day but during the year.

Do not wait for Santa, be Santa! Here is a good idea to spend the holiday: become Santa Claus for a day. Put the Santa’s costume on and visit those whom you care for. Thus you will make happy not only your close ones but also other people (who will see you suddenly outside). You can even hire a deer that will help carry the gifts, but we have heard it is hard to find a good deer during this time of the year…

Go to your work. It is believed that at Christmas the best way to spend time is to rest and entertain your family members and friends. The truth is that many people do not manage to spend it so much lightheartedly and carefree. Policemen, firemen, doctors, farmers, salesmen, waiters in the restaurants and many others have to work on Christmas day. Maybe you want to demonstrate your solidarity with them and work on this day. Besides, if you work on Christmas day, you can ask your boss to give you a rest week at the New Year.

Go to the concert. If possible, go to the open-air concert. This will help create the unforgettable Christmas atmosphere for you and your family. Just imagine: wonderful winter weather, hundreds (or thousands) of joyful people, fresh winter air, and cheerful guitar (violin, drums) sounds, hot tea… Agree that it is better to spend Christmas in such a way rather than to sit at home as you do it usually. You should share the joy with others on Christmas day, don’t you?

Look at the stars. Take a backpack filled with the sandwiches and snacks (, put on your warm clothes, take a couple of flashlights, invite your family to go outside but do not tell them your plans. As soon as you get to the planned place, show your family the great miracle of Christmas, the shining stars and limitless universe. This will help your family look differently at the life and will also teach you one of the biggest virtues in the life, humility.

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More extraordinary ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve

How many crazy ways people have thought up to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve and to make their wishes come true? For example, we write our wish on a piece of paper, burn it, add the ash to champagne and drink it at midnight. Everyone, without exception, dreams about a new better life in this moment. What if it is not so hard to get this new life? We have gathered some more ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a special manner, which will help reconsider your life and change it for the better.

  • The downshifting style. This is the refusal from the goals of others and simplification of life. Roughly speaking, this is something like “to keep a low profile”. In the modern world, this movement gains more and more popularity and has already attracted 30% of Americans. Nevertheless, we are talking about the holiday eve, so we do not offer some ordinary simple variant. We offer you to spend the eve in a country house with a fireplace with your nearest and dearest (family, friends, soulmate). Such celebration option may have a reasonable price as well as a pretty high price. It depends on the distance from the city and the size of a house. The obvious advantages are the reasonable cost, your own choice of your company and music, an opportunity to take a break or even escape from the city life. It is the perfect option for people with a nervous job and a professional burnout.
  • A travel throughout time and space. No, we do not say you need to watch all series of “Back to the Future” again. We offer you to spend this special night on a train or on a plane. Just imagine: you go throughout the time zones along with the New Year’s coming. Only extraordinary interesting people will surround you (because only such people are ready to leave their cozy homes on such a day), and you will be passing through the time and space. Such celebration option can be pretty cheap (if you travel by train within your country). Even if you choose a plane and some other country, this variant is also budgetary. As always, it depends on your desires and money. It will suit those who want really great turns and changes in their life.
  • The best party in your life. It may seem strange, but there are no electronic music festivals on this day in the world. Fortunately, there are parties. Especially great parties are held in the capitals and big cities. Often such parties include a light show or a fire show or whatever else interesting. Such option is recommended to both, big companies and lonely people. It is great to celebrate the holiday in a luxury place with great music, isn’t it?
  • A team drawing. If you decide to celebrate the holidays with your friends, this is the perfect option (something else perfect is here: They say if you want to make your dreams come true, you need to visualize them. So take the paints, a canvas and other tools and draw the picture of your life drinking wine or champagne. It is accepted to make gifts to others at Christmas, but what about you? This is a great way to have fun, a good occasion to define your future goals, and the result of your drawing will become your gift. The price depends on what paints and other materials you will need. It is perfect for a girls’ company who want to spend time creatively and intellectually.
  • A self-made cinema. If your friends are creative people that are ready to experiment, this option will suit you. For example, you can arrange a movie watching night. Your friends and you will make the movies on your own. These can be short films on a set theme (for example, make a parody of a famous movie). Before New Year’s Eve everyone creates a movie (or a part of it), and then you watch them all together. Believe us it can be really amusing and funny because your friends and you will be the main characters. This will cost you nothing at all because now everyone has a camera phone, and the locations also can be absolutely free. So it depends on your taste and desires.
  • A roof. Just imagine how you sit on the roof and the fireworks are launched directly in front of you! This is not a fairytale. You need to make several moves, reach the city center, get on the roof and watch. You will need to discuss it with people that live in a building, which you are going to use, and this is it. Enjoy your night!
  • A castle. Every girl at least once in the life dreamt to celebrate the holidays in a castle. This option is not the cheapest one, but it will not cost you a fortune. So if you want something like this, search for the castles located not far from your city, book there a room (if possible) and spend your time magically.
  • A party bus. You have probably seen the jolly buses that go around the city. A party bus is a bus equipped with the sound devices and the holiday design. This is a good option for a company of 10-15 persons. Getting inside such a bus, you feel like a rock-star that goes on a tour. You have music, champagne and give orders where to go. This celebration option is pretty expensive, but it will be okay if a company is big.

Ways to celebrate Christmas in Europe

It is a real pleasure to celebrate Christmas in Europe. There are so many various Christmas markets, exhibitions-events dedicated to the holiday. The cities are decorated, people are jolly and have fun all the time. The only question is where to go on Christmas Eve? The answers are so many. You can try all of these variants to find the one that you will like the most and not to miss something really great. The globalization process makes it easy to travel to any foreign country and spend there your vacation. Read this essay about globalization to learn more.

Non-traditional approach to Christmas

1. Spend the holiday with Santa. Finland

Tell Finnish Santa about your childhood dreams and, who knows, maybe they will come true. In Levi, in Finnish Lapland, the snowy slopes are amazing (especially for the beginners). Also, there are the great ski tracks for the plain running specialists. Besides, the rest in Lapland is traditionally cheaper than in other countries of Western Europe. Here you can ride the sled dogs, dance with Santa and taste the famous delicious Finnish berry liqueurs (made of lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries and cloudberries). In case you are a student and you go on vacation, ask a good essay editor online to take care of your papers while you enjoy your free time.

2. Celebrate traditional Christmas in the Alps. France

Fantastic slopes, houses that look like gingerbread houses, amazing French cuisine and the fireworks. There are wonderful places for the guests of any age. The prices are also affordable for ordinary tourists (that do not have their own huge corporations).

3. Spend Christmas in a luxury hotel. Bulgaria

If you usually celebrate Christmas in the luxury atmosphere of a prestigious hotel, then you can select some more interesting option. Kempinski hotel “Grand Arena” in the Bansko region, in Bulgaria, has preserved its cultural originality. Kempinski is located at the foot of the mountains and offers the guests all conditions for a high-quality rest. There is a fashionable resort with the swimming-pools, spa and affordable massage prices.

4. Try a sleigh vacation. Austria

Everyone has already got used to the skiing tours. That is why there is another option: sit in the sleighs with the horses and go someone. This is a really exotic and unusual event that brings us back to the past when people used to travel in the sleighs very often. Think about this because not everywhere you can find such tourist routes where you can hire the sleighs and horses.

5. Visit the stores on skis. Italy

For those who like combining the sport pleasure with shopping it is high time to go to Italy. Livigno combines the slopes (for the amateurs and professional sportsmen) and duty free shops. This is the paradise for people who pay much attention to their appearance. Keep some money to spend it there. You can save money buying there electric appliances, perfumes and alcoholic products. It is very pleasant to ski in the Dolomites. The slopes present the indescribable views, the villages are very neat and cozy and keep the elegant ease of Italy.

6. Go to France with your family

The season of traditional family sales is held annually in the chalet "Les Gets" at Christmas. The grannies and grandpas get the 50% discounts, a nanny takes care of the children, and the adults get a great opportunity to ski at the Morzine resort in the Port du Soleil valley.

7. Travel to Andorra: the paradise for the lonely skiers

The lonely travelers can take a break and go on vacation to conquer the snowy slopes of Andorra. Notice that you will have to share a room with a stranger not to overpay, but do not worry because the alpine skiers become friends easily. Also, together it will be easier to visit the bars to drink mulled wine. There is an excellent hotel not far from the broad and sunny slopes of Pas de la Casa.

8. Go to France with a discount

It is hard to find something more dreamlike than a comfortable rest in the Pyrenees at the end of December. The alpine skiers will like the unusual apartments of the Helios Bareges. This is an attractive center with the widest slopes and active nightlife. The slopes there fit both, amateurs and professional skiers. The prices are cheaper than in the rest regions of the Alps.

9. Rest with your family. Switzerland

Verbier and its less expensive neighbor Nendaz are perfect to teach your children to ski. Here you can get the gentle slopes for kids, family ski-pass discounts, good ski schools for children, paths for winter walks and game rooms with libraries.

10. Send your teenage children to Austria: only teens allowed

If you cannot travel alone and you need to send children somewhere, then one of the most attractive directions is Austria. A week of the skiing or snowboarding lessons with other European teens will make their vacation bright and unforgettable. What can be better! You can get the reports from the camp coaches, so there is no need to worry about your child. Another advantage is that children will spend time actively instead of staring at the TV or computer screen all day long. If somehow it looks like age discrimination to you, we have prepared another related essay on equal rights, which you can read right now. Whatever option you choose, we wish you to make your dreams come true and celebrate the holidays with the best people in the world!

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