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Within this post, we want to tell you what to begin with a written project. Many students, as well as adults, who need to create a project for the first time, face the same problem: what to start with? Any project is a concentration of different information on a chosen topic. Maybe it is necessary to begin with the project objectives? Or with the goals? Or maybe, first, it is better to write its brief summary and only then proceed with the project writing itself? All these statements are correct but partially. That is why we suggest that you stop guessing and keep on reading carefully because we are going to tell how to begin a written project on any topic. You can also read other useful posts written by our team of professional writers on our blog.

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In general, the process of project creation is a very responsible matter. It especially concerns different calculations and counting. A mistake in paper may lead to a serious mistake in life. That is why you should always treat project writing seriously, especially when it implies calculations. Naturally, other kinds of papers require serious approach as well. If you doubt that you can do everything correctly, turn to our experts for help:

Let’s discuss what first step to take. As we have already said, many people offer to begin with either goals, or objectives, or something like this. Naturally, there is a share of truth. However, all these elements look somehow distant and detached from each other, don’t they? It is great if, writing a project, all its elements are considered simultaneously, thus, they create a “united front”.

No one can disagree that if such basic things as project goals, objectives, and problem urgency determining are defined at the very beginning, then, the further project writing will be easier and faster. So what can unite all these elements? What can help build the project skeleton? The answer is the project logical framework. What is it? This is a kind of skeleton that unites all the components of a project. This is the foundation.

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What are the components of the project logical framework?

Mostly, it consists of the elements that we have mentioned previously. You also need to build your own logical framework in your mind, and now we shall present the key points one by one. So the logical framework key points are the following:

1. Problem (project relevance). Within this paragraph, it is necessary to present a problem and, consequently, a project relevance is described. A problem is a specific description of the modern life aspect (some negative phenomenon) that does not satisfy us, mentioning essential factors that cause and keep this phenomenon. For instance, you can be concerned with the catastrophic spread of drug addiction in your city among adolescents. This is a very strong example of a negative phenomenon connected with the fact of the absence of positive idols and healthy lifestyle attractiveness.

After describing problem, a person (an expert) who will read your project should realize that this project is actually needed and its problem requires an urgent solution. The problem determining should be objective, based on the facts and have links to the reliable sources. It would be also nice to point at the prediction of the negative consequences of this situation development.

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Notice that a problem can be of nominative, causal and antithesis nature.

  • Nominative nature means that a negative phenomenon is fully described.
  • Causal nature means that there are determined the main causes (both objective and subjective) of a negative phenomenon, and also, the phenomenon consequences are defined.
  • Antithesis nature (“yes, but” statement) contains a link to some resources that could have been used but are not used, specific facts and taken measures, which have not brought any results, are mentioned.

So making an interim conclusion, we want to say that a well-formulated problem is the grounding for the whole future project. We hope you have started to understand what a logic framework of a project is. It is always hard to begin writing, but possessing the knowledge you will get from this post, you will become able to write dozens of high-quality projects. Now let’s move on, and the next stage is a goal.

2. Project goal. This paragraph is a specific description of a situation that will satisfy you and that could solve the present situation. There can be several goals in a project. For instance, goal #1: to reduce the number of young people who use drugs; goal #2: to increase the number of young people who choose healthy and law-abiding lifestyle. The goal description should be as precise and specific as possible, i.e. it should answer the questions where? in what sphere? who? or what new quantity and quality attributes a goal will get.

For example: the increase in the number of young people who have selected healthy lifestyle is the answer to the questions “who?” (young people) and “where?” (in the city X); “to make young people healthy” is the attributes that we want to get in the project result.

3. Project objectives. This is the necessary and sufficient conditions for achieving the goal. The objectives are the results (quantitative and qualitative) that can be seen or somehow measured. For instance:

a) to find young people who lead a curious lifestyle and generalize their experience;

b) to hold a youth festival;

c) to organize a tourist camp and hold 15 sports events;

d) to inform young people about interesting and healthy ways to spend time.

4. Project strategy and methods. Strategy is the main activity directions to fulfill a project. Methods are various events that contribute to the solution of the set objectives and goal achievement. Methods are based on the set objectives.

The example of strategy is the joint work of different social institutions with the aim to get the maximum effect from the performed work. When some activity is conducted by various institutions that possess different resources, technology, tools, etc., it is easier to reach a breakthrough result compared with the situation when you work on your own, not having all the necessary facilities to fulfill your project. Remember that a joint work brings better results.

Methods examples. We have an objective to hold a youth festival. First, ask yourself what is necessary to do for this purpose. That is right: to agree on the time and place with the local authorities, to gather a work team that will be engaged in the festival plan creation and so on. Simply put, methods are a kind of smaller objectives, the solution of which ensures the solution of the whole objective. By the way, the objectives solving leads to the goal fulfillment, and the goal fulfillment, in its turn, favorably influences the change of the present situation. Everything is logic. Everything is clear.

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In order to start your project correctly, it is necessary to know what to begin with. First, a logic framework is built that should structure the whole future project. The framework includes:

1) problem (project relevance);

2) project goals;

3) project objectives;

4) project strategy and methods.

We hope that now you understand how to write your social projects without difficulties. At least you know what first step to take. We wish you success with such a fascinating matter.

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