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One of the most commonly asked to write a paper in short order is the essay on nonverbal communication. This is not surprising as the importance of communication goes far beyond the simple giving and receiving the information. Many of those who have not enough time with the essay writing, prefer to use an English writing website. These are the easy and convenient essay services offering the professional help of an essay creator for students.

Knowing the keys of non verbal communication essay opens the world of big opportunities

The body language plays the huge role in communication, just imagine 90% of what people talk about is not related to speech. 60% of today communication between people is nonverbal, something that people tell each other through the body, pose, gestures and facial expression. Other 30 % of communication takes place through the intonation and sound of the voice. Thus, 90% is not related to speech. A common working name for it is “nonverbal”. To write the essay on similar topics would be much easier with the simple instructions of how it works page.

Nonverbal communicators are often accused of manipulation. Of course, you may consider the methods of nonverbal communication this way as well. But let's better consider nonverbals as the mechanism, as an instrument that can be broken and built, spoiled and repaired. Like any other powerful tool, nonverbal communication can do a lot of good things if you treat it right. One has to remember that a nice haircut and a well-fitting suit is also a certain degree of manipulation. This is the method we use to make the desired impression and declare ourselves. The fact that our emotions are aimed to achieve the certain goals is quite obvious. To have only positive emotions after the perfect result of your written assignment is absolutely possible with our custom writing service:

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Nonverbal communication is not someone's unique gift. The skill of recognition and the conscious transfer of emotions can be successfully learned. It can be developed and trained and help to achieve your goals by small means.

Nonverbal communication is what we tell each other without any words. It is nonverbal, speechless communication and influence on each other through intonation, facial expression, pose, gestures, change of communicative mise en scene. If your task is to deliver your thoughts and attitudes in writing, our expert writers can offer you fast and professional help: To get to know other essays on popular topics, check our popular topics page.

So, let’s figure out how to read the body language

1. Gestures that show the openness

What way people look when they are open to communication:

  • they have the natural facial expressions, no tension, no stiffness
  • they usually look straight ahead
  • their shoulders are straightened
  • the jacket is usually unbuttoned, the tie is weakened

Duplicating the gestures of others happens frequently. You should understand that this happens automatically. The mind receives the info: "That is clear", and the body replies by duplicating the interlocutor’s behavior. Direct such a trial yourself. Visiting the restaurant, you may see many couples, who are peacefully chatting about something. Probably you will notice that many of them reflecting each other by similar poses, the same position of hands, heads, feet and so on. That gives the comprehension of loving, transparency, and acceptance. In this way, copying the pose of your interlocutor can help you to convince him.

2. Indicators of stealth and confusion

Everybody could notice a member of discussion who was kind of shrouding his hands? Probably, he was telling lies that time. What would be the primary response of a man who will tell a falsehood? Indeed, he is attempting to hide, so nobody could see him. In this manner, a man puts his hands some place in his pocket, or somewhere behind the back. If he is at the table, he will tend to put the hands under it. He can scratch the nose or rub the eyes. These are the-run-of-the-mill indicators of deceiving. In any case, don't accept them thoroughly as a “whole story”. As it was specified at that point, just a complex of all the body signals should be taken into consideration. There is no doubt, a person could place his/her hands in the pocket of his/her coat simply because of the bad weather. Someone who suffers from an allergy can scratch the nose. The same may occur if a man has a cold. That is why do not stick a “liar” brand on a person guiding only one sign.

3. The essential indicators of reluctance or closeness:

  • Position in which someone is sitting with his legs crossed
  • Position in which someone is sitting with his arms on the chest
  • Position in which someone is frequently blinking

It surely will be problematic to come to a consensus if a person feels tense and incertitude. Probably, you will have a refuse at any request in this type of conversation. How to have a man on your side? First of all, be open yourself. Take an open posture. Let your hands lie freely on the table and continue the conversation. Then watch the interlocutor. If the "defense" position of him slows down, you notice that he feels more relaxed, this mean that the chosen strategy is correct. It’s high time to “mirror” his pose: the way he gesticulates, put his feet, holds his head, etc. So, you can deal with the problems faster.

Essay on nonverbal communication

4. Indicators of Pondering and Evaluation

You can understand that a person is concentrated or think over something when his eyes are closed or semi-closed, he touches the bridge of his nose, his brows, forehead or chin. All this demonstrates that a person thinks about some kind of situation.

5. Speechless indicators of uncertainties and doubts.

Remember lectures or different kinds of meetings. Have you experienced such a picture: The lecturer is explaining something and many of the students/ colleagues are listening to him with their mouths closed with the palms of their hands. What can it mean? Yes, that means that the listeners do not share the speaker’s opinion, but prefer not to show the true emotions.

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Our emotions are based on evolutionary mechanisms. The nonverbal communication is much older than the verbal one from the historical point of view. Primitive people used to communicate with gestures: the hand waving, the head inclining, the body turns - all these render the senses both in animals and in humans. Then the lowing appeared. The intonation and timbre were born, what is now called “paralinguistics”.

Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary theory, argued that the basic models of expressing emotions are the same for all people on the planet. Ekman's studies conducted among representatives of different cultures confirm this view. Ekman and Friesen studied the native tribe in New Guinea, whose members had not previously actually contacted foreigners. When they were shown pictures with different facial expressions that conveyed six emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise), the natives correctly identified these feelings.

The results of similar studies conducted with different people confirm the idea that the expression of emotions and their interpretation are inherent in human nature. However, this theory has opponents. Ekman agrees with their arguments that his experiments are limited, and perhaps here it is also a cultural experience of non-verbal communication, which has become extremely popular. Nevertheless, his conclusions are confirmed by the results of other studies.

The psychologist I. Eibl-Eibesfeldt studied the behavior of six children who were born blind and deaf to find out how much the expression of their faces corresponds to the expression of those, who can see and hear from the birth in specific situations. He found that the children were smiling when they were attracted to obviously pleasant activity; raised eyebrows when they were allowed to smell an object with an unusual smell, and frowned when they were given again and again a thing they did not like.

Since they could not observe how other people behave, the conclusion suggests that these reactions are congenital.

As a rule, non-verbal communication occurs unconsciously and hardly ever by purpose. That is why those, who know the non-verbal language, (body language) can comprehend a lot. We manage the words much better than we manage our bodies, gestures and facial expressions, that's why nonverbal speaks louder about real person’s situation and his/her real attitude towards the event, the condition, the person. If you need to express your feeling or attitude towards the different topics, find out more argumentative essays written for you here.

From the other side it is the hint for professionals: if you master your nonverbal (it is real to be done) you will always express what you mean and what you want. At least people will understand you much better.

As a rule, different kinds of manipulations and manipulative games take place with the help of nonverbal: they affect and influence the partner, but the partner usually does not realize that and obey as a result. Undecoded nonverbal is the basis of everyday manipulations.

Reading of nonverbal

How to is the most common type of questions, because finding answer gives you the instrument to solve the problem. That is why we have a page answering many How-To-Questions at our website. If you are interested in mastering the nonverbals, go on reading.

The most gestures of nonverbal behavior are gained, and the meaning of most movements and gestures has the cultural background. The way people express themselves through the nonverbal is the same all over the world. Happy people usually smile, sad people frown, when you see the angry people, you may read it from their angry glances.

Shrugging is a very good example of the universal gesture. It means that a person is not sure what is happening or doesn't understand what is being talked about. That is the complex of gestures: expanded palms lifted shoulders and raised eyebrows.

At the same, time we know perfectly well that the verbal languages differ from one another. It depends mostly on the culture types. It’s not surprising that the nonverbal languages have also their own peculiarities that help to differentiate nations from each other.

The main cause of intercultural mistakes is a failure to understand that behavioral models in different cultures are not universal. On the contrary, each culture has a unique set of rules, conventions, behavior patterns. If you want to learn the subject deeper, refer to the essay on globalization. If your task is to write the essay on intercultural communication, do not hesitate to contact our academic writing services.

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One of the most common mistakes people meet reading the body language is the tendency to single out one gesture and to view it isolated from other gestures and circumstances. Scratching of the nape, as an example may mean the thousand of things - sweating, dandruff, lice, lack of confidence, forgetfulness and telling lies -depending on what other gestures accompany the scratching. So, to interpret any gesture correctly, we need to take into consideration all the spectrum of accompanying actions.

It is well known that nonverbal behavior of women differs from the similar behavior of men.

In society, there has been a long traditional distribution of roles, social rituals, stereotypes and assessments concerning the expression of emotions of men and women. So, for example, at the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century, there was an assumption that the facial expression of a man is the embodiment of strength and thought, and the woman's facial expression is weakness and sensitivity.

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Nonverbal development

People are very different in their ability to express their feelings and attitudes nonverbally: someone can say everything without a word, another has a less expressive face and poor gestures that do not speak anything.

The question raised: is it possible to develop one’s ability to complement the speech with the rich nonverbal? Yes, it is. All you need for that is to repeat the nonverbal of others and develop your own gestures and facial expression.

Essay about nonverbal communication

Exercises to develop the nonverbal

Exercises on nonverbal can be divided into two big groups:

1.  Exercises to develop your own nonverbal.

2.  Exercises to develop the understanding of others’ nonverbal.

Exercises to develop your own gestures and facial expressions:

  • Facial expression development

The exercise should be done in front of a mirror. Come up with a life situation and try to portray it mnemonically. You can play the facial expression of the actors from the movie scenes. Try Disney heroes, they are easy to work with as their facial expressions are quite demonstrative.

  • Gestures development

Exercises to do in the morning:

1.  Gymnastics for fingers and hands

2.  Circular movements and waving elbows

3.  The slopes, circular movements of the body

4.  Drowning the letters and figures with the hips 

  • Leading by points-impulses

It is an exercise to be done in pairs. You choose the point- impulse. For example - shoulders. A leading person touches the second participant (or just shows the touch at a small distance from the shoulder) and leads him. The task is to understand how many ways a person can move.  

  • Gait formation

The gait has a significant meaning in the sign language. A lover and a happy person are marked by a flying gait, which immediately attracts the eye. Very often it is typical for energetic and self-confident people.

Taking into account the leading points-impulses of the male or female gait, form and demonstrate the gait. Complicating of the task: demonstrate the gait in a certain situation.

For example, a woman is at work (energetic gait from the knee), a woman is at the date (flirtatious, sexy gait from the bottom), a woman is on vacation (an open, light gait from the solar plexus). This exercise could be worked out on your way home, on a walk or in the office. You also may check the essay on gender inequality to sort out the questions concerning this topic.

  • The formation situational nonverbal

Group exercise. You are offered the situation. The group come up with the non-verbal manifestation of the hero in the situation given and demonstrate it.

Samples: a serious talk with a boss, the first date and so on. The group can come up with the situations on its own.

Exercises to develop the understanding of others nonverbal

  • The fixation of the nonverbal in the text

Such options in nonverbal are the easiest to watch: the facial expression, the pose, the gesticulating, the distancing, the intonation. The task of the exercise is to determine what parts of nonverbal are described in the parts of text given.

Example: “A girl asks her mother to take the homeless kitten. The girl’s eyes express the hope”. In this sentence, we can see the description of the facial expression: “express the hope”, but there is not the description of the intonation. You don't know what way a girl asks her mother: does she cry, scream, whine? Was her intonation demanding or compassionate?

The exercise can be worked out at any texts containing the description of the nonverbal.

  • Camera mode

The exercise is to describe the facial expressions and gestures of others in the non-stop mode, fixing only the observed signs and not allowing interpretations.

For example, the wrong version of the implementation: "Tom has a sad face, and Audrey is cheerful." The correct version of the implementation: "The corners of Tom’s lips are directed downward, the chin seems to be down, the eyes are screwed-up, the shoulders are lowered, Tom is holding a notebook in his right hand, the left hand is lowered along the body. At this time, Audrey ... etc. ".

In this exercise, speed and switching are important - a consistent description of the non-verbal manifestations of many people.

  • Description and interpretation of video fragments

Exercise is to watch movies and videos with the sound off. First, non-verbal manifestations of actors are described (predominant facial expressions, a description of facial expressions in zones, gestures, and gait). After an objective description, suggestions are made about what kind of feelings, emotions, states the hero experiences in the video. Finally, the participants express their ideas about the alleged plot of the fragment.

  • Description and interpretation in the subway.

In the subway or any other crowded place, count how many people have their lips corners up and how many of them are down? The result of this exercise is that while watching, one can notice some intermediate facial expressions.

For example, a smile can be carefree, pensive, mocking, modest, open, etc.

The next stage of the exercise is to reveal the features of the nonverbal, due to which the same mimic movement expresses different emotions.

  • The game "Mafia"

The exercise consists in the fact that during the game participants can argue their decisions only by stating the non-verbal signs. Mafia is a model of real communication, the main purpose of which is to understand which of the people in the game are deceiving you.

Thus, the communication essays can be written with the understanding that non-verbal communicative influence is one of the instruments of personal representation of oneself, an instrument of interpersonal influence and regulation of relationships, forms the image of the interlocutor, clarifies and outruns the verbal communication. As you can see, this skill can be improved with the help of some challenging and exciting exercises.

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