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It often happens: you know you have a lot of work to do but you cannot make yourself start doing it. We can bet you know what we are talking about. People are not perfect and it is okay. Sometimes you just need someone’s help. If you are a college student, the most competent and reliable help you will get at Our site offers custom college essay to buy. What is the point? Look, we do your assignments, you get higher grades, your academic performance gets improved, and consequently, you become more confident. You also start to understand the subjects better and get the respect of your professors and other students. Our experts do your papers professionally for cheap, but there is more: they motivate you to study better. By the way, motivation is the subject of today’s post. Let’s see what it is and where to get it.

How to motivate yourself to study when your inner idler overpowers you

To study diligently is a great advantage as for self-development so as for the future diploma. However, there are such moments when you fall into a stupor and there is no desire to study or do something, in general. What to do in such situations? The specialists of our website will tell how to motivate yourself to study. writing agency guarantees

Prosperous and successful people have motivation. A person perfectly copes with studying when he (or she) wants to get knowledge and understands what for he (she) is doing all this. No action happens without motivation either external or internal. If you are outside and it starts raining, you hurry to go home. A teacher gives a test, motivating the students to get the highest grade. In this case, it goes about external motivation. You can follow or ignore it. You are free to decide.

Internal motivation is connected with the personal interests and desires. For instance, you study biology not because your teacher has asked you. You just like the subject and you are ready to learn it in your free time. Our examples demonstrate that motivation is all the internal and external factors that influence person’s behavior.

Psychologists distinguish 2 main types of motivation:

  1. Directed at success achievement. The goal is to achieve something positive. For instance: “I am getting ready for the exam to get a good grade”.
  2. Directed at failure avoidance. The goal is to avoid troubles. Let’s say: “I am getting ready for the exam not to get the lowest grade”.

Can you see the difference?

Which motivation is better?

The desire to achieve success is more useful rather than the setting to avoid failure. When we think about how to escape something unpleasant, willy nilly we imagine our failure. Negative emotions steal the energy that could be spent on the goal achievement. The same algorithm works vice versa. If we make a setting for success, positive emotions allow being more productive.

There is such a notion as “tripping yourself”. Some people tend to create the obstacles on their way to success. A person does silly things and blames them for the failures. For instance: “I did not pass the exam because I had a conflict with the professor” or “I did not manage to prepare for the exam because I spent the last night at the club”. This is a less painful kick to one’s pride rather than admitting that “I did not pass the exam because I was not hard-working and focused enough”.

Where does motivation come from?

Motivation is directly connected with the person’s demands that have some particular order. The famous Maslow's pyramid (or Maslow's hierarchy of needs) presents it very clearly. The lowest level is represented by the physiological needs, and on the top there is self-realization.

While the needs of the lowest level are not satisfied, it is hard to proceed to the next level. How can a hungry person prefer reading to a tasty meal? Or how can someone think about the sense of life, not even having a warm and safe shelter? Self-development and satisfaction of the cognitive needs are a kind of “psychological luxury”. The higher the level of needs that make a person work is, the more productively he (she) works.

What is the danger of weak and excessive motivation?

If motivation is too weak, a person does not try hard and, as a consequence, does not achieve success. If motivation is excessive, more energy is spent not on work itself but on worries related to work or studying. Much depends on how well a person knows the activity. Every activity has its own optimal level of launching: for a simple activity it is pretty high, and for complex, it is lower.

Let’s say in order to prepare for physics lesson, it is necessary to learn the formulas and understand the essence of physical processes. If you think that it is important for you to fulfill the task and treat it as the source of stress, your preparation will be more productive compared to the situation when you do not care. The mere trying to remember everything in combination with high motivation will only harm.

However, this law does not work when it goes about motivation directed at the desire to learn something new. It is impossible to be “too greedy for knowledge”. The more insatiable such “greed” is the more effectively new information is absorbed.

Nevertheless, if a person is so much engaged in getting knowledge that he (she) does not have time and power to apply it, it will not lead to professional success. Such a profession as a “walking directory” does not exist, and there is no need in it, in the era of high technology.

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How to learn to motivate yourself?

In order to find motivation, it is necessary to understand yourself and manage your emotions. Learn to get rid of the negative and focus on the current tasks. The biggest motivation killer is diffidence. Sometimes you start thinking about the excuses why you still have not achieved something. Pay tribute to what you have already achieved. Write the list of your strengths, previous and present accomplishments. When you sincerely believe that you are worth success, your brain will create the ways to achieve it.

The second motivation killer is the inability to focus attention. Remember how often you focus on the things that you do not need, in fact, instead of focusing on a specific goal. The thoughts related to fear are a usual phenomenon: “I am afraid I will never enter college”, “I am afraid that people will think I am stupid”, etc. Fear feeds itself and steals our motivation. If you have the fear not to enter college, make up the plan of successful preparation for the entrance exams. Also, our experts are ready to support you:

Motivation direction

The last piece of motivation mosaic is the direction. If we cannot see the next step clearly, we begin to postpone our further actions. Create the list of your steps. The first one should not be difficult and easy-to-do, and each next step should be harder. When solving simple tasks, you create a positive mood, which causes the desire to get to the finish, in its turn.

For instance, you have your main goal to enter college (you do not know which college and specialty). The list of your steps can look as following:

  1. Select the profession that interests you.
  2. Determine which subjects become the most important for you.
  3. Evaluate which subjects you can study yourself and which ones require additional expert help. If you need help with any school, as well as college, subject, our professional can assist you with it:
  4. Think about what subjects can bring you the highest grades and which should be learned harder. Do not be lazy. Your hard work will bear fruit.
  5. Pass the preparatory tests and exams on the selected subjects to see your initial knowledge level.
  6. When preparing for the exams, study the list of colleges, in order to have an idea what demands they have, and what exactly you need to do to enter.
  7. Attend college open day (if possible). It will let you see the life of students at college closer.

And so on. This list can be continued. Let’s say, another point can be to have a special calendar where you would notice your tasks per days. When you see the first results of your efforts, it will be easier to motivate yourself to study. There will be the times of energy decrease, failures, and even accidental blunders, anyway. If you do not discipline your mind, these little obstacles will turn into the real mental monsters. If you are attentive and watchful enough, you will keep your motivation to study and push yourself towards success.

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Motivation is simple and simultaneously complicated matter. If you firmly decide to motivate yourself, you will definitely succeed. We believe in you! Also, we want to help as much as possible. That is why we offer to take your classes and do them for you. Our professional assistance is affordable. There is no need to pay big money for overpriced services provided by other writing companies on the internet. You can order everything you need on our website for cheap. Also, we provide a discount up to 20%. It is easy and pleasant to cooperate with the Penessays expert team.

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