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Many students (both school and college) do not feel excited at all when hear a word “essay”. Usually, essay writing causes much discontent, many unpleasant feelings, and complete absence of desire to do it. The students spend hours, trying to create a good paper, get a low grade, and feel absolutely disappointed that all their efforts are in vain. So there is no wonder that the next time they do not feel enthusiasm when they have to write another essay. Is there a way out? Is it possible to create such an essay that will bring a high grade? The answer is definitely yes. Do you want to know how to achieve this? Keep on reading and you will learn everything needed to know on this issue. Top recommendations from certified experienced writers are presented further.

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Essential recommendations on writing good essay

There is no such a pupil or student, who has never written an essay or will never have to. This is one of the most widespread academic papers in the educational system. Its goal is to check the student’s knowledge on a particular subject. The essay papers are created regularly and no one can avoid this. Usually, the students are given the topic for their essays. However, sometimes they can choose a topic themselves. Also, the topics often have the form of a question. For instance, “What does indifference lead to?”, “Is the statement “the end justifies the means” correct?”, or “Do animals have their own language?”, and so on. The topics can concern literary any subject.

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What factors influence the essay evaluation?

It is important to know what factors can influence an essay so that you could know what requires your special attention. In fact, everything is simple. There are two necessary requirements and five assessment criteria. The requirements are also simple and logic: a) essay size and b) its uniqueness. Usually, an essay should be of 250 words (at least) and it should not be copied from some other source (i.e. there should not be plagiarism). In order to get rid of plagiarism, you might need to rewrite your text. We offer you our competent assistance with this issue: The other criteria are related to:

  • topic disclosure;
  • argumentation;
  • work structure;
  • language quality;
  • correct grammar.

In order to get a good grade, an essay should correspond to its topic, be based on different books (imaginative literature), be logic, grammatically correct, and not excessively official (unless, it is required). If your essay meets all these criteria, your chances for a high grade increase greatly. You can read an essay on type 2 diabetes example published on our blog to see the correct structure and language of a winning essay.

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How to get prepared correctly and what to read

Any essay is a kind of mini exam so the preparation for it should be serious as well. The arguments based on reliable sources are the mandatory element of an essay paper. Naturally, no one demands that you ought to learn all the facts and events that are going to be used and presented so there is no need to spend nights reading and trying to remember everything.

The best option is to read small texts and short stories: they are fast to read and easy to remember. If you need to create an essay on let’s say classic works of world literature, it will be enough to read 3-5 texts in every genre, i.e. a couple of short stories. It will not be hard and will not take too much time. It can be done even a day before essay creation. So your task is to select the texts and read them.

Another essential element of preparation is training. Train writing small texts that remind essays: calculate the words, check if the content matches with the topic (for instance, they ask you to answer the question if a man should take responsibility for his actions, and you start reflecting on social phobia, this is a definitely wrong direction), evaluate whether your arguments are specific enough, etc.

Bear in mind that a low grade can be also caused by paper structure and poor quality of language. That is why:

  • structure your text (divide it into logic paragraphs, let the paragraphs have approximately the same size, if you notice that a short paragraph follows an extremely big one, fix it);
  • avoid clichés and excessively official terms (if you are not aware of what cliché is, you will easily find much useful and simple explanation on the web, or rely on our experts who perfectly knows what it is and how to handle it; our experts are reliable so entrust them your papers:

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What to do when the time of writing has come

1. First, choose a topic. Do not panic when you see the topics list (or when a teacher announces it, or when you need to select yourself, or whatever else). It does not matter how a topic is presented (let’s say it can be a quotation). This is just a phrase, which you need to understand and interpret. Choose the topic that is the most clear to you and that you will manage to reason well.

2. Think about the theses. There should be at least three. Thus, it will be easier to structure your text logically and give strong arguments. For instance, for a topic “What is the danger of indifference?”, the following theses can be presented:

  • an indifferent person becomes harsh, inhuman, and unable to help others;
  • indifference makes people closed, and makes them lonely;
  • indifferent people may pretend that they do not notice evil when it does not concern them directly.

3. Select arguments. Every thesis must go with an example that proves it. It does not matter whether you take the arguments from a single or several books. Bear in mind that all the arguments cannot be described within one paragraph. If you do so, they will be lost and destroy the structure of your text. Also, every argument should be preceded by thesis, otherwise it will not be clear what for you give the arguments and what your examples prove.

4. Think carefully about the introductory and final parts. The perfect option is when the introductory and final parts are 1/3 of a text size. In the beginning, you can write your reflections and understanding of a topic and the essence of the words it maintains. It will be nice if you recollect a suitable quote or aphorism. In the final part, you sum up and review what has been written, presenting your own thoughts. The conclusions must be expressed as much accurately and clearly as possible.

5. Follow the essay volume. As a rule, the size is minimum 250 words, but it would be better to write at least a bit more. If an essay is smaller than required, it may influence the total grade negatively.

6. Mind the correct structure. In this case, introductory words and phrases work excellently. Naturally, any text can be written without them at all, but it will be deprived of logic at some points. The use of the words “so”, “as a consequence”, “in such a way” and so on will make it much easier to get the text correctly structured. The logic “thesis – argument” has never failed anybody. Visit our blog and take an essay on globalization as a paragon.

7. Count in the end. We have already said that the size of an essay is important. So when you finish writing, count the words to be sure that you are okay with this point.

What definitely not to do

1. Write a text that does not match its topic. There is no need to say much here. Everything is obvious. Nevertheless, such situations happen from time to time.

2. Give examples from the fameless texts. Ancient Greek epos or medieval Swiss prose sound great and impressive but hardly someone (but you) knows something about it. So it is more preferable to use something commonly known.

3. Give examples from the texts that you do not know well. It is better to read a couple of Henry’s and Salinger’s works and base your arguments on them, rather than torturing yourself, trying to remember the facts from the books of other authors that you do not remember well. Or another good option is to quote your favorite books. Thus, you will not confuse the characters’ names or something like this, for sure.

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So if you take all the recommendations into consideration and follow them when you create your essay, you will manage to make it outstanding and get the highest grade. However, you can go straight: appeal to Penessays experts. We guarantee that you get 100% satisfaction request, plagiarism free unique paper with improved grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistics. We also ensure complete privacy to every client. Order on our site: enjoy the process and excellent result!

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