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The types of the teachers and professors: what are they?

Today’s post we are going to dedicate to the teachers and professors, who teach the students, and what their types are. It is obvious that every person is unique in its features. The teachers with professors are not the exception. Sometimes, they differ so much that it seems that they live on different planets.

Anyway, whatever different people are, they can be classified to understand how to interact with them correctly. The approaches, which you are going to use to cooperate with the teachers successfully, depend on what kind of person is in front of you. The most important is to find out what motivates people, and then, there will be no communication problems with your teachers and professors.

Eventually, what does a student need? A good grade at an exam, of course. Right? Right, let us be honest. However, you should never try to “beg” your teacher to give you a desired grade. It will not make you look better. The perfectly completed tasks, taking all teacher’s remarks into consideration, this is what can make a student look much better. That is why it is so much important to be aware of the teachers’ types: your future strategy of effective behavior depends on it.

It often happens like this: a teacher gives the topic of a term paper, says some general statements and that is it, from now on do whatever you want. And the students start writing their term papers, without supposing that they will have to rewrite the papers for many times to get a satisfying grade, at least. By the way, if you can no longer stand the constant paper rewriting and your only thought is “Someone, please, rewrite my paper!”, we are ready to give you a hand. Use our personalized essay writing service and get your excellent paper that will make your professor satisfied. Why does it happen so? That is right: due to the lack of initial information about the “hidden” requirements, about which the teachers often do not tell at once. What are these “hidden” requirements? For example, this can be some particular author, whose works should be obligatory used and cited in your paper because a teacher respects this very author very much.

We hope you have got the idea. What is next? According to the logic, now we need to find out where we can get the information about the “hidden” requirements. This is simple: ask your teacher about them. However, do not demand anything from a teacher. We are modern people, so we should use the psychological technique of indirect influence. It means we need to try to make a teacher talk so that he (she) willingly present us all “hidden” requirements, without noticing that we manipulate him (her), in fact. In order to make it real, we need to know the type of teacher or professor.

For this purpose, we are going to consider 3 main types of the teachers and professors. Our classification is very approximate, however, it allows defining the most striking differences of teachers’ conduct.

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The types as they are

1. A teacher-screamer. This type is very widespread at the universities. Such a person can be characterized in the following way: he (she) often shouts (with and without any reason), does not let anyone come close, and never helps the students do the tasks that he (she) gives. Fortunately, you can rely on our on line papers assistance anytime. It is clear that it is hard to deal with this teacher type. However, hard does not mean impossible. Here we have several options. One of the most effective is the way “from above”, i.e. when your group writes a collective complaint against the teacher to the authority of higher rank. Believe us, it really works. The most important is to collect as many signatures as possible. Do not be afraid that suchlike actions can harm you. If a teacher cares for his (hers) job, he (she) will listen to the “recommendations” of the higher authority, which is the dean, in this case.

However, such a situation happens seldom. We hope you will manage to avoid the teachers of this type. Most often, the teachers-creamers are eccentric choleric, who just cannot give in publicly. They believe that this is not their concern to repeat and clarify something because they are too proud to present the same material for several times. That is why the most effective “weapon”, in this case, is a tête-à-tête conversation. Try to talk to a teacher after the classes, when there is almost no one there. Such teachers do not like giving in publicly, as we have already said. They like to win, in every situation.

A personal talk is a different matter. If a teacher is sane, you will probably manage to clarify all unclear points and find out those “hidden” requirements, about which we have been talking previously, if you have enough communication skills. If no, it would be better to read our communication essay. The most important is not to argue with a teacher-screamer, admire his (hers) achievements (if your teacher starts talking about them) and quietly and imperceptibly stick to your line simultaneously.

2. A teacher-nihilist. This type is also very common at the universities. It is hard to answer why. Probably, the low wages are to blame. As a consequence, a teacher loses the interest in teaching and begins reminding a student. Such teachers like talking about life or politics during the lectures, often discuss different TV shows with the students, or the ways to spend holidays extraordinary ( Everyone usually likes it. The students often think: “Finally, we have a really good teacher”. However, do not cherish great hopes. Such a liberal teacher is not always good.

So, if one of your teachers is like this, do not go too far, believing that you can do whatever you want. Respect a person, no matter he (she) is. Maybe, your teacher behaves n such a way because wants to make your difficult student life easier. Do not turn a good person into an aggressive screamer. Keep in mind that you will have an exam later… By the way, you can find many useful tips on how to prepare for the exams and pass them successfully on our blog. In order to sum up everything said previously, we give the following advice: if you treat someone well, you will be also treated well. Do not tempt fate.

3. A teacher-rationalist. Sadly though, such a type is very rare. Probably, all rationalists have already left the universities because there are no perspectives. However, there is still some small percentage of teachers loyal to their subjects. It is easy for the students to communicate with such teachers, under the condition, that the students study well. If you are one of such students, you will not have problems. Even if you do not understand something, the teacher of this type will always help. Such a teacher does not try to hide the “hidden” requirements to the term paper writing and gladly shares any information necessary. All this, in combination with a good paper editor, will bring an outstanding result:

If you are lucky enough to have such a teacher, try to establish the honest trusting relationships, attend all classes and do the necessary assignments. Thus, you will not face difficulties with the exams or term paper creation.

We have presented you three the most common types of teachers that you can meet at the university. Naturally, there are other types. However, we believe that these ones are the basis that we can see everywhere, at any university. If you are just going to enter university, this post about the teachers’ types should be pretty informative and interesting for you.

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