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Are you asking yourself “Why do I need to do so many tasks all the time?”? Would you want to get some help? We will gladly assist you with your written assignments. We are ready to create and correct any college paper for you. Your task is to email us and specify what is exactly required. The rest should not worry you. Besides, our prices are very cheap and the system of payment is flexible. Also, we write the custom essays for school, college, and university. Now let’s return to our today’s post. Previously we have started to discuss the most common “why” questions of students, and we continue presenting you our top list. We hope you will like this post as much as the previous one.

Why does nobody love me?

This question has an obvious social nature. If you have ever heard about the theory of Abraham Maslow and his famous hierarchy of needs (the Maslow pyramid), the need for love occupies there an intermediate (third) level. All people want to be loved. However, according to the statistic data of Maslow (he created his theory in the 1940s), only half the people can boast of the status of a “loved person”. And today, frankly speaking, the loneliness problem is as much urgent or even more urgent than almost a hundred years ago. The popularity and a great number of dating sites testify to this fact. Many school and university scholars spend time on social networks because they want to find a soulmate in virtual space. However, many of them do not find it, unfortunately.

So what should the others do? To accept their unenviable position and wait? Maybe they will meet a prince / princess someday? Well, thus, they can wait a lifetime. If you want to find a soulmate and be loved, act! Begin with your clothes. Look at what you wear. Maybe the point is about your way to dress. Do not forget that “clothes make the man”. That is why wear neat clothes. Also, always remember about a smile on your face, i.e. about a good mood. If you are always moody and life does not gladden you, probably no one will come to you to talk. In general, be more positive. Thus, our on line essay help can help you stay positive because you will not have to think about the written assignments that never end.

These and others improvements of your lifestyle 100% bring a positive result. You will find a person, with whom you will meet the dawns. If you have not found him / her yet, do not stop, continue improving yourself. Your actions will bring fruit. If you act correctly, the result will always be positive.

Why do not they appreciate me as a student?

This question is also related to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. However, it is more closely related to the studies. A student is rewarded for his (hers) merits. If you learn much before an exam, you will easily answer any question. That is why if it seems that your teachers have not appreciated you as you deserve it, most likely, it means that you have not done enough. A teacher sees many people and is able to distinguish a good student from an average one. Our advice is as follows: if you claim you are not appreciated enough, then, someone of your fellows is over-appreciated. It is simple. Harmony rules the world. Consequently, if you want to be appreciated by your teachers, look at your opponent: what so much special does he (she) do that you do not do? In marketing, such an approach is called “benchmarking”: opponents compare each other’s situation, success, goods, etc. Do not hesitate to apply this innovative practice in your studies to “regain your market share”, i.e. the share of teachers’ attention. Work more than your opponent. Thus, you will manage to exceed him (her) and, consequently, get the pleasant prizes in the form of indulgences at the exams. Read this post to get some more help with your exams:

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Why is everything so bad?

This is one of the most frequent “why” questions. Really, why is it? Are you starving or suffering from some incurable disease? If no (and fortunately no), the things are not that bad. Everything is fine! Do not forget that life is full of white and black stripes. Maybe you are on a dark stripe at the moment. Whatever hard life may seem, always remember that some people live much worse. If you are reading this post now, it means you have the access to the Internet. More than half of the world's population does not have access to the global network (and they do not need it because they have much more urgent problems to solve). If you are interested, we have a good informative essay on globalization on our blog:

Are you studying at the university but your academic performance is not very high? Do not get upset, at least you are getting a higher education and it means that you have already achieved something in your life. You need to be able to see positive in everything and you will not ask often “Why is everything so bad?”. Although if you want to improve your academic performance, tell us “do my paper for me” and we will respond to your request immediately.

Why am I so unlucky?

You got difficult questions at the exam that is why you failed it, didn’t you? You are not the cutest student in your group, are you? In fact, this all is not true. Most likely, complexes control you. People tend to underestimate their potential and their capabilities. We all think that we are not capable of doing something great or even achieving something small. Realize that you should not be the slave of your complexes, do not let them stop your development. If you think you cannot do something, you stand at the same point and do not move. For example, you are told to take a cart with cement from the point A to the point B and you think that you will not manage to move it, then, you will not move it, for sure. A cart, in this case, is the analogy to luck in life. People are lucky when they act. That is why if you are unlucky in life, keep on acting, and then, luck will definitely come to you. You are already lucky because you can cooperate with a cheap student essay service and get the professional assistance at an affordable cost.


The most popular among the “why” questions is your own “why”. Everyone has its personal most popular question that starts with the word “why”. You just need to replace XXX with your words and try to answer the question you get.

Advice: in order to reach the essence of any matter, use the rule of “five why”. This rule does not have a relation to the list of “why” questions, we just think it would be useful for you to know about such a useful method of problem-solving.

Its point is the following: any problem should be solved analytically, at first, i.e. something big should be divided into smaller pieces. In such a way, you reach the essence of a problem, and then, take measures (synthesize, i.e. the opposite to the analysis process) to solve a particular problem. In general, scientifically this is called the law of unity of analysis and synthesis.

In order to reach the essence of your problem, consistently ask questions that begin with the word “why”. For instance, your problem is that you have failed an exam. You want it to happen never again. Apply the rule of “five why”. Ask 5 questions one by one:

1) Why did I fail the exam?

2) Why was I prepared poorly?

3) Why did not I ask others to leave me alone to prepare well?

4) Why did not I find a more suitable place to prepare?

5) Why did I go to the cinema with my friends instead of getting ready for the exam?

Eventually, you will conclude that you just have not had the desire to prepare for the exam. You did not have the stimulus and motivation. Consequently, not to let the situation occur again, you need to motivate yourself well. You have caught the idea of “five why” rule. Apply it to solve various problems you have.

Well, that is it for now. We hope the post is interesting for you and we continue writing about current issues in school and student life, so wait for our new posts soon. And, of course, we continue helping students with their assignments.

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