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In student life, not only the content of written works matters but the way they are presented, as well. In particular, we are talking about presentations (usually, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations), which often accompany different types of written papers. The presentation creation process may seem easy but it has some tricks, of which not everyone is aware, and which can make your presentation either successful or failed. If you ask our experts to help you, all your presentations will be only successful. From our side, we guarantee well-written footnotes, professional graphics, eye-catching design, creative work on every slide, and convincing content. A pro paper writer is just what you need, in this case. If you prepare good presentations, you will gain some additional points from your teachers. It will help you feel more confident and become a better student, in general. So, let us share with you what errors you need to avoid in your presentations.

The most common mistakes made in the Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

Modern education implies study that involves the computers. Today most schools and universities have free access to the Internet (with the help of which, it is easy to find our service: Everyone has a computer with the access to the web at home. So, there is no wonder that many teachers try to keep up with the times, giving different tasks that can be fulfilled only with the help computer. One of such tasks is a presentation. What is the presentation created for?

  • First of all, the presentation gives a clear idea of the essence of some matter. The mere reading can make the listeners tired. The students will start grumbling, fidgeting, in short, they will start doing whatever else not to listen to your report and get distracted. A subject can be really interesting and even useful for the audience (for example, it can be a presentation about the globalization process, and you can find on our blog the globalization essays templates). However, it is easier for a human to perceive visual information rather than auditory. A picture related to your subject will give the audience an idea of what your report is about.
  • Second of all, the presentation allows demonstrating the material in the more logical clear form. The schemes that many presentations contain allow us to demonstrate the logic of our presentation visually. Imagine that you are reading a sequence of elements, without showing the audience what connections exist between the elements. For instance, you are telling about the atom structure: “there are a nucleus and a shell in the atom. The nucleus is located inside the shell. It consists of the protons; the shell consists of the electrons…”. And you continue in the same manner. While your listeners are trying to build this picture in their heads (in addition, most of them will not do it at all because they do not care), they will lose sight of all essential information of your presentation. Thus, you will lose the last listeners.
  • Third, the presentation helps you answer many questions that will follow when you finish. The presentation itself helps you get rid of many questions from the listeners. However, at the same time, it causes other questions. But there is nothing to be afraid of! Very often, you can find the answers, having looked through several slides. Hardly someone will ask such a question that does not have relation to your presentation. Basically, most of the questions are related to the presentation. That is why not only your speech but the situation, when you answer the audience’s questions, in general, depends on how much successfully you manage to prepare your presentation.

So, you are aware of the advantages that a well-done presentation gives you. In addition, find out how much you can benefit with the English writing websites for cheap. And now we will discuss in detail the mistakes, which are the most common in the presentation creation process.

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PowerPoint presentation: the most common errors

Error #1. Very small text font. This makes your presentation unrespectable at once (i.e. not serious). Remember it once and for all: the audience evaluates your presentation and you from the first seconds. If you do not manage to attract the viewers’ attention (a viewer becomes irritated when it is hard to read even the title), then, your presentation turns into a waste of your precious time.

Error #2. Too much text. This is a kind of continuation of the error #1, when we speak about the presentation text. If your work contains the whole paragraphs of text information, then, be ready to fail. We assure you, no one will read this text because there will be neither time nor desire to do this. The endless texts are the destiny of books, which present some subject in the tiniest detail, that is why the presence of big text information there is okay. If a presentation has much text, this is the guarantee of a boring presentation. Do not forget that the text should be of high quality. For this purpose, use academic essay editing services provided by the specialists.

Error #3. Too many senseless tables. Many people suppose that the tables graphically demonstrate the significance of some regularity. This might be true but this is clear to you, not to others. When you were preparing your presentation and choosing the required material, you thought that the table you had found was very suitable. However, people do not perceive the tables, listening to the speech. When it is necessary to compare several data, which a table contains, the words that you use, trying to explain the numbers, will not do. In this case, the viewers have several options: either listen to you only and rely on your words, or look at a table, comparing the numbers. Usually, most people choose the third option: they mentally leave the room and only physically they are present. You will never manage to return them back.

Error #4. Irritating effects used in a presentation. For example, your presentation contains a small piece of text information, this is okay, if it is really small. However, if the text appears one letter at a time and the process lasts up to 10-15 seconds, be sure that your presentation already irritates everyone. It becomes uninteresting and boring. If the effects are too many, the result will be the same.

Error #5. Noncontrast colors used. This is probably the most common thing of all bad presentations. Can you see what is written in yellow on a white background, when you sit and peer into the distance? When the noncontrast colors are used, the viewers can see only some part of information (or even nothing at all). In such a way, a holistic picture of the presentation is lost, what leads to the failure of your presentation, in particular, and your own failure, in general. By the way, we can help feel more confident:

Error #6. Not rehearsed in advance presentation, what makes you miss the slides to keep within the allotted time. This is another very common error. The most interesting in it is how the selection of “necessary and unnecessary” occurs. Usually, it happens on the run, sometimes rashly and thoughtlessly (naturally, you do not have time to think it over because at the moment your head is occupied with your performance), and it all often leads to not very pleasant situations. The speakers start to fidget, become nervous and so on. In short, it leads to the fact that the viewers start losing interest in your presentation, what means its failure.

Error #7. Bad assistant. In most cases, not you but your assistant changes the slides. If you have not prepared a copy of your text and have not marked the places, which require changing a slide, then, you will probably face some big problems during your presentation. Also, if your assistant is not a good computer user, the result will be a failed presentation, even if you have prepared a text copy with the marked places of the slide changing.

We have presented seven most common mistakes, which you can see in a bad presentation. You are aware of them now. So, try not to make them, and then, your presentations will not irritate the audience. A well-prepared and even perfect presentation is absolutely real. You just need to pay some special attention to the details described previously, and everything is going to be fine. Being supported by the real experts, your presentation is doomed to success. And in combination with other services offered on the site, you will definitely become an “A” student. The provided services are affordable and the payment system is very flexible. It is easy to gain the image of a good diligent student, and we are going to support you!

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