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Absolutely new type of students comes now to school. They have the different way of thinking. Modern technologies make the human brain evolve at an unprecedented pace. Children who have never lived in the world without the Internet are already "sharpened" for virtual reality. According to the theory of generations, the "digital" children or Z-generation is sitting at the desks nowadays.

How do teachers and parents of other generations avoid conflicts with them? Theories of generations of William Strauss and Neil Hove have been 26 years old. According to the authors, the values of generations change cyclically. Therefore, their main features can be found not only on the basis of research results but can also be predicted. It is also possible to predict the conflict of generations. That is exactly what is happening today to pupils and teachers who are 40. The main values of such adults (Generation X) are respecting for individualism, responsibility, and book thinking. While modern children (generation Z) are the almost complete opposite: infantile, peer-focused, with clip thinking.

Young Teachers (Generation Y) are closer to schoolchildren. They tend to add elements of the competition, aimed at leaders, winners, originals. At the same time contests and a creative approach is not interesting for many of the "new" teens.

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Internet surfing

These children grew up in news stripes and with the remote control switching. The choice is their main value. The search is that they are the best in. They can always find the more interesting site and more recent information. They can quickly "sift" a large amount of information, simultaneously correspond with a dozen people and respond promptly to new messages. Fortunately, there is the perfect online essay writing service where everybody can find the solution to all kinds of problems concerning the writing assignments. It is as easy as just contact us and get excellent essays written for you as a result.

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They are children of gadgets. Therefore, they write on paper only on lessons, the rest of the notes they make are on smartphones and tablets. They almost do not read paper books, but at the same time, they know the letters from the very early childhood, as they need this skill to find cartoons on YouTube. For such students, textbooks, even in electronic form, seem to be boring without links and videos.

Details are not particularly interesting to them, they ignore long texts, especially the oral ones. So, the intimate talks and lectures are not for them. As a result, they often have weak memory and problems with the concentration of attention.

They have too many options in their heads. If you ask for water during a dinner, the "digital" will not know what to do: pour mineral water from a cooler, from a teapot or from a water supply. At the same time, they are not inclined to ask for clarification and to go deeply. So the tasks without step by step algorithm are usually done badly or ignored at all.

What to do:

Talk to them by "tweets", that is, briefly and intermittently. And the task should be sent to their gadgets. Any task is better to break for a dozen of small ones. Describe each step and do not expect curiosity from your students at this stage. Templates rather help the generation Z to feel calm, they do not limit them. And the creativity is turned on when they find faults in templates or looking for new versions.


In adolescence, "digital" children are not as much "hedgehogs" as the previous generations used to be. But they also do not attempt to separate or, to achieve independence. This is the first generation that does not go out of the house to build a life on its own. They predict that children of the Z generation will live with their parents on average up to 35 years old. But this is not about obedience, it is rather a practical point: the one that can solve the problems in real life should always be somewhere nearby.

Household problems are straining them. A trip to the store is a difficult test. Most would like to work not in the office, but at home. They also dream to study at home. And it’s good to have a space for parties with friends at the same time.

Modern teenagers do not have life goals, like the youth of the 1980s, and do not dream to surprise others as young people of "zero" wished for. Coffee with cookies, equipped with a virtual world and several thousand "friends" are all they need.

The zone of maturity of "digital" is on the Internet. They can participate in important international projects, but at the same, time if they are hungry, they will wait for mom to cook dinner.

What to do:

It must be taken into account that modern children do not know the elementary household things. So, to draw conclusions of the maturity of a student is worth according his intellectual work, and not social adaptability. Teachers need to communicate closely with their parents as they represent the interests of senior students.

Life Surfing

Life for "digital" is a search. They break relationships easily with one message and immediately look for new candidates on social networks. Students leave the homework unfinished, although they are able to do it. And those who have already started to work or practice, shock the staffers: they can leave the project because of the fact that the office mini kitchen is not comfortable enough. Generation Z goes from everything that causes discomfort. If they are curious about the project and it is their own desire, they are ready to work. As soon as the word " necessity" appears, the activity decreases.

Many of them being teenagers earn as freelancers because it is the skill that is really important in the Internet reality, not the certificates and diplomas. Wherein, the generation Z is not looking for huge wages, miniscule they need for living is easy to be earned by them at any place.

What to do:

The way teacher explains the topic, curiosity, element of the game have never been so important before, as well as the convenience has. Private schools have already realized that comfortable, stylish and modernized classes encourage modern kids to run for classes.

Network communication

Modern children get caught in virtual "groupings". Belonging to a group on social networks is extremely important to them. Posts are written not for the exchange of information, but for ritual support for communication. Exchange greetings and social conversations are moved into online space.

They trust the majority. For any question, social networks collect dozens or even hundreds of thoughts, then generalize them and do the same as everyone does.

If the previous generation was looking for their classmates on social networks, now the children are right there and make new friends right in the networks. Empathy, the ability to recognize facial expressions and gestures, that is, to successfully communicate in real life is much weaker in modern students than in their parents. Their feelings are emoticons and statuses. A text, photos, and video are the main impressions.

They describe the friends in few words, the rest is not interesting. Friends remind them the characters of the computer game with the parameters given.

What to do:

It is worthwhile to give time in a learning process for feedback from peers, experience exchange, group tasks. It is worth creating a group in the social network. But it should be run by students, not adults. From time to time, post something motivating to discuss the new learning stuff. It’s worth to teach modern students to understand their own feelings as well as feelings of others, to pay attention to the complexity and uniqueness of the individual.


The Vlogs that show the road to school or breakfast having is a kind of the modern dairy. But the diary was a private matter before, and now it is public. However, personal space is an incomprehensible concept for this generation, as well as subordination is.

At college, they suddenly address the teachers by names, ask unanswered questions, or make phone calls late at night to clarify the task. Those who have already begun to work can write the smallest questions to the CEO, passing the direct manager.

Permanent publicity makes generations Z answer the question ahead of time: who are you, what character are you? Previously, selfidentification was a trouble of those under 30. But social networks keep old records, tend to label. And if the person had certain preferences previously, the change in the taste has to be argued.

What to do:

In teaching, one should rely on the love of publicity. Invite students to take a video of the performance of the experiment. They will like such a task more than writing down the results in a notebook.

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