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Student life: a handbook for a freshman or where to get the essay help in the UK

This article is primarily devoted to those who are going to enter university and become a freshman. Many modern entrants and schoolchildren do not have any idea of how the life of a student differs from school life. It may seem that a schoolchild and a student is almost the same. The same classes, the same notes, lessons, etc. However, it just seems so. In fact, student life differs greatly from school life. That is why we have decided to present this article to make the schoolchildren and entrants realize all key points of student life.

We divide student life into two parts. The first part is directly related to the studying activity, i.e. classes attendance, notes taking, exams, etc. The second part contains the key moments of extracurricular student life, i.e. campus, personal life, future plans, etc. We believe that the information structured in such a way will allow you to understand and feel your future student life better. So, let us begin.

Life of student related to the studying activity

First, we will look at what a student does during the hours at the university. One way or another, the main student task is to study and study well, if possible.

1. The classes (lectures and seminars) attendance. When you enter university, the first thing you will have to do is to attend the classes, which are the lectures and seminars.

  • A lecture is a theoretical lesson, during which different knowledge of a subject is presented. One lecture may last the whole school day, i.e. it can take 4-5 classes.
  • A class is a time interval that is equal to two ordinary school lessons. It often happens that the students have 2 classes of two different subjects in a day. We can help if you face some difficulties with your classes:
  • When you pass some amount of the theoretical material, for instance, something about the world history, you will start having the seminars on this subject. The seminars are the “practical” usage of got knowledge. Usually, at the seminars the students recollect the studied materials, listen to the reports on various topics and prepare the presentations. The seminars are usually much fewer than the lectures. Sometimes, there are even no seminars at all.
  • By the way, you need to know that instead of the seminars there can be so-called colloquiums. What is the scary word “colloquium”? Do not be afraid because, in fact, this is the same as the seminars but with some different features. Usually, it is led by a different lecturer and on a different topic at each meeting. The main difference between a colloquium and a seminar is that it is targeted at the check of knowledge of each student individually, and the aim of a seminar is to recollect the learned material in a group, in general.

It is obligatory to attend the classes, whether this is a lecture or a seminar. Each class matters. If you make it your habit to miss the classes that do not interest you from the first study days, later it can harm you greatly and bring many troubles. Everything you miss will influence the examination period. That is why, if you decide to study well at the university, you need to start your student life without problems. By the way, if you wonder “Where to order my essay editing?”, we already have the answer.

2. The participation in different extracurricular activities. Although we have said that, in the first part of the article, we will present student life related to the studying activity only, however, exactly here we should mention the extracurricular activities. In fact, these activities are the part of a study, and, due to this reason, we speak about them now.

Everyone knows that the students have fun always. And they do this thanks to the participation in different events held at the university. Such events are the integral attributes of student life. That is why, as soon as you come to the university, be ready that at once other students will start inviting you to take part in various competitions, visions, quizzes, etc.

Most likely, you have a logical question: “Do I need to take part in all of that?” You entered university to study and not to be engaged in the amateur performances, did not you? This is absolutely right. However, you will forget about the boring lectures soon (you will definitely forget about them after the exams), and the memories of various events will stay with you for your whole life.

Even if you forget something, the photos taken at any of the events will refresh your memory. You will not take pictures at the lectures every day to recollect them later, will you? Probably not, but the competitions and other celebrations are always photographed or shot on a camera. That is why, if you are asked to participate in a competition, then, it would be better to agree on condition that a) it is really interesting for you and b) participation in the competitions will not influence your academic performance. In any case, a study should be at the first place for you, and all the rest follows it.

These posts will help with your studies:

3. The scientific activity. When you have been studying for six months already (i.e. when the first semester passes), they will start trying to involve you in various scientific conferences. First, you are invited as a viewer. With time, when you begin realizing how to deal with science, they will start offering you to write your own research works and defend them in front of the student scientific society.

The student scientific society is such a student organization at the university that deals with the scientific activity of the students. It is usually organized in the following way: the head of the student scientific society gives an order to all members of the student scientific society to prepare the reports. After that, they all gather at a plenary meeting and the best reports are presented. Naturally, all works just physically cannot be presented. That is why after the plenary meeting, all its participants are divided into the sections. Each section has its direction. For example, there is the management section, the historical sciences section, etc. Everyone who wants can present his (hers) work. After that, the committee sums up all the speeches, and the winners receive diplomas and prizes. The freshmen should know that the student scientific society is the great chance to express yourself and make others notice you. To be sure that the first impression of you and your work is positive, ask the best English writing websites to help with your papers.

If you are interested in something, even if it does not have the direct relation to your specialty, you should enroll in the student scientific society and prepare a good research paper on a topic that you like the most. Maybe it will become the start of your professional career. In any case, you will only benefit, participating in the student scientific society, because you will gain useful experience, which will definitely come in handy one day. So, if there is the desire to be engaged in science, go ahead, the student scientific society is waiting for you! In addition, it would be great to read this post:

4. Sports, sports, sports. Except everything mentioned previously, the students during their studies at the university are engaged in sports. The students have the physical education lessons and also many sports competitions are held at the university. Football, volleyball, basketball, running, cross-country skiing, swimming in the pool: these are only some of the sports that you can do at the university. Not everyone likes taking part in the entertaining events or being engaged in science; for someone, the sport is his (hers) element. Maybe, if a person prefers some sports activities more than the lectures on the main subjects, it can be worth entering some sports specialty. However, many young men like sports and physical exercises as entertainment. Not so many people want to connect their life with sports.

So, even if you study mathematics, for instance, no one forbids you to be engaged in your favorite occupation at the university. You can be a member of the university sports team. Besides, this is a secret but if you defend the honor of your university in the sports field, it can bring you much profit. Teachers will be more forgiving to you rather than to other students. This rule also applies to those who participate in different events or the scientific life of the university. The conclusion is the following: if you want to study successfully, be active not only at the lectures and seminars. Also, use the academic coaching services from our experts to present only high-quality papers.

5. The exams. If you are not a student yet, having read the previous part of this article, you might be thinking that studies at the university are not a big deal. You should know that you need to attend the lectures and seminars, and the rest of your time you are free to do what you want.

It was just a lyric digression. It was necessary to take you closer to the most significant event in student life, which is the examination period. The examination period is a time interval, when the students are tested, in particular, the teachers test their knowledge they have gained for six months. In short, this is the most intensive and stressful time of routine but fun student life. The fact of how much active you have been at the lectures and seminars defines your final exam grade.

Well, we are not going to say more here. We just want to say that, if you attend all classes and do all assignments on time, you do not have the reasons to be afraid of the exams. Only those who do nothing should be afraid of them. If you want more details, you can contact our support team anytime you like. We will answer any of your questions and provide you with the required support. Remember that we help all students increase their academic performance. You can become one of the greatest students with our assistance. We will make your written works perfect, what will make your teachers respect and like you more. Think about the opportunities you get, cooperating with our specialists. Think carefully and make it right!

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