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Modern demands of the education system differ from the demands of the previous decades. Today much more attention is paid to different types of academic written works. In particular, they are essays, articles, research and term works, thesis papers, written assignments and so on. Each type of these academic papers has its own features and special requirements, which students often cannot fulfill. What to do in this case? The most reasonable way out is to ask professional essay and written assignments writers to assist you. You may need help with the paper creation, editing or proof reading. For this purpose expert writing services are required. Whatever you need, you will always get competent help on our website provided by the best writers online. Our services are cheap, professional and they are always delivered on-time. This is what the students appreciate the most. In order to be more useful for the students we present this article on education abroad. If you think to change your life greatly, it will come in handy.

What should you know about education abroad?

There are people who strive for studying abroad: someone achieves this, someone does not. In order to reach this goal you need to have a strong desire that will help overcome difficulties and obstacles on your way.

The main advantages of education abroad are the following:

  • There are countries where science and scientists are greatly appreciated. It is not embarrassing there to demonstrate that you want to be a scientist.
  • At most universities you can choose what you want to study. The responsibility for the learning process lies on you completely. University (or some other educational establishment) just offers different courses and related appropriate exams.
  • Education abroad opens more and much greater opportunities. Having lived in Europe, for example, you can see different outlook on world and life. You can often meet students that travel a lot, that having visited many continents (or even all of them), lived and worked in many different countries.

The main disadvantages and difficulties:

Family, friends and other close ones will stay at home (your motherland). This is hard but remember that your decision is really important. Besides, in the 21st century even being at the distance of the thousand kilometers we can meet someone everyday drinking a cup of coffee on Skype, for example.

Language. The most important is to get prepared and pass the language exam. This is not easy but possible. During the learning process the languages start to absorb automatically, especially, if you participate actively in the student life. In two months you will speak fluently some foreign language (

Money. Education abroad usually requires pretty big investments. Various grants, scholarships and part-time jobs for students help overcome this problem. In addition, specialists with higher education (after graduation) get pretty good money in Europe. So all initial investments, i.e. spent money, will return several times more.

What to begin with?

The most important is to realize what you see yourself in the future. If this image (let it be even very naïve) does not fit much the reality, you may start changing your surrounding without fears and doubts. Remember that the decision about education (where to study and what to study) is one of the key decisions in your life.

If you are courageous enough, then in a year you can get prepared and pass the language test. If you already have some basic knowledge of the language, the most optimal decision is to attend the language courses (such as TOEFL in English or DaF in German). If you need to learn a language from scratch, then different express methods and / or intensive courses can help.

Also, the duration of education differs in each country. That is why, sometimes, it is required to provide the certification that you have passed two university courses or international programs on the applicants’ preparation, for example, IB (International Baccalaureate) or Studienkolleg. You can always ask our professional writers to provide you with additional information.

It is better to visit the university website and get known in advance what documents you need to provide and what the deadline is. Usually, they demand a school certificate (its original with a translated and certified copy), a copy of the school grades for the last several years, a student's record-book (with the grades of the last 4 semesters), the university application, a copy of your passport and a couple of photos. It is very important to apply for the student visa (if required) to get it before the studying begins. The process of the visa getting may last up to 2-3 months.

Having come to the university you have entered, it is important not to feel embarrassed, get acquainted actively with other students and make friends. As a rule, students build contacts easily, especially those who have come from other countries. In a certain relation they all begin a new stage in their lives. Good luck!

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What is special about studying abroad?

If you want to get higher education abroad, then you need to learn the features of education in a country you are going to stay. Keep in mind that you will need to get known not only such factors as language and climate, but also different cultural features, details of the admission and education process, other numerous essential factors. While you will try to deal with all of that, we advise you to hire essay writer online that will save you much time. Now we are going to consider the basic features of the education abroad.

Rating of the countries’ popularity among students

Do you know that the leader in the higher education field today is the USA? The USA has got such title due to the fact that in this country 75% of the world best higher educational establishments are located. Great Britain occupies the second place. Education process in this country is considered prestigious and of high quality thanks to the established for centuries traditional system of education. Many people prefer getting higher education in Australia or New Zealand because education in these states is cheaper than in European or American universities and the level of teaching is pretty high there. Besides, if you need it, there is an opportunity to get citizenship and apply for permanent residence.

Features of education

In spite of many differences that exist in the education systems of different states, all universities abroad have common basic principles of education. For example, the Anglo-Saxon education system implies three stages: Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Philosophy. At the same time, in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree in some specialties it is required to have work experience in this field. Consequently, the education duration gets bigger.

It is usually allowed to enter university when an applicant is 18 years old. Keep in mind that the possession of a school certificate only is not enough. A future applicant will have to pass some special preparatory courses that are usually held at a university, some colleges or big language schools. Students often need to write an essay on absolutely various topics, such as gender equality problem. We have prepared a sample for you:

The main distinguishing feature of the education abroad is that the system pays more attention to the students’ interests and implies a bigger number of practical and specialized subjects in comparison with theoretical lessons.

Furthermore, in foreign countries the students usually study on their own (independently), and the seminars are based on discussions of the studied material. At the same time, each student has a personal mentor, whose task is to help a student understand the material. All exams are held in written form. So the writing skills importance becomes extremely high. You can improve your writing with the best academic essay writing company.

Cost of education

The fact of how much money will be spent on education abroad depends on such factors as the education cost itself and living expenses. Also, the learning of theoretical subjects usually costs much cheaper than the subjects that imply laboratory or practical classes. In addition, you will need to pay some student fees and other kinds of practical expenses, such as transportation, telephone, infrastructure usage, etc.

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