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Are you working on your thesis paper at the moment? Are you sure it does not maintain errors or misprints? Do you have enough force to finish and check it on time? Let us guess: the time is always not enough, especially when you are a student, especially when you need to do any written assignment, and especially when this is a thesis. We perfectly know this feeling when there is so much to do and so little time. That is why we want to land you a helping hand. The best research paper writers will create and proofread your dissertation for you if you need it. As a result, you will get a 100% plagiarism-free paper without mistakes and typos. In addition, you can get a free formatting and a discount on your order up to 20%. The question “why do I lack time?” belongs to the so-called “why-questions”. Would you like to know more about this category of questions? Then, read our today’s post.

The most popular “why” of a student

Today we are going to speak about such questions that every person makes during a lifetime and not once. All they begin with the word “why”. “Why am I living like this and not differently?”, “Why are other people so lucky?”. People love to ask themselves about suchlike things, and for someone, this process turns into an idée fixe (or obsession, in other words). Students are not an exception, in this case. When something good or bad happens in student life, they start asking themselves at once “Why is a teacher so bad?” or “Why is my grade so low?”. We all make such questions, don’t we? We have decided to figure out what “why-questions” are the most popular among the students and suggest that you read the top “why” of a student.

Why do I only talk and not act?

All people criticize the actions of other people. It seems to every person that the things other people do can be done differently or much better. This is how we see it from aside and we do not get tired to tell others about this. Your interlocutor, in his (hers) turn, also starts criticizing you and your conversation gradually turns into a quarrel.

However, being alone, we all honestly recognize that we can only talk and criticize others and do nothing, at the same time. Why? The point is that you need to have a big desire and will to do something. Even if you have these features but you continue sitting with your arms crossed and observing others’ actions, then, the point is that you are afraid of responsibility, in particular, responsibility for your further actions. That is why you sit on your hands and keep discussing what other people do, sometimes criticizing them without any reason. What is the way out?

In order to get rid of the first “why”, you need to start acting. This is obvious that you will not want to solve some global problems at once because you are afraid of responsibility. Begin with something small and remember that the small actions lead to big victories and successes. That is why if you are afraid of responsibility and this is the reason for your inaction, you need to force yourself to do some small and useful for the society actions. This can be, for example, assisting a friend with writing a term paper or something else. Do not be afraid or ashamed of “dirty” work. Only it can teach you to take the initiative and responsibility and successfully solve the global problems. If one of your problems is the lack of time, we can type your essay online quickly and provide you with some free time, in such a way.

Why do other people manage / control me?

Why do others control you? Because you are not able to control others! If you really want that other people listen to you and not to be the one that silently obeys, go ahead and act! Become the leader of your team. How to do this? Here we have several ways.

• If you possess some unique knowledge, which no one from other students has, then, you can be a so-called expert. An expert is a person that knows some field very well. Thus, control people with your expert authority because others listen to the experts. If people listen to you, they start following you.

• If you have some useful contacts with young people or teaching staff, then, it transfers you to a kind of some different society of higher level. People always strive for being nobler, more influential and so on. Consequently, they will want to be closer to such a “cool” person like you. Such an authority is called referent. There are many other ways to gain the leader status in a team. Use the one that fits your nature the best.

Why don’t I want to study?

Almost all young people study. Everyone obtains some specialty. However, for someone, studying is like a holiday, for others, it is a real torture. There are people who finishing their studies say “Finally, my suffering is over!”. Suffering? Does studying remind a concentration camp? Why do some people treat it like this?

You can find the answer inside you. Nevertheless, let us explain. Everyone has one’s own goals in life. Someone wants to graduate as soon as possible and start working. Others (more farseeing students) who study or try to study well, making certain efforts for good academic performance, also want to work but work on a more prestigious position and, consequently, have a more well-paid job. So if after graduation you want to have a well-paid job but you cannot force yourself to study well, we advise you the following: use the method of short-term goals. What is it?

In the question “Why do I only talk and not act?”, we have told you that you need to begin with the small steps to solve some global problems (to study well, in our case). Here we have the same situation, just the name of this problem solving method is different, i.e. the method of short-term goals. The most important is your desire and some certain actions.

Useful posts:

Why is the weekend so far?

Sometimes, students have the desire to get the weekend already today, regardless of the day of the week. If you experience such a feeling, this is the first syndrome that you get tired of study. It usually happens in the second semester (February–March). The fatigue is accumulated and turns into the desire not to attend the lectures and seminars. One of the best tips is to go to bed earlier (before midnight). If you want the weekend, it means you get tired. If you get tired, it means you do not sleep enough. It is simple! That is why, first of all, if you are not a student yet, be ready that such a state called “unwillingness to learn” will definitely come to you, and second of all, always be ready for it. You may not experience it at all if you go to bed earlier than usually during these months. If you ask for essay typing our experts, you will get a couple of free hours that can be spent on sleep (or somehow else, this is up to you).

Now you know how to fight the desire to have the weekend right now. By the way, except for a sleep, another advice is not to overload yourself with endless browsing the sites, especially in those crisis months. If you allocate less time and attention to social networks, you will get tired less. Consequently, you will not feel exhausted at the classes and you will not have the desire to finish your studies as soon as possible. In order to do your studies even more pleasant, we advise to use professional college paper writing help.

Why is a teacher so bad / evil / harsh?

All students ask this question sooner or later. You study, all teachers seem good and adequate. And suddenly, there is the one that behaves like a real monster. This teacher shouts without any reason or acts in such a way that you do not want to attend his (hers) classes at all. However, you have to attend the classes, anyway, because you will need to pass an exam later. In short, you have to interact during six months at least. If you want to survive this period, try to do the following.

• First of all, try to find out whether this teacher is always so much rude. Maybe he (she) behaves like this only in the beginning to make all students obey and listen attentively. Maybe, in a month, he (she) will turn into an average teacher. Or maybe your teacher is a former man of arms who is used to discipline. Who knows…

• If it turns out that your teacher is like this all the time and his (hers) conduct never changes, then, we advise you to find out what interests your teacher. For sure, he (she) has some favorite fields of science. Consequently, if you manage to find out what interests your “monster” and prepare a report on this issue, then, most likely, this teacher will start treating you (and all you group, in addition) better. Do not forget to make sure that your paper is error-free. For this purpose, use reliable online essay check services.

How to find out what interests your teacher?

• If he (she) is a Doctor of Science, then, for sure, he (she) has written a PhD thesis on a particular topic. You just need to use any search engine: write the name of your bad teacher along with the keywords “PhD thesis” and you will easily find the wanted work. By the way, you can order thesis proofreading service at a cheap price on our site: If your search is failed, do not worry, there is another way to find out what his (hers) interests are.

• All you need is to listen attentively to what your teacher says during the lectures. Many teachers love to speak about the times passed: how and where they studied and so on. That is why listen carefully to these stories: they can tell you everything you need to know about your teacher’s life and what interests him (her) in the scientific sphere.

If you eventually manage to find it out, then, you just need to prepare a classy work, and it should be really outstanding. Do not forget that your teacher definitely knows more and better than you about the topic chosen. That is why, in order not to make the situation worse, you have to prepare a literary classy article / report / abstract, etc. In order to be perfectly sure that your work is excellent, it would be better to proofread your articles and other written papers with professional help: If you succeed, your teacher will make sure that not all students are the same lazy but there are those who come to the university to get knowledge. Thus, you will gain the respect of your teacher and other students, in addition, because you will manage to pacify the “evil one”.

Quick and high-quality proofreading work online

This is not the full list of questions so to be continued. In the meantime, we want to remind that you can order proof reading, editing, rewriting, revision, formatting and other academic writing services on our website. They all have the reasonable price that every student can afford. Also, the payment system is flexible and discounts are provided. The best writers on the web work on your orders day-and-night. Email us anytime. Use our live chat to get any information that interests you.

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