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Would you like to know where you can order college papers for cheap? We have the good news for you: our cheap writing service offers the most affordable prices on the web. You can order any type of college paper on the site, and you are guaranteed to get an A+ paper. We provide all types of paper writing services online. In addition, we ensure 24/7 support, complete privacy, and discounts with bonuses. This is your chance to get an excellent grade! Do not be prejudiced about online writing agencies. They really work and help. Also, our professional writers and editors share their experience, publishing posts on various topics on our blog. Today we want to tell about what is better to avoid before exams, in order to pass them successfully. What are the most common student superstitions? This is what we are going to speak about right now.

What should not students do the night before an exam?

All students are very superstitious. They live and study, believing in many weird signs. When the examination periods come, students experience fears and worries. A student is ready to believe in almost anything just to get a good grade, to continue studying, to get a degree, eventually. In the beginning, students explain their behavior with a phrase «what if it really works?». The students of the second and third years of studying already know well which beliefs and signs work and which do not.

So, are you wondering what is better not to do the night before an exam? As everyone knows, an exam is an important stage in studenthood, which we need to overcome and do it decently. Of course, it is required to have deep knowledge of a subject. Nevertheless, it will not be excessive to rely on the student signs, in addition. The specialists of our online custom writing service present the simplest and the most obvious truths.

Say alcohol «no»

Some students, in order to release stress, prefer to have much fun before an exam. In this case, we talk not about walks in the open air to refresh oneself. Usually, this is a noisy party with friends and alcohol drinks. It is not recommended to drink alcohol before an exam for several reasons:

1) In the morning, after party there will be a terrible smell, which a professor will not like, for sure. A teacher realizes that a student has not been preparing all night long but trying to release stress in a well-known way. Consequently, the student's knowledge of a subject is not deep enough, and the lack of interest in studies is obvious. Besides, the horrible smell irritates, causes headache, and additional questions.

2) Alcohol worsens the work of central nervous system, disturbs the work of somatic cells and concentration of attention, provokes increased sleepiness, and tardiness of natural reactions. A professor will hardly appreciate not very adequate condition of a student and will hardly give a high grade. Best case scenario, the grade will be satisfying, at worst, you will have to retake an exam. If you really want to get the highest grades only, we advise to use the personalized essays writing services available on our site.

3) The only thing that a student thinks about after a noisy party is sleep. A student remembers nothing from the material learned, and the questions of professor can provoke a severe headache, nausea and nervousness. You can never pass an exam in such a state. In addition, you can spoil completely your friendly relationships with a teacher.

In any case, alcohol harms your health. That is why it is not recommended to drink, trying to get prepared morally for an exam in such a harmful way. It would be better to read harder, and the night before an exam go to bed earlier, and have a good sleep. This is a great sign that increases your chances to pass an exam successfully. You have fewer problems, better grade, and a professor will be pleased with such a good student.

Do not learn at night before an exam, it can only harm

Many modern students believe that one night before an exam is enough to memorize the huge amount of information, which has been missed during the semester. This is absolutely not true. You will definitely feel tired in the morning, and there will be a mess in your head, which will not help you pass an exam successfully. Do you know what can help? The answer is the experts in the college paper writing field. Get online essay help anytime on our website.

What is the disadvantage of such a preparation method? The first point is that human memory perceives information portionwise. So, its surplus will remain beyond your memory. Besides, the attention concentration decreases in the evening. It makes the memorization process even more difficult. Also, keep in mind that studying late at night provokes chronic fatigue, which slows down the natural reactions of body, worsens memory, causes passivity, prevents from concentration, and attention focusing. Many scientists have already proved that it is necessary to prepare for an exam during several days before it (perfectly, during the semester), but you should not study late at night on the last day. However, this is exactly what many students usually do.

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Avoid coffee and sedative pills

An exam is a strong stress for many scholars. That is why, in order to calm down a little bit, some students take sedative pills without a prescription. There will be effect for sure, but no one can predict what effect. If a student takes sedative pills according to the doctor’s prescription and controls the doses, this is one matter; and the absolutely other matter is when a student takes an unknown depressant as an experiment. In the last case, the body reaction can be absolutely unpredictable, beginning with sleepiness, and ending with an inability to resist sleep. A student needs to feel emotions and reactions, anyway. Otherwise, an exam can be failed because of “indifference”.

What about coffee, its reaction will be completely opposite to sedative pills. This beverage tones and invigorates, makes you experience the state of the drive. Such an increased activity during the exam can only harm. That is why it is better to avoid any energy drinks, which harm health, by the way, especially the cardiovascular system. If you are interested in the health issues, we suggest that you read our post on diabetes, in addition:

Student’s appearance

It is important to define what to wear on such a responsible day in advance. It is better to prefer strict classic style, which often implies “black bottom and white top”. This is the standard, which every scholar needs to have in a wardrobe because professors often do not like fashionable youth trends, creativity, and radical experiments with appearance. It is also not recommended changing your usual style on the eve of the exam, in particular, dying hair, doing tattoos, and piercing.

The point is that such changes strike the eye at once and provoke some anxious thoughts. A teacher should have a clear idea that a student has been preparing for an exam, without being distracted by different silly and unimportant matters. Also, it is better not to wear new clothes because the energy of “old wardrobe” contributes to the successful exam passing, providing you with the feeling of complete comfort. It is very important that new things should not be too tight and not irritate emotionally. This will distract you at an exam. So-called psychological comfort is essential. It will help prepare morally for the answers. You will definitely feel much more comfortable if you order our cheap custom essay writing services, which will help you get high-quality college papers.

Do not wash your hair

Whatever weird it may sound, it is better not to wash your hair before an exam. Of course, many students consider this statement very superstition but follow it strictly. Why so? The point is that you can “wash out” all knowledge, which you have gained during your hard preparation. The fact is not proved but it really works, according to many students. This is probably the most common sign, which all students are aware of. There is no need to say more and no need to remind about it because no one is going to wash its hair before such a responsible day. Beauty is good but a good grade is much more important. So, do not ignore this student sign, even if you are not a superstitious person. Also, we would advise not to ignore professional help with the issues related to academic writing:

Other signs before an exam

  • Many students before their exams study day and night, without leaving their books even for a moment. This is good but you need to close and lay aside your books time to time, at least during the meals. Otherwise, you risk “eating your own knowledge”. How is that? There is a sign that an open book during a meal is bad because you can “swallow” new information, which you have gained at lunch, for example. Believe it or not, but close your book every time you eat and try to switch off your mind for a while.
  • Another sign is also very famous. At night before an exam, it is recommended to sleep on the books you use to prepare for an exam to pass it successfully. Many people do not believe in this simple truth. However, in order to secure themselves, they put their books under the pillow and feel much safer in the morning.
  • Cheat sheet writing is an old good tradition, which one generation passes to another one for many years. Even if you do not take them with you, it is very important to write them, anyway. This is not only tradition but also opportunity to memorize the big amount of information you need for an exam. Those who do not write cheating sheets get low grades. This fact is proved.
  • As everyone knows, “human thoughts are material”. That is why we advise all students not to think about something bad, not to imagine some difficult scenarios, expulsion, scandal with parents, etc. It is better to put yourself in a positive mood at once. Thus, there should be no problems with the exam passing. If you have your own signs, it is important not to tell others about them. Otherwise, they may stop working and you risk failing an exam. Every student has such little secrets, but do not try to learn them.

These are probably the most common sign and superstitions. The main advice is not to focus on them. It is better to prepare well for an exam to pass it successfully. The superstitions help calm down morally, and real knowledge with quality preparation ensures a good grade. Now you know what is better to avoid before an exam. It is always up to you whether to believe and follow it or not.

Professional academic essay writing work ensures the highest grades

Regardless of whether you believe in everything described previously or not, some superstitions really work. However, they do not work every time, and it will not be wise to rely on them completely, hoping to get a high grade. Fortunately, you can rely on our writing service and its specialists. If you order to create your college paper on our site, you will get a high-quality work, which will ensure you an excellent grade. Our professional services have absolutely reasonable and affordable prices for all scholars. In addition, there are freebies, bonuses, and discounts. So, think it over, and order your A+ paper here.

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