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How much time should a student sleep? Buy an essay in the UK and give yourself a couple of additional hours to sleep

We can say it confidently: the students sleep everywhere, at any time of day and night, in any state and position. Everyone knows that the university scholars suffer from chronic fatigue, although, they do not work physically and have never held something heavier than a book. So, why do they always want to sleep?

It is difficult to answer the question. Moreover, every student has his (hers) own arguments that seem strong and convincing. Let us try to figure out how much time the students sleep during the semester, and how much time they allocate for sleep during the examination periods. We will say it once that these two numbers differ a lot. Before we proceed with the main topic, we advise you to read a very amusing post about how whether the language of animals really exists:

The norm of sleep for a human

Every normal person should rest fully, and every doctor will tell you about this. Perfectly, the phase of sleep should last up to eight hours and not less than six hours, for sure. In real life, it happens a little bit differently, and it has already become normal for some individuals to go to sleep at dawn. Such an approach is not correct because the chronic lack of sleep not only turns a student into a zombie but also slows down the intellectual activity, what interferes with the studying process. In addition, the professors do not really like such students, who are either late for the classes or sleep somewhere in the back rows.

The soundest sleep comes from 23:00 to 02:00. That is why it would be nice to in bed at this time, especially if you need to the university in the morning and there is no opportunity to sleep enough after a night party.  If you go to bed later, the next day will hardly be good. However, the students are like aliens because they can party for several days without break and feel wonderful, and study well simultaneously. This phenomenon is hard to explain but we think this is a kind of “perpetuum mobile”.

If a student does not sleep enough…

We all realize that there are no strict limits in student life. However, a student always finds some place to sleep for an hour or two. If a professor notices this, a student will always manage to find some good explanation.

So, how not to fall asleep at the most inopportune moment?

1. Energy drinks. Probably, energy drinks are invented for such students because, just several bottles of such a drink, and you feel alive again, and fatigue disappears. Let us remind you that suck beverages weaken the work of the heart, so you should not rely much on their energy reserve.

2. Cold water. We want to tell it at once that sleep does not go away, even if you direct the stream of ice water in your face. Many students try to find the rescue in such a method. However, it does not give the desired result and only makes the professors irritated because the students need to go out too often to “freshen up”.

3. Push-ups. Such a variant does not suit much the female students. We believe that our essay about equality is appropriate at the moment: Nevertheless, this exercise really helps some students recover and “tune into the battle mood”. It is not very clear what the secret is but it you allows staying fresh and active for two-three hours at least. After that, another “dose” is required.

4. Adrenalin. Speaking about the doses: it has been discovered that the release of adrenaline is also accompanied by the increase of energy, which allows not sleeping for several days, feeling peppy and not complaining about fatigue. However, it is necessary to distinguish safe and dangerous adrenalin. It is important to avoid the dangerous one and go to sleep on time.

5. Fresh air. Sometimes, the breath of fresh air can return you to life, if you have not slept enough. In this case, everything probably depends on how much time a student does not sleep and what the reasons are. Everyone needs to find it out on its own because the tips that work for some people may not work for someone else.

If being a freshman, a student dares to sleep during the lectures, ignoring the professor’s remarks, then, being a senior, a student will definitely find the way not to fall asleep and not be embarrassed at a class, even after several sleepless nights.

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If a professor knows…

You need to realize that, if a professor does not say something, it does not mean that he (she) does not see it. The whole classroom is in full view for a professor, and a sleeping student strikes the eye very much. It depends greatly on the professor’s mood, and a professor can behave in the most unexpected way:

1) to awaken the sleeper loudly and shame him (her) for his (hers) unworthy behavior and kick him (her) out of the audience, in addition. Maybe, a professor will manage to influence a guilty student, in such a way, but sleep is often stronger than the life lessons, and a student may continue stepping on the same rake;

2) to laugh at a “sleepyhead” with other students. Of course, a sleeping student will wake up immediately because of the general laughter and will feel ashamed for such behavior. Best case scenario, a student will pretend that nothing has happened, at worst, will blush and feel like a common laughingstock. Maybe, such a lesson may work, and sleep at the lectures will fall into the category of “taboo”;

3) to leave a sleeper alone and let him (her) have a good sleep. The professors act so when they realize that such a student is not useful at the moment. Thus, they prefer not to wake him (her) up so that no one interferes with the lecture or makes some stupid questions;

4) to pretend that nothing is happening. However, sometimes a student may start snoring and a professor will have to shout. In this case, it will be possible to ignore the obvious things;

5) to call the dean to show the “picture of a sleeping student”. However, such cases are rare.

So, the only hope is that a professor will treat such a situation as a funny case and will not wake a student up to make him (her) feel ashamed.

How to act, if a professor exposes a sleeper…

If you fall asleep at a lecture and wake up, feeling that a professor is looking at you or calling you, then, having opened your eyes, an awkward situation or even big troubles are waiting for you.

You need to find the way out, but how?

1. Think up a silly joke, proclaiming the general laughter, and right after that, turn everyone’s attention to the lecture subject and avoid the problems, in such a way.

2. Blush and apologize. Such behavior may seem sweet, and a professor will not be able to get angry at a student.

3. Try to explain the situation honestly but think carefully about what you are saying: not all delicate details of the previous night can be told to others, especially to the professors.

4. Pretend that nothing has happened. The rest will depend on the actions and reaction of your professor. We will hope that you will be forgiven without severe consequences.

5. Say the traditional phrase “I was not sleeping”. There are cases when it really works.

Anyway, let us return to the main question of how much time a student needs to sleep. Let us try to count the time during the semester and on the eve of another examination period.

Sleep is a saint matter for a student

If we ask the doctors, they know for sure how much a student should sleep. First of all, it is recommended to have a short daytime sleep (about one hour) to refresh the thoughts after a hard studying day and set yourself for a pleasant evening. If you plan to spend your evening with the books or staring at the computer screen, try to go to bed at 22:00, giving the chance to your eyes to rest from the letters and your head from knowledge. If your plans are to party with friends and have fun, it is recommended to come back until midnight. It is not always to do this but, in the morning, you will see that this is the correct decision because you will feel fresh and peppy. By the way, camping is a good option to rest. Check out the pack for a camping trip you will need to take with you.

Remember that the serious sleep disturbance can not only harm the usual lifestyle but also can become the reason for the distraction, spleen, increased nervousness and depression, eventually. Consult our type 2 diabetes essay to know more about the health issues. So, it is important to know the golden middle, and after the “wild nights” provide yourself with the opportunities to sleep enough. The thoughts about enough sleep disappear when the exams come. A student like a robot tries to get from books and notes as much useful information as possible that with help pass the exams.

The exams are a very responsible matter but the time to rest must be allocated, anyway. Otherwise, physical and mental exhaustion will manifest itself at the most inopportune moment. Think about it when you want to spend another sleepless night with the books. Maybe, it is high time to forget about responsibility and have a good sleep? Such thoughts should appear during the whole semester because you need to rest from the night “festivities”, as well.

Having systematized all ideas presented, we can conclude that a student needs to sleep an average of six hours. This is the time enough to have a quality rest from the day-to-day bustle and eternal student problems. Pay for the essays written for you and rest as much as you want. You can appeal to our professional team for more detail and find other useful information about studies, university, students, professors, etc. on our blog. Anyway, now you know how much a student should sleep. We hope you will draw the right conclusions from the information got.

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