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Do you want to have a free evening today? Want to go out with your friends but you have many home assignments? It could be a problem but with the best essay writer service it will never be a problem for you. If you are a returning or regular customer of our website, you know that here you can order any kind of academic papers. We can create, rewrite, edit, proof read, format or fix it in any possible way. If you have already cooperated with us, you know that with us you always benefit. If you are a new customer, you should know that we provide numerous freebies, bonuses and discounts. Your order can be absolutely anonymous because we follow the strict privacy policy. Cooperating with our experts, you improve your knowledge of grammar, spelling, stylistics, etc. And specially for you we have prepared this post on how to get smarter.

Practical tips on how to become smarter

Here is some food for thought for you at once: 1 out of 4 Americans have not read a single book within a year. The situation in other countries hardly differs much. Reading today is hard work. It is much easier to watch a video on the Internet. It seems that for most people the learning process stops after formal education. Once we graduate from high school or college, we forget at once everything learned and focus on our career development.

However, research proves again and again that the more the brain activity throughout life is, the less likely it is to get Alzheimer's disease or any other illness. If you treat yourself seriously, want to become smarter every week, there are several simple tips to maintain your intellectual development at the right level throughout your life.

1. Subscribe to the web feed (RSS)

If you want to read or learn new foreign words or some other small pieces of information, subscribe to the news of a website that interests you. This is a great way to learn a small amount of information on a daily basis. However, this will not be enough to memorize the information received during the day. If you want to keep information in your conscious for a long time, you need to use it at once. Luckily, there is an essay editor and proofreader online that deals with your papers while you are trying to memorize something.

Try to set some personal goals for each of your daily tidbits of information. For example, if you learn a foreign language, then, the new words learned should be used in a live conversation. Try to speak with your partner and use 3-4 times those new words that you have learned today, reading your RSS.

2. Solve the puzzle

The puzzle solving can help your brain remain flexible and sharp for the better information preservation. You can solve crosswords, sudoku, twist-twirl Rubik's Cube, shortly speaking, find such puzzle that suits personally you.

3. Focus on accumulative education

Do you remember what tests you used to have at school? Probably, you studied at the last moment, without understanding what you studied. Or even if you understood, you had to study every single question for a really long time because you did not have an initially formed knowledge base on this subject. Consequently, if you want to develop your intellect further, try to learn something at the basic level first. Do not try to begin with something difficult. It is better to form a strong foundation and only after that, based on it, move on. Otherwise, the result will be absolutely opposite to what you want, and the effect will be like “in at one ear and out at the other”. Do not waste your time. Use college essay editing or proofreading services to save some more priceless time. Such services help greatly. If you think: “I am ready to pay someone to do my essay”, then, we are ready to do it for you at the lowest cost.

4. Have a new hobby: the best tool for the development of intelligence

Try to select such hobby that differs from your present activity. For example, in you are fond of humanities or work in such field, which requires everyday contact with people, then, you should look for a hobby in the field of technology. Start to be interested in cars, military equipment, airplanes. You need to act in such a way because only your all-round inquisitiveness is able to develop your intelligence in full.

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5. Eat right and well

Nutrition also plays a big role in the activities of your thinking processes. Try to eat such food that is rich in useful elements and vitamins.

6. Think about good

The good thoughts are the key to your success in any matter. Do not think about the fact that it is very difficult to gain your own knowledge, that is why you do not want to deal with it. However, if you quit your panic views and realize that in modern conditions with the development of modern technologies you must gain new knowledge for your own competence, willy-nilly you will have to make yourself study hard throughout your life (it is easier to study, being supported by the specialists: But why do you need to study, having bad thoughts? Why do you need to force yourself to do something? As the saying goes: “Love cannot be forced”. The best way is to learn something new, thinking about good. For example, you can think about the fact that you can gain modern knowledge on your own, without asking someone to help.

7. Be active

Stop from day to day lying on the couch after a day at work or school, watching TV or staring at the computer screen, surfing the Internet. All these activities will only “melt” your brain more. Believe us, you do not relax in such a way but get tired more. That is why, already tomorrow start being active not only at college or workplace but outside it, as well, i.e. at home. Naturally, you need to relax for an hour or so, and right after it begin doing something at an active pace. You can, for example, go to the park with your friends or take a dog for walk. In short, there are thousands of things that require an active pace. “What is the positive effect of all of this?” you may ask. The answer is: first of all, you will burn some excess calories (i.e. your adipose tissue will get smaller), thus, you will protect yourself from many diseases (such as diabetes:, and, second of all, when you move actively, your brain receives a large amount of oxygen, which contributes to better functioning of your “computational processor”.

8. Quit smoking

If you smoke, quit it as soon as possible! Do not get dumper every day! Research showed that those who used to be heavy smokers doubled their risk of the memory loss. If you want to develop your intelligence, smoking is not your friend. And besides, why would you give your money to someone? Do not you feel sorry for money wasted on the cigarettes and, consequently, given to a tobacco company? Do you imagine how much you waste each month and how much each year? This money could be spent on something much more useful. For example, you could take a trip. The dumbness effect caused by cigarette smoke is a well-known fact, so we will not even discuss it. If you want to get dumber, you can smoke. If you want to get smarter, quit smoking! Want to get smarter more quickly? Use professional academic coaching services for this purpose.

The conclusion is: those who want to develop their intelligence throughout life should take our pieces of advice into consideration. Use new information in practice to remember it better. Think about good always, it also contributes to your brain development. Get rid of bad habits that slow down or prevent from your development. Read more! Develop your brain by leaps and bounds together with our team of professional writers.

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Getting smarter is easy if you really want it. One of the really wise steps is to order professional writing services. You do not lose absolutely anything but instead get a competently written or fixed paper, much useful advice and support from the academic writing experts, round-the-clock assistance and a lot of other pleasant perks. Welcome to our site. Make yourself at home!

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