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Teenagers’ Internet addiction: a problem or a myth?

In the 21st century, it is hard to imagine a teenager who has never heard about the Internet. The Internet is everywhere. It has become a part of human everyday life. And especially the teens cannot imagine their life without a computer connected to the web.

Just like everything created with the human hands, the Internet, on the one hand, can be called one of the greatest “facilitators” of people’s life. Now search of almost any information takes only several seconds. On the other hand, the Internet subjugates, a young man becomes its slave.

The teenage Internet addiction is even more terrifying than the addiction of an adult. A grown-up person more or less realizes the fact of spending hours in front of the computer screen, meanwhile, a teenager does not think much of whether he (she) is Internet addicted or not. From a young age the children are taught to work on the computer. Now rumors are circulating that soon the scholars will start carrying the computers instead of the books to school. Yes, the idea is good: the kids will carry less heavy stuff to school. However, in fact, thus the children of a very young age are “chained” to the monitor.

There is no wonder that every third child in the country suffers from the Internet addiction. You come home after school or university and go directly to the computer. To be honest, not always young people use the Internet just to waste some time. Today, modern education, as it has been mentioned previously, is almost absolutely based on the IT (information technology). The Internet serves as an assistant, which helps the students do their assignments. An accurate essay editor online is a great helper, as well.

So, is the Internet an assistant or an enemy for a teenager? We have studied this issue and want to present our vision of this situation.

The teenage Internet addiction: is the Internet an assistant or an enemy for the youth?

1. The Internet is a helper. What will a student do now if they give a task to prepare an essay for tomorrow? Go to the library? Hardly. In addition, there can be no information on a required subject. So the main “magic wand” for a student is the Internet. Almost any information is available in free access, i.e. anyone can learn about almost everything in the world, and naturally, can find the necessary materials for an essay. Of course, the students of the 90s would envy much the possibility like this, because in those times only some people heard about the Internet.

In those times almost the only information source was the library. People used to spend hours there, rewriting the boring books. By the way, today some parents of the modern teens claim that they have got much deeper knowledge because they used to write their academic papers by hand, consequently, they have memorized information better.

This is a pretty controversial statement because the information memorization process is a very individual matter. Some people do not need at all to rewrite the books to remember something well. It is enough for them to look through the text for several times (no matter whether this is a text on a screen or in a book) to memorize the required data. So, there is another question of who is more addicted, the modern generation or their parents.

2. The Internet is an enemy. The youth uses the opportunities of the World Web in the negative aspect more and more. Simply saying, they waste their life staring at the computer screen. The teen Internet addiction in such form is equal to a trouble. The waste of time becomes the norm for the young generation. “Another several minutes” almost always turn into several hours. Furthermore, the parents cannot understand what so much interesting there can be that makes their children sit at the computer for so many hours.

Oh, the parents are hopelessly behind the times! They need to catch up and be interested in the modern technology. The Internet is like a street, where one can do whatever wants and will never be judged (almost never). Such freedom befuddles a teenager that strives for freedom, and he (she) becomes a member of the virtual “fraternity of lovers to sit for hours at the computer”.

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Today there are even some special clinics for Internet dependent adolescents, where young people are healed from a “bad habit” to waste their life. So, if you are a parent, pay attention to your child and ask how much often he (she) plays outside with friends or see them in real life, not in virtual. Do not be sure that this problem will never concern you. It is better to interfere with the current state until it is not too late and “turn off” the Internet for a month or two. Maybe, this is not the way out and not the best solution because a child can use the Internet in some other place. However, it is required to go out to find such place, and this is very good because a kid will need to conduct a live talk with others. There is a chance that the live talks will defeat the virtual ones. An active lifestyle can defeat any chronic teenage Internet addiction. If you want to be a winner always, you would better select the winning services:

3. The social networks. We purposely did not mention the social networks previously. This is the phenomenon that can be discussed for a very long time. Initially, as it was planned, the social networks were created to help people communicate on the web. However, this is not just communication, for many people, this is the sense of life, their philosophy, in other words. The youth spends more time not on the Internet itself but on the social networks.

Why do they act in such a way? The reason is that almost all their peers do the same, i.e. coming home after school, they sit at the computer at once and check their social network profiles. Everyone has noticed that the number of teenagers outside is less now than previously, that there is the demographic crisis, and the main reason is that they prefer the Internet and social networks to simple human communication outdoors. Read about other communication ways here:

What is that: scourge of modern times or fashionable phenomenon?

To our modest mind, this is the second case, i.e. just a fashionable phenomenon. This is something relatively new for people: to be close to their friends and colleagues all the time. Several years ago the growth of the social networks popularity was consistently high. However, in 5 years the youth will calm down and everyone will treat the social networks as a routine phenomenon that helps people be close. Thus, the dream of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the most popular social network in the world, will come true. He said that the Internet should be more social. It all makes us believe that the teenage Internet addiction issue is a little bit exaggerated. Let the children “play” for a while. There are much more serious problems in the modern society. Read a very good social inequality essay on our site and order one to share it with others.

4. The Internet broadens the horizons. In the end, we still want to make a stand for the Internet. Of course, this technology makes the world more integrated and lets any person, regardless of the origin and possibilities, explore the world comprehensively (if you want to know more about this issue, there is an excellent essay about globalization on the blog). Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to other countries, but with the Internet help it is not difficult at all. Also, the Internet helps people learn about such interesting things that we would never learn without it.

Cognition is the teenagers’ nature. And it is absolutely natural for them to behave in such a way. A man explores the world from the cradle to the grave. Although the Internet cannot give the answers to all our questions, the Internet technologies contribute to the progress of society (as well as its regression) simultaneously.

So, the teenage Internet addiction is a temporary problem, which will disappear in a couple of years. Do not forget that the world is cyclical, and at the moment the Internet is still growing. However, soon it will become “an adult” that will be respected by everyone, just like a TV or phone. Everything “mature” does not interest people. They are interested in something new, unusual, something they have never seen before. The Internet still belongs to this category. So far…

Make your own conclusion and try to spend less time on the Internet. Do not be Internet addicted, enjoy your life. Forget about the social networks and other websites for a while, at least. Live your real life, not a virtual one!

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