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How to survive the first year at university?

“I made it! I entered!” – what the great news! Now it seems that the sleepless nights, hours of additional lessons, sitting at home and studying instead of meeting with friends, all these long school years are not spent in vain. However, having seen your new schedule, you start feeling dizzy, having a headache, and there is a single question on your mind: “How will I manage to cope with all of that?”.

Shock therapy, this is how a new schedule can be called. Yesterday's schoolchildren are absolutely not prepared for such new style of life and studying. Everything is unfamiliar: halls, teachers are called professors now, classrooms have become audiences and lecture halls, lessons last an hour and a half instead of usual 45 minutes (our essay editor works online 24/7, by the way). What to say about many names and faces of people you need to remember…

Here are several tips based on personal experience:

1. Remember the numbers of transport means, which you can use to get to your university from different districts of the city.

2. Count the time required to get to the university from your home and try to leave the house 20-30 minutes earlier.

3. Always have a notebook and a pencil (a pen) with you. Write down your schedule, noticing the time when each lesson begins and ends, the lecture hall number and the name of your professor.

4. In the very first day stay at the university after the classes and try to remember (draw a scheme) how the audiences, dean's office, library, canteen and a place where you can make a copy or print something are located.

5. Ask other students of your group to write their contacts. Believe us, it can be extremely useful at some point.

6. Learn the address and telephone number of the central city library.

7. If you do not have the Internet access at home, look for the Internet center at the university and also search for the addresses of the Internet cafes in the city.

8. Do not feel embarrassed to get acquainted with the seniors! This is not the army, there is no hazing, and no one but seniors can tell better about your future professors. Also, seniors may pass you their useful notes absolutely for free. However, you should be ready to give them back anytime if you are asked, and do not forget to thank. It is always pleasant.

Remember that you can get used to any schedule and you can find an approach to any professor. It is better not to miss classes (or not to miss them too often), then the exams will not seem terrifying. Do not forget that knowledge is power! Learning is light and ignorance is darkness! And so on and so forth. Everyone can overcome laziness and fear, especially when the goal is to get higher education and get the desired profession later. The graduation moment will come anyway, just wait for it.

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How to prepare for an exam without problems?

Soon the time when all students start passing their exams will come. First, of course, they need to prepare for them. We want to share several tips on how to pass this period without problems and finish the semester successfully.

The main rule is to start learning not three days before the exam but during the semester. The students (often due to the lack of experience) leave everything for the last day and for the last moment, and then they regret greatly. During the preparation period some students rely on their skills to remember materials, others rely on luck; there are those who believe that money can solve any problem. Everyone is right in one’s own way. However, believe us that it is easier and cheaper to learn bit by bit during the semester rather than trying to deal with the huge amount of information you need to process and learn quickly. Do you know what else is easy? Editing essays is easy with our professional assistance.

If there are only several days before an exam, you can build the following schedule of preparation (taking into consideration individual features of your body):

  • to sleep well, i.e. provide yourself with eight hours of sleep because your body needs to rest;
  • to have a good nutritious breakfast and begin to prepare;
  • to allocate eight hours for preparation in the first day (this time should be divided into parts during the day, for example, you study 4 hours, then you rest 2 hours and study another 4 hours. You may choose your own way to divide this time, it is up to you).

So, the first day it is necessary to read all lectures (if a professor is good, usually, the exam will be based on the lectures’ materials) and additional material, if there is something additional. Read it all for several times, read it carefully and seriously. While you are occupied with the learning process, you can hire essay creator to write any paper for you.

The second day the same eight hours should be allocated for the memorization process of all materials you have read previously. If earlier you have understood everything you have been reading, then now you need to remember it all (if there are formulas, it is better to write them down on a piece of paper for several times until you can recollect them without notes and hints).

The last (third) day do the following: take the list of the exam question, at random choose one and start imitating your answer. Read a question and write the fullest answer you can give. Thus it becomes clear how much well you have prepared. Based on personal experience we can confidently claim that it is real to pass any exam of any difficulty level if you prepare carefully and correctly for it. Also, apply to experts for help:

Before an exam it is necessary to sleep well and have breakfast. Carbohydrates contribute to better brain function. Soon you will start enjoying the preparation process because after it you feel joy and relief. And as the saying goes “Break a leg!”.

How to pass an exam without any preparation?

There are cases when it is extremely difficult to pass an exam even when you have prepared well. There are professors that ask the tiniest details, which it seems no one can know. A poor student just sits thinking that such professor should work for FBI instead of torturing innocent students. It would seem that the situation becomes catastrophic when a student is not prepared for an exam at all. However, this is not like this!

It is useless if you do not possess the basic skills of the psychology of communication (with the monsters of science) and if you are not able to speak much, nicely and seemingly about a subject (about which you know almost nothing, in fact).

  • First of all, you will need an absolute firm self-confidence that nothing can ruin. Before an exam convince yourself that “I know everything about the subject well”. This good thought should be reflected in your eyes so that your professor could see it at once.
  • Now take a deep breath, calmly and confidently come to the professor and begin answering. If you are confident and courageous enough, you may smile with the most charming smile you have, letting your opponent know that this meeting is extremely pleasant for you.
  • Second of all, you will need to follow your posture and movements. With time and some training you will do it automatically and you will not need to control yourself not to show your anxiety, ignorance or fear with your posture or gestures. Remember that there should not be crossed arms or legs, chaotically trifled pen in your hands, nervous fingers that crumple a piece of paper or a collar. All this means that a person is not confident, strives to close and hide from an interlocutor. So you need to sit as if you know everything and it is a pure pleasure to demonstrate your knowledge to your professor. The legs stand firmly on the floor, the back is straight, the head is up. The body is turned towards the professor and you direct your confident sight at him (her). Put your hands on the table and do not move them too much. Now you look like a student that has been studying carefully during the semester to pass the exam successfully.
  • Pay attention to the professor’s posture and try to copy it. Psychologists have proved that we like those who look like us. So be like your professor for a while but do not overdo. Some slight corrections will not damage your “confident posture” but will gain the professor’s liking.
  • And finally, establish visual contact (look in the eye) and start answering. Here you will need to speak much, nicely and almost on the subject. Probably, you know at least something: something you have heard attending the lectures, read in books, heard from other students, etc. Try to use all this (and order academic writing services, in addition:

When your prolonged speech makes your professor tired, he (she) will start asking additional questions. Here you will have several options:

1) you may start your speech again and tire the professor so much that it will be easier to get rid of you giving you a satisfying grade;

2) you may repeat the question but in the form of a declarative sentence adding some details and proceeding with your prolonged speeches;

3) or you may “mirror” the question pretending that you know the answer but you cannot find the necessary words to express it. As a rule, in this moment your professor personally helps to find the necessary (and correct) words. Your task is to catch them and add to your answer.

This is all, in fact. Good luck with your exams!

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