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How to handle a conflict with the students of your group?

Any change is always exciting and terrifying simultaneously. That is why, entering the university, one of the most important questions that occupies the freshman’s mind is how to find contact with other students and make friends. Someone very naïve believes that there will be many new acquaintances and everyone will start liking him (her) from the very beginning, but the reality scares. There is no wonder because even in the most friendly and close-knit team there is a person that tries to spoil others’ life. How to avoid such a “time bomb”? Probably, only luck and personal sociability can help. Otherwise, the problems are inescapable.

Why do conflicts appear?

If we read some psychology books, then, it becomes obvious that a conflict is a reaction to some particular situation or external stimulus (an irritant). Sometimes, it is enough just to look at a person and cause a negative reaction, like “Do you have problems?”. It is not always possible to control the situation, and there are people, with whom the conflicts are inescapable. That is why every student should be a psychologist a little bit to feel and understand how to communicate with different people. This is called “sociability” in the society, which not everybody has. If you possess such a feature, you will manage to feel conveniently in any team, even the most conflict one. Anyway, let us return to the main question: why do conflicts among the students appear? The situations are different but we will try to focus on the most common cases.

1. One guy for two. This is about the girls, who like the same guy. In such a situation, one girl behaves calmly and steadily, and the other girl tries to cause a conflict. It will be hard for a calm girl because there will be tension from all sides. There are so many movies dedicated to this matter so you know what we are talking about.

2. One girl and two guys. If a conflict appears among guys, there can be not only competition but even fights and other kinds of scuffle. It is not easy to calm the conflict parties down, especially if they both have “explosive” temper. Fortunately, it is easy to make your studying easy:

3. Rivalry in education. Whatever weird it may seem but the reason for conflict can be a fight for knowledge. Imagine: a student answers some professor’s question, and another student prompts so much loud that a professor can hear the prompt. It looks like a conflict is inescapable under such conditions, especially if the first student gets a low grade and the second one is praised for good knowledge.

4. “The dispute reveals the truth”. In fact, it does not happen like this always because a dispute can become the starting point for a great conflict with other students of your group. A topic can be any, especially if someone wants to cause a conflict purposely.

5. Setting up. If a student sets up other students of the group, naturally, a conflict is going to be huge. For instance, all students decide to miss some class, but there is a “white crow” that comes and tells about what others have done.

6. The struggle for leadership. Any student group has a leader that “rules the life of group” and “generates the genius ideas”. If there are several candidates for the leader’s position, it is hard to handle the situation peacefully. A conflict arises and a group becomes separated into two “camps”, and no one wants to lose ground.

7. Political differences. This is one of the most common conflict topics that concerns literary all generations and causes many controversial emotions. Consequently, different political views also become the basis for mutual misunderstanding.

These are just some cases that can lead to a conflict among the students. The rest depends on the features of temper, education and life outlook. Sometimes such an unpleasant situation leads to a fight, and sometimes everyone calms down and a conflict ends in its very beginning.

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The help of a psychologist in a conflict situation

There are many ways to solve a conflict between the students of the same group. However, before we tell you about them, we want to remind about such a useful profession as a psychologist. If you do not know, here is a secret: every educational establishment has a psychologist among its staff. A person that occupies this position has higher psychological education and is definitely able to solve any social problem.

Let us speak about a psychologist at the university, whose office most modern students try to avoid. Why is it so? The main fault is the name of a profession because many people associate this certified specialist with a less pleasant notion “psycho”. They think that going to a psychologist means to admit that you are a psycho, i.e. mentally ill and morally unbalanced person. By the way, many modern people come to the psychologists to get help. This is a pretty common thing nowadays in our world. You can get more useful information if you read the globalization essays written by our professional essay writers. Our customers say “I am not ready to pay someone to write my essay. I trust professional writers only”.

Advice: do not stick to the primitive stereotypes because such a specialist will definitely solve any conflict situation, improve the emotional state of its client and help enjoy life. If you visit a psychologist at least once (just because of your curiosity), your life position will change greatly and life will stop seeming so much dull and gray.

We do not advertise the psychologists. We just know they can help with the conflict situations among the students. Every person reacts differently to suchlike situations, and there are even the cases of suicide because of misunderstanding with others. That is why we advise not risking your health, trying to avoid a problem, but solve it with the help of competent support. If you really take care of your health, order an essay on diabetes to be better informed.

How to resolve a conflict with the fellow students?

When a conflict is obvious, the traditional symptoms of a student are laziness, melancholy, feeling of despondency and deep depression, as well as the complete absence of desire to go to the university. Of course, you can hide but a situation will not solve itself and the problems will remain. That is why it is necessary to act as soon as possible.

1. Keep calm and control yourself. If the next day after a conflict you come to the university calm and pretend that nothing has happened, there is the chance that the other party will also calm down, and the conflict will disappear.

2. Speak with your opponent directly. A conflict has occurred and now you feel awful and do not have the desire to go to the university. The situation is pretty common. Nevertheless, it is not the way out to miss the classes from time to time. You need to gather all students of your group and explain them the situation and probably, by the end of your speech, the situation will be solved. If now you think “Who can write a speech for me?”, we are always ready to help.

3. Admit you are wrong. If a student realized that he (she) was too harsh, talking to some other student, it is necessary to admit one’s fault publicly. No one makes you say sorry to each participant of a conflict but it will not be excessive to admit that your words are wrong. Thus, the conflict participants will not have the reason to take offense.

4. Organize another conflict with other participants. It is not easy to bring it to life. The point is that if there is another conflict, no one will remember about the first one. However, we would not recommend using this method because this is not the way out at all.

5. Make friends with the leader. If you cannot resolve a conflict on your own, you can use the leader’s help. Try to make the leader take your side. No one will offend the leader’s friend, and soon everyone will forget about the conflict.

What not to do when you try to resolve a conflict situation?

A conflict should be resolved, anyway. However, it is necessary not to overdo with a compromise. A student should handle it but his (hers) self-esteem should not be hurt ( That is why you need to know what not to do, resolving a conflict situation:

1. Do not apologize because other students may treat it like your weakness and will only make sure that they are right.

2. Do not try to persuade the other party that you are right because the absence of dialogue will not resolve the conflict situation that has occurred.

3. Do not ignore a conflict because such a mutual silence will make the problem worse and it will be harder to resolve it later.

4. Do not impose your subjective opinion, trying to make others look like fools. In such a way you risk provoking another scandal, and there will be no way back.

5. Do not involve the parents or dean. Eventually, you can become an “outlaw and laughingstock” in your academic group.

It is necessary to act carefully and wisely not to humiliate yourself and not to offend others with your arguments. A compromise only can help forget about a conflict. It is obvious that you need to be a good psychologist to resolve a conflict. Probably, you have your own methods to deal with such unpleasant situation. We hope that our tips will help, if you face a conflict in your group.

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