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What is external education?

There is a student category that believes that four years of study at the university are too many, and the whole curriculum can be learned much faster, without wasting time on the boring lectures and uninteresting tasks and assignments. Well, usually only high achievers, true fans of education and extramural students (who have already decided on their destiny and future profession) have suchlike thoughts. Here is the moment when a specific question arises: what external education is and what the features of such a widespread form of getting a higher education are. If you think about “getting rid of” study as soon as possible and get the desired degree, then, external education is a good compromise solution. According to statistics, about 30% of all students decide to change the form of getting an education to external and do it, as a rule, after the second or third year of study. Freshmen dare to take such a radical step seldom because they do not completely realize yet what is waiting for them at the university. However, you should not be afraid because we provide support and professional editing services for student round-the-clock.

External studies: what are they?

External studies are the form of individual education, which supposes that a student learns the curriculum and all programs on his (hers) own; based on the results, an external student, as well as other full-time students, a student is allowed to pass the examination period, state, or final certification.

All educational establishments that have the required permission (i.e. state educational accreditation) can provide such a form of education. According to the legislation, there are no age limits to the education getting, it means that any person at any age can become an external student.

Features of external studies

External education has its features and its structure differs a lot from full-time and extramural forms.

• First of all, within a year, a student can successfully cover the curriculum programmed for several years (usually two).

• Second of all, external studies exclude the attendance of lectures, and the process of education rests on the shoulders of a student and he (she) takes full responsibility for it.

• Third, the schedule of exam passing is an individual that is why there is no need to wait for an examination period one for all.

• And the last: there will be created the schedule of the individual consultations that a student must attend obligatorily. This is a kind of control of the fact that a student is occupied with getting new knowledge and not just misses the classes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the external form of education

The minds about this form of education are different: some students believe that there is a curriculum and there is no need to overload yourself with excessive information; others are sure that there is no sense to waste four years at university. One way or another, external studies have pros and cons, about which you need to remember when you choose this form of education.


• More free time;

• The unique opportunity to get an individualized education program;

• No financial expenses;

• Getting a degree before the due date;

• Correction of one’s daily schedule.

Naturally, such a system has its disadvantages, which make you doubt about the desire to become an external student:

• A special note in your diploma that the studies are external;

• The quality of education is often harmed;

• Not perfect (or it would be more correct to say “far from perfect”) knowledge of a future profession. If you seek for perfection, get it here:

That is why it is so much important to make your choice timely, in order not to lose the opportunity to get the desired higher education along with the perspectives that accompany it.

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How to study, being an external student?

You can become an external student not only in the first year at university but also in the next years if you want. It usually happens when a student realizes that he (she) does not get new useful information from the lectures. The desire to start external studies can appear due to other reasons: for instance, family circumstances, health reasons, or personal will and as an alternative to bright prospects.

First of all, a student should write an appropriate application to the dean's office, which will be considered on an individual basis. In case of a positive response, a student gets an individual educational schedule along with the list of main and additional questions, according to which there will be conducted the control and assessment of knowledge got. There are students who attend lectures, there are those who miss theoretical classes and attend only practical ones. Every case is individual, and everything related to studies will be reflected in one’s personal program.

If a student decides to be external, it is necessary to realize that the teachers will control the knowledge getting process, anyway. Thus, an educational program implies individual consultations that allow a student to ask all questions that cause difficulties or worries.  Knowledge is checked by submitting abstracts, research papers, various written assignments. After the defense of a thesis, a graduate finally gets a degree. Bear in mind that you can order English thesis writing on our website.

Rights, duties, and perspectives of external students

The students who study externally have the same rights and duties as the full-time students. Every external student has the right:

1. to get consultation on each subject studied;

2. to attend practical and laboratory classes;

3. to get a reference and educational literature in a local library;

4. to participate in competitions, olympiads, others events.

However, there are some differences between external and full-time students, for instance, knowledge got externally is more superficial rather than deep. Also, sometimes the note in a diploma that the studies are external can make a prospective employer doubt.

There is another situation when a student gets second higher education externally. This is the perfect solution to continue studying and choose another significant specialty for you. In such a way, you can work and attend the classes at the university, once in while, and in just a couple of years, the desired degree will be got. Anyway, the shortened curriculum of external studies, although allows getting a higher education, leaves big gaps in knowledge, which will be noticed one day, at the most inopportune moment. Do not let the gaps skip into your knowledge. You can reach perfection with our help:

Documents required for admission

Any student can study externally. However, first, it is necessary to submit the list of the required documents to the dean’s office. An approximate list is as follows:

• the general certificate of secondary education;

• the photocopy of passport/id card;

• the copy of medical insurance policy;

• medical card;

• photographs.

As we have said, this is just the approximate list. You can get an exact list at the university where you want to study. The most important is to decide finally that external studies are something that really suits you. Speaking about admission, get college admissions essay expert help on our website.

The danger of being an external student

When a student makes such a decision, he (she) does not realize the whole responsibility of the situation. Not all students can “endure” such a form of education because it is necessary to study independently all the time, be patient and plodding, and also, try to understand sometimes very complex and unclear things on your own. If the goal is set, everything becomes possible. However, it always depends on a student’s temper. A job often prevents a successful study because it takes all free time and does not give the opportunity to prepare well for an exam or a test. In this case, it is very important to be able to plan your day so that you could have time for getting knowledge. This is a kind of “maturity check” that defines the future fate of an ambitious student.

The teachers’ attitude toward this form of education

There are such teachers who do not like the students who decide to finish university before the due date. This can be easily explained: it is hard to get in two-three years all the information that is supposed to be presented for four years. Thus, the teachers think: “if you have entered university, you must study; if no, leave and get a job”. Nevertheless, this is the matter of dispute because such students impress, especially if they study well.

We can give several useful tips:

1. Attend the consultations timely;

2. Ask questions when they appear, do not shelve;

3. Do all practical tasks;

4. Follow your individual plan strictly;

5. Organize your educational plan and daily schedule.

If you decide to become an external student, you should be ready that your prospective employers may ask something about this. In general, a diploma with a note “external studies” is equal to an ordinary diploma and is also highly regarded.

Higher education is the final goal of every student. That is why it does not matter at all whether you are a full-time, extramural, or external student. So maybe it is time to think about this essential matter and reconsider your approach to education? Whatever decision you make, we are always ready to support and assist you. Especially for you, we have set the lowest prices for our services. All our customers get discounts, bonuses, and they are free to choose any payment system that suits them the most. In addition, our website works day-and-night so we are ready to take your order anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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