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Being a student, you have so much to do and so much to remember. It all requires most of your time, and very often you even lack time to do the main tasks. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem because there are many experts in the academic writing field who are ready to help you with your tasks anytime, just like our professional academic writer. Our online English writing and editing services for students facilitate studying greatly. Our specialists will do any written work for you at the cheapest prices on the web. We also guarantee complete privacy and 100% plagiarism free high-quality paper. Meanwhile, we are occupied with your order, you have time to improve your skills. For example, you can improve your memory. Are you interested? Learn how to do this in our today's post.

What to do if I have a bad memory?

Many students blame their bad memory for having problems with studies. They say that memory refuses to perceive so much valuable information. Such situation is very common and usual. However, you cannot always say so, you should train and develop your memory somehow.

Of course, this should be done since childhood. However, if the problem becomes bigger in studenthood, training and prevention will not be excessive at all. Experts of our site have conducted research, and we are going to speak about what you can do for this purpose.

The reasons for bad memory

Before we start speaking about the solution of this global student problem, we need to find the main reason, so-called “seat of the trouble”. The point is that such a phenomenon does not appear from nothing. As a rule, some certain factors precede it. Right now we are going to speak about them.

1. Chronic fatigue. Since a student studies much, goes to sleep late, and wakes up early, the reason for memory decrease can be constant lack of sleep, disturbed daily routine, improper schedule, increased mental and physical load, avitaminosis (vitamin deficiency).

2. Stress. If a student tries to improve grades and reads books all the time but remembers nothing, the problem is obvious. The point is that the nervous system is in the phase of increased activity, and the inconspicuous state of stress gradually worsens memory. Also, it provokes some health issues, in addition. Take care of your health. For this purpose, we a have an instructive post for you:

3. Bad habits. There is no secret that many students smoke and systematically abuse alcohol beverages. This problem is the scourge of our time: smoking, alcohol, and drugs reduce concentration, damage memory, completely change the student's mind and not only.

4. Taking sedatives. Some modern students, for example, during the period of exams, because of increased nervousness begin taking nootropics (smart drugs) and even tranquilizers. Such strong drugs, as everyone knows, have a depressing effect on the nervous system. That is why the memory functions noticeably weaken, absentmindedness and forgetfulness appear.

5. Increased anxiety. If a person remains in such a dangerous state constantly, the thoughts get confused, and most useful information pass off and does not keep in memory.

Also, we can add that the memory worsening develops because of a mere haste: if a student stats rushing, being nervous, doing several businesses simultaneously, all new thoughts eventually go out of the head, leaving absentmindedness and forgetfulness. So it is very important to be attentive and focused. Maybe, there is no problem at all.

The kinds of memory

Bad memory can always be trained. However, for this purpose, you need to define what kind of memory you have. The following characteristics will help you define it:

  • If information passes off your consciousness at once, the type of memory is called “direct”;
  • If new data keeps in the mind up to 30 seconds, this is “short-term memory”;
  • If a fact is kept in memory for some necessary period of time, and later it is forgotten, we speak about so-called “sliding memory”;
  • If the information is kept for years, this is “long-term memory”.

Having defined your type, you can draw conclusions about what exactly problem you have (if you have it at all, of course).

What to do if memory is bad?

Memory can be trained and you need to do it not for a day or a month but regularly, making it your habit for the rest of your life. There are several complex exercises, which contribute to the attention concentration. It means that they increase the ability to memorize the actions, events, facts, life moments, etc. We believe that with our professional help you can achieve more:

Motivation. When a student gets ready for an exam, he (she) needs to remember much new information. Sometimes consciousness fights against such an educational flow, and numerous numbers, complicated definitions, and new topics are not memorized. In this situation, motivation comes to the rescue, i.e. the final result, which you aim for. This is a high average grade for the students. That is why every time you forget new information remind yourself that such absentmindedness can cost you much.

Useful posts for you:

Attentiveness. Memory can become worse because of increased inattentiveness. Many actions are performed automatically, i.e. we do something without realizing it. For example, we turn off the light in the bathroom, put the car in the garage, close the front door, etc. Later we start worrying that we have not done something because we simply do not remember when and how it has happened. In order to prevent such situations, it is recommended to control all your actions with your voice, i.e. say out loud everything you do, how, and what for. You may not remember when you do something but your own voice will din, calming you down.

Logical chains. This is the great method of quality memory training, which also develops logic, thinking, attention, and intellect. You need to learn to build logical series in memory, beginning with the final situation. If something is forgotten, it is important to recollect the day of the week, the situation itself, time, surrounding, and any other little thing. Such suggestive thoughts will restore the wanted events, for sure, their sequence, and the final result. If such a simple exercise is regularly repeated, very soon your memory will become stable and reliable.

Associations. This is another technique of how to train memory. You need to recollect a situation, involving abstract thinking, for example, what has happened, and what could happen if… This technique helps some people recollect or memorize real events, keep them in mind for a long time.

Concentration. Bad memory can be caused by constant rush, which distracts from some particular matter, business, activity. In additions, a person can be simply absent-minded, what worsens the situation. That is why, being occupied with something, it is important to repeat the aim of your activity so that you remember not only the process but also its final result, which you need to achieve.

Crosswords. This method is really very effective. It turns out that the ordinary crosswords can perfectly train our memory, and this phenomenon is easily explained. First of all, the words you need to guess are often repeated, and a person memorizes them automatically. Second of all, visual memory is also trained. Simply saying, it is recommended to guess the crosswords every day, and in a week the progress will be obvious.

Every student chooses such a method that suits him (her) the best. In practice, the method of associations is 100% working. It allows remembering any topic, preparing for the coming exams well, and keeping the knowledge got in memory. If you need more time to exercise and improve your memory, we offer our affordable essay writing help, which will bring you at least several free hours a day.

The mind of doctors

Many doctors have faced for many times the problem of memory worsening in school and student years. The patients forgot the data of a previous minute because the information got seemed unclear and absolutely senseless. This is the answer to the main question: if hard for perception facts are explained in a simple and clear language, there are no problems with their memorization.

If memory is bad, you need to reconsider your nutrition, adding fresh fruits and vegetables, greens and vitamins. Also, valuable minerals and microelements, which improve the cerebral cortex state and functionality, stabilize the nervous system work, are required. It is better to select the vitamin therapy individually with a qualified specialist, and prefer natural ingredients in your food. There is an opinion that walnuts contribute to the memory improvement. Add them to your daily nutrition and eat them between main meals. It is also important to realize that avitaminosis can worsen memory quality in any age, especially in autumn and winter periods.

Naturally, to improve your memory you need to get rid of all bad habits, go in for sports, and spend more time outside. The walks outside enrich the cells of the cerebral cortex with vital oxygen. It means they improve the memory reserves and new information perception, as a result. The best and the most effective are moderate cardio exercises. Camping is an excellent option, in this case. Read the camp packing ideas we have prepared for you. However, do not forget about the elementary exercises aimed at the memory improvement.

Specialists are sure: if a man regulates his daily schedule, release stress and increased nervousness, start eating correctly, throw out of the head all unnecessary information and excessive problems, then, a memory will get better on its own. It often happens so. Otherwise, you will need to apply for the help of a specialist. When it goes about academic writing, it is always better to appeal to the specialists at once. Get the most competent help with essays online on our website.

Now you know what to do in case of bad memory. General advice for all students: think more about studying and memory will not worsen, for sure. It is better to perceive new information bit by bit during the whole semester, and not two nights before an exam. We hope that these tips will help you and your memory will never fail you.

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A good memory is extremely important for any person, and especially for students to study well. We have shared several tips and there are other ways we can help you. The best we can do is to offer our professional services in the academic writing field. The most qualified specialists will write, edit, proof read, revise, and rewrite any assignment you have. We guarantee error-free and high-quality text checked for plagiarism. We provide our clients with their A+ written assignments. Our fees are the lowest on the internet. Additionally, our customers get discounts along with bonuses and freebies. It is very easy to become an excellent student when experts support and assist you.

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