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Are you a high school senior, this is your last year at school, and you need to decide what to do next? You are probably confused, aren’t you? In fact, even when the decision about the next step is already taken, many seniors remain confused because no one knows for sure what will happen. Anyway, there is one thing you can never doubt: on our website, you will always get highly professional on time assistance with any kind of school or college written papers. Another feature of our online services is that they have the lowest prices compared with the other online writing agencies, and also, we provide discounts, and you get various freebies as a bonus. So when you need writing help, you know what online service you can trust to. Now let’s continue discussing the next step that we have mentioned in the very beginning. What is it: to continue studying and get a degree or maybe something else? Let’s see.

Is there a necessity to get a higher education?

Today we can often hear from many young people (adolescents) something like this: “Mark Zuckerberg left school and achieved success." An older generation sees the silliness and naivety of the modern teenagers, recognizes itself with the only difference that it did not have Facebook and its “uneducated” and successful idol was Bill Gates.

There are teens who realize and try to explain it to their parents that it is possible to succeed without higher education. However, parents, in their turn, persuade that the diploma of a good university or college and degree guarantee a good job and a good future, as a consequence. The issue of higher education getting is of current interest. We hope that this post will help many young people who cannot understand and decide whether they need to study at the university or not. Anyway, if your choice is getting a degree, we just want you to know that we are always there for you, ready to help anytime with absolutely everything, even such a trifle as to check an essay for punctuation mistakes.

"You cannot find a job without a degree."

This is the statement that, in different wordings, almost any high school senior hears. There is a share of truth in it because from the point of view of the job market a specialist without a degree really faces huge difficulties with the job search. Also, such a worker is often paid less than those who have a degree. However, every time when parents tell something like this to their children, they cheat both their kids and themselves. From the parents' part, there is the need to provide a child with a high-quality life level, and that is why they want their child to have a degree because this is a kind of stability guarantee. Speaking about stability: our services have a stable superb quality:

Nevertheless, the statements of this kind create a wrong system of values: people enter universities to get a degree, not knowledge, and useful skills. This is the reason for unwillingness to study: students start playing truant, neglect home assignments, etc. Education for them is equal to degree / diploma, and this is wrong. The question is not about the fact that it is hard to find a job without a degree. The question is about the idea that people should enter universities, not for a degree but knowledge. If the future difficult assignments make you doubt whether to continue studying or not, we can assure you that you can rely on our support and get academic assignment online help anytime.

"Mark Zuckerberg left school and achieved success."

Mark Zuckerberg never left school, just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and others. They all refused from the system (classic) education and engaged in self-education and very hard work. Many teenagers do not realize this. They have their head in the clouds, dreaming about the ease and coolness of entrepreneurship, about the uselessness of education (exactly education, not a degree), want to go against the system and become a millionaire when they are 20 years old.

Whatever banal it may sound, not every person is an entrepreneur. The essence of entrepreneurship is not only to generate genius ideas, but also be able to bring them to life, and it means to be able to take serious risks. The refusal from a classical education is one of such risks. The thing of such people as Mark Zuckerberg is that their self-education and talent have allowed them to get an amazing result quickly. They gained something more valuable than the degrees of top universities and colleges. Are you completely sure you have something that will help you succeed quickly? Think about this carefully.

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Classic education or self-education

The biggest advantage of excellent education is in its time-tested system of motivation by grades, exams, term papers, and other kinds of tests. By the way, a term paper is one of the most serious academic papers that wait for you at the university. That is why we strongly recommend hiring a term paper writer to do everything right. You get in the system that constantly pressures you and makes you learn. This is the thing why students do not like studying and the thing that makes the study, in general. In the case of self-education, there is not such a system, and this is the main risk of the refusal from a classic education that you need to realize.

There are many people who quit universities and degrade quickly. It happens not because they are not intelligent or bad people, but because they lack their own will and desire to engage in self-education. Besides, being 17-year-old, you can hardly organize your education yourself correctly, considering the completeness, relevance, and necessity of the knowledge gained. Meanwhile, a classic education gives a lot of useful and necessary knowledge, although, there are some excessive things. So if you see there is something you do not really need, and you do not want to do this, for instance, writing an essay, we will gladly do this for you because is the best essay site.

“Will I have enough motivation for self-development?”

Imagine the following situation: for a long time you were not interested in education much. However, after the second year, you realize that right now you are occupied with something you do not really like and decide to change the direction. Let's say, you change the faculty, continue studying to get the desired degree, and focus on the development of skills required for a future job. Soon after graduation, you find a dream job, where you are paid well and have almost nothing to do. In six months you realize you have got dumber. You have lost track of the trends, lost your competences, your brain not loaded with new objectives has atrophied, you have quitted self-education. In general, you fell behind and very seriously.

What to do? Previously you measured your value with the size of your wages, not realizing that you were losing your actual value from day to day. One of the ways that can help is to change your direction radically and catch the wave. Thus, you will start really enjoying your activity, laziness in work and education will get away. You will train your brain, restore and gain new competencies and experience. You can even get a second higher education, and this time you will definitely get it because of knowledge, and not a degree. You will realize that this is exactly what you want to study. When people get a second higher education, they usually need additional assistance. We are ready to give you a hand whenever you ask. For instance, we can take some of your classes and do them online for you:

In other words, you will get the actual motivation only when you find such an occupation that you really want to do. At that moment you will start understanding what is necessary to study to succeed in your field. However, all this happens seldom when you are 17 years old because the way you look at your future now can change in a few years.

Three major assets

Your real value consists of the developed brain, accumulated knowledge, and gained experience. Do everything required to pump these assets. It does not matter how you will do this: studying at the university, participating in the interest clubs, working for someone or independently. If you are perfectly sure that you know how to pump all three assets without a classical education, how to earn money, sure that your motivation will be enough, and that you clearly see your goal, go for it!

Just do not have your head in the clouds and remember that you build your life and someone else's examples and pieces of advice should not be decisive. Realize all the risks and drawbacks of such an approach. Also, even if you refuse from a classical education, it would be nice to get a degree, anyway. It is not that much difficult, there are many universities, and you can get a degree and engage in something else simultaneously. A degree is necessary. This is the rule of the game.

Custom writing papers: academic writing becomes easy and fun

Now you know that college or university is not the only way after school graduation. However, if this is your way, we will gladly become your friend and help you pass this way easily. You will not need to worry about home assignments because they will be done perfectly and timely. We guarantee that your papers will always be high-quality and will help you become one of the best students. The best thing about all this is that there is almost nothing required from you. You just place an order and get your papers delivered on time. As easy as it looks. So we are happy to hear from you anytime. Take care.

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