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The professionals, who know perfectly what to start with and what should be the ideal result of the best essay for you. Yes, the very first, tender and, almost soundless thought is often the beginning of something new, wizard or, sometimes, even dangerous to happen in our life. If something like this happens to you from time to time, have a look at this post, you will probably find it very helpful:

Do you agree that the ability to formulate thoughts and the ability to convey them to others has a very important meaning in our everyday communication with all kinds of people? It can be a friendly conversation, business talks, the desire to persuade or teach someone. Our ability to be persuading is always in demand.

The main problem arising from the inability to formulate thoughts correctly is a misunderstanding between people. The not clearly articulated and stated thought is usually perceived wrongly. Such a speech misinforms the interlocutor as well as doesn’t give the desired result. Nobody will deny that the animals are very good listeners, but at the same time who will challenge them to initiate communications? Information on how do animals communicate can help you with the understanding of the communicative processes from the inside.

The main thing in the process of communication is to convey your idea the right way, the way you want to be heard and understood. Doesn't matter whether you are talking or writing.

The writing process differs strongly from the talking one, but there is a splendid opportunity to find a reliable essay creator, who will willingly help you not only with the clear essay structure, but also will provide you with the low-priced academic proofreading services.   

So, let’s try to figure out what will help you to formulate thoughts correctly.

Reading will help to formulate thoughts. The benefit of reading is obvious. Read good, diverse literature. Read thoughtfully, analyzing what was read. Enrich your vocabulary, it is a good assistant in the ability to formulate your thoughts.

To do that means to enrich the "conversational vocabulary."

First. Nonverbals.

Pay attention to the fact that we, ourselves, use a small set of words. To transmit and explain information in everyday life, we do not need a lot of words. And that's why we do not say all the words ourselves.

The majority of words we use falls for non-verbal speech (gestures, facial expressions, intonations).

How to enrich the vocabulary. The second.

  • To enrich a set of phrases you need to speak them (and here it is not necessary to do it aloud, you can use them in written speech, in your thoughts, some internal dialogues).
  • To immediately remember the right words - they must be used, spoken.
  • Good activities to achieve that are writing letters, chatting, answering questions,   explaining, proving something and so on. That is the way you can fill up the vocabulary pretty fast.
  • The more new, unfamiliar topics and words you use in the written speech the better!
  • It is useful to write beautifully and, even more important, to write in a “conversational” speech, the way you naturally speak. Think, and immediately write. Right after your thought.

All that you will come up with and write down is already your personal ready to use thoughts, ready to use phrases. This way your ability to find the right words is expanding greatly. This skill will be easily transmitted to ordinary speech because the process is the same. If you are short of time and the deadline is very close, it’s easy to order the essay of the different difficulties at our site. Look how it works here.

Why written speech is helpful. The third.

When you write, no one is pushing you. You can spend some extra time picking up the right word without worrying. Besides, in a written speech, no a word can be replaced with a gesture or facial expressions.

Written speech doesn’t replace the oral speech.

To be able to use new words, you have to meet them in the book first. But this is not enough. They need to be used in the speech to turn from the book words into the spoken ones. Rich speech is the variety of words used. It’s important to transform your passive vocabulary into the active one. The read words are just a passive stock of words if they do not present in your speech.

Our spoken vocabulary is quite small, and it needs to be increased by talking!

Even if you are not an orator and do not intend to become an orator, it is necessary to develop the spoken language! It is useful to retell interesting stories found on the Internet. There are a lot of them and you shouldn't look for super-unusual news. A variety of stories that you come across, and which improve your mood are ideal for the training.

One thing is when trying to express your thoughts, you're looking for a suitable word and a poor vocabulary does not allow you to find it, and another thing is when you simply cannot quickly select which word is better.

  • A diary or blog also will help you to express your thoughts. You can write about anything that is happening in your life, about what excites you, about your mood, your emotions. Do it eloquently and brightly.
  • Take part in discussions in various forums, speak out. Learn to discuss and develop the ability to defend your point of view.

An English philosopher of the 19th century, John Mill wrote: "Logic is the great persecutor of dark and intricate thinking; it dispels the fog that conceals our ignorance from us and makes us think that we understand the subject, while we do not understand it. I am convinced that in modern education nothing is more useful for the development of precise thinkers who remain true to the meaning of words and sentences and are constantly on guard against terms that are vague and ambiguous, like logic. " Learn the logic, it will teach you to look deeper and understand what is happening, this is very useful in the ability to express thoughts.

The environment of a person, the circle of his/her friends influence the ability to express one’s thoughts deeply. It is clear that you cannot be taught anything by those, who сannot get out more than two words, and if there are a majority of such people in your circle, this will only make the situation worse. Watch the people who can express their thoughts clearly, listen to them and get it into your head.

It is always easier for a matey person to find words to express his thoughts. If you do not consider yourself to be such a person, develop communication skills.

Sometimes external, distracting or embarrassing factors interfere with the formulation of thought. Do not pay attention to them and do not get hung up on the external situation in general.

Often it’s difficult to formulate an idea when it’s not thought out well enough. You need to understand what you want to say clearly and specifically. Formulating your thoughts, focus on the main idea, on the one you want to convey. Avoid chit chatting and excessive talkativeness. If you need details, the interlocutor will clarify them out himself.

One more thing: hope for understanding with a half-word, just leads to misunderstanding. Formulate thoughts sharp and clear, do not expect that your interlocutor will necessarily guess what you want to say!

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Some words to sum up.

1. It’s not enough just to read words - they need to be used. Translate "read words" into "words used in speech". Use these words in your speech and in the inner dialogue.

2. Write letters, articles using the new words. Accumulate passive vocabulary by reading books.

3. Do "home preparations." Speak your speeches out loud before important conversations.

4. Tell, recite parables, stories, news, books to your friends. Share your attitude towards the book you read or the movie you watched, that will increase the active vocabulary.

5. And, of course, it is necessary to master the techniques of the prepared speech, and the techniques of performing the improvisation.

Then at the right moment, you will come to the head with the necessary words, and you will always have something to say.

Have a great success in mastering this exciting skill! And in order to have your papers written or proofread in time and professionally, ask our experts to do it for you   

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