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The online essays help is very much in demand nowadays. The professionals, working in our custom writing company, take into consideration many different aspects to make your paper sound ideal. Today we want to share some interesting facts about different types of the perception of the information. To know this is very helpful and important.

We are going to analyze the people of different types of perception characteristics.

The pecularities of the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, digital people while learning

Understanding of your own type of perception will help you organize your own learning process with maximum benefit.

Visual type of perception

The basis of their learning is the visual information. For visual people, the audition and vision are the whole, so if such a person only heard the material (but did not see it), the information is likely to be quickly forgotten. Visuals instantly absorb all visual information, so it is most advantageous to use all methods and techniques of visual representation of the material:

  • mental cards
  • scheme
  • graphics
  • illustrations
  • photos
  • demonstration models
  • experiments

The illustrative example is the best learning technique for the visuals. That is when they see the subject being studied in real time. The main memory is visual. They remember well the location of objects, the way, the roads, and are well oriented in space. Some noise for the visual is not crucial, he/ she can focus on an environment and successfully study the subject.

Auditory type of perception

They use the auditory channel of perception as a trigger channel. Inner speech is moderately developed. They perceive lectures, music, conversations, dialogues in the best way. Auditory ones keep the line of conversation, they often capture the meanings during the conversation. They need silence to concentrate. If you are an auditory, then try to listen to lectures, audio courses. Learn with others, discussing the topic of study, reasoning the problem of the studying aloud.

Kinesthetics type of perception

Gets information through actions, movements. He /she remembers well any actions, practical exercises. He/ she is the best to perceive all the information through practical exercises, experiments, where the received information can be checked in practice. The practical information is the best-perceived: what and how it moves, where it is necessary to press.

It is important for kinesthetics to touch, try, smell, taste and experience the subject. People of this type are very active, love and work with pleasure. They do not like inactivity. The well- known Aristotle’s saying "Movement is life" has a special meaning for the kinesthetics. They are very difficult to maintain the focus of attention, they are easily distracted, find it difficult to stay in the same place for a long time, be engaged in routine work.

Digital type of perception

Perfectly learned in all the sciences that have the strict logic and consistency: mathematics, physics, mechanics, technology. Such people often work in the area of research, mathematical and static processing, programming. The main thing for digital is to understand the logic and connections, to have the system of what is studied, the understandable cause-effect relationships. Therefore, try to build the logic of the whole topic during the study. To do this, you can use:

  • schemes
  • mental cards
  • concise plans
  • self-made thesauruses

If you are confused and it is difficult for you to find the right solution, read the article below and it will surely help you

The pecularities of the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, digital people in communication

People of the visual type of perception

Visuals give a huge value to the appearance of a person and always pay attention to how a person looks, what clothes are on him /her, what are the features of the face, how he /she moves.

They can look into the interlocutor’s eyes for a long time and calmly. Visual contact, open postures are extremely important for the visual. At the same time, they do not like to be close to their interlocutor, they stay at a distance. The main thing is to see well. Representatives of this type of perception read signals of sign language and facial expressions quickly, on an intuitive level, often even without noticing it. Sometimes, it seems to them, that just one glance at a person is enough to read his/ her thoughts.

In case you need to impress the visual, try to pay the greatest attention to the external beauty. The environment, your clothes, gait, facial expressions, gestures should be as attractive as possible. To proof your words, give illustrative examples, graphs, drawings, always demonstrate your arguments vie the samples and experiments. Show them a picture instead of numbers: visuals will not understand the difference between 1000 and 10 000, but a clear example of the difference will convince them in most cases.

The visuals are good storytellers. They can imagine amazingly bright, filled with details pictures, and talk about them for hours. Sometimes it may happen that because of being in a rush and having too many thoughts in their heads, people of this type make a lot of mistakes in the writing tasks. The simplest and best way is to contact the online service to check essays. You may be sure that the competent essay rewriter knows all the necessary nuances and can perform the assignment much quicker and more correct.

People of the auditory type of perception

Conversation with the auditory person is often very pleasant. They are demanding of their speech, they say in a graceful manner, with a competent change in intonation. They are pleasant to listen to, it is pleasant to talk to them. But, at the same time, they are very demanding to the speeches of their interlocutors, as well. They can not stand the mistakes in speech, they hate the incomprehensible and distorted speech. One should not shout or raise a voice at the auditory person, it will lead to alienation of a person. An auditory person is always pleasant to listen to, they are wonderful storytellers and equally beautiful interlocutors. They can understand you from a half-word by your intonation and manner of speech.

People of kinesthetics type of perception

Kinesthetics are especially sensitive to the environmental situation and the distances between the interlocutors. Close people are admitted to the personal zone, and the unfamiliar people are kept at a distance. The intrusion into their personal zone is offensive for kinesthetics, they begin to experience strong negative emotions. It is best to win the attention and trust of the Kinesthetics with actions, joint actions, common activities.

If you have to remember something, then it's better to write or draw it yourself with your own hands. Conversations and verbal evidence will make the least impression on a person of this type of perception. As to the close people, kinesthetics always try to touch, pat them. It is important for kinesthetics to have physical contact.

People Of digitals type of perception

They have low sensitivity in communication, rarely show emotion in front of people. Pay strong attention to the semantic, content part of the conversation. They do not like if the speech is beautiful but empty. With digital, it's best to talk about the essence of the matter, proving the consistency and correctness of your words with numbers and facts.

Features of each type of perception

Visual people

The peculiarity of this type of people is that they are receptive to what is visible. They appreciate beauty in the surrounding space, they do not tolerate the mess, dirt. There are many ideas and dreams in the life of a visual. These people often the generator of ideas, because they can create completely unusual associations and connections in their imagination.

Auditory people

They pay special attention to the sounds around. They love music, melodies, they like to purr, sing songs. They are sensitive and receptive to the conversations. Auditory people have acute hearing and good memory, especially the auditory one. They often choose the kind of their activity that is connected with music, melodies, oratory.

Kinesthetic people

Kinesthetics are very sensitive to everything that happens around. Their bodily and emotional sensations are closely intertwined. They love physical comfort, the comfort of the surrounding space. Uncomfortable clothing or a thread tickling his /her neck can make the kinesthetics very angry. They like deep personal discussions, communication with the emotional exchange, discussion of other people feelings. The touch has a profound meaning and great value for kinesthetics.

Digital people

People of this type of perception are much less likely to meet. They tend to perceive the world around them through inner speech, through dialogue with oneself. Such people, first of all, are focused on the perception of meaning, logic, and consistency. Digitals always try to understand, to comprehend the essence of what is happening. They can be sensitive and vulnerable, but the world is interesting for them from the point of view of understanding the meaning and logic, regularities. In a stressful situation, it is the digitals who best preserve their composure and calmness, they can preserve the clarity of the thought and perception of the surrounding space.

Frankly speaking, the distribution of people to types of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, digital is very simplistic. In fact, each of these types can be mixed, and maybe with the different leading system, that increases the number of options.

Of course, in each of us there is no pure one type of perception, sometimes they are mixed, sometimes the type of perception is different in a calm and emergency situation, for example. Understanding your leading system will allow you to absorb the information better, understand the interlocutor and communicate your thoughts to him more qualitatively. Understanding your type of perception (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, digital) will allow you to understand what type of learning is better for you, taking into account your individual characteristics.

All this, of course, is a useful skill that you should pay attention to.

We are always glad to share the useful information with you and offer our helping hand when you cannot or simply do not want to write your tasks.

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