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"I always lack time!", "Time flies by, and I cannot do everything planned!", "Is the day already over?”: does it sound familiar? We bet you have said or thought similar words a million times. Students are one of the categories of people who especially lack the time and often do not know how to use their free time wisely. Is there any solution? Of course, there is! If you are a student, we know what can save you much time. This is our website with its affordable custom writing services. Do you doubt that professional help can be affordable? Visit the site and make sure! We guarantee that the range of our services and their prices will surprise you pleasantly.

If you need time to think about it, you have it as much as you need. Our experts are ready to wait as long as it will be required and they are always there for you. Take your time. However, there is a curious question: how much free time do students have, in fact? This is what we are going to answer in today’s post.

How much free time do students have?

If you think about this, you will notice that students have too much free time but never have it enough to study. This is a kind of paradox: the more years a student studies, the more this statement is proven. We have decided not to judge students but direct their free time towards the right things so that they do not waste it but spend their time wisely. If a day is correctly organized, you can rest enough and study well, and even develop your skills. Believe us: you will have many memories after graduation. So, we shall begin with the first year of study since it is well-known that freshmen are the busiest people in the world with the biggest load.

The freshman's free time

If you are a freshman and this is the first semester in your life, then, one of the thoughts that are always on your mind sounds like this: "It was a paradise at school, and now studying at the university seems like hard labor." In general, it is so because, whether you want it or not, you should study diligently to let your professors see your resolute desire to succeed.

That is why during the first several months, until about mid-November, you should forget about the rest and fun, and the books with an endless information flow will become your best friends for this time. There are no other options: you need to understand everything and, first of all, prove yourself as a smart student and not another idler. Let us assist you. Together we will achieve this easily:

If you take such a maximal load for the first studying months, then, already in December, you will have more free time. Yes, that is right, already in December, even though usually, this is the time before an exam period. If you work hard during the semester, you will pass the exams successfully.

Advice to a freshman: having achieved a good treatment from professors, it is too early to relax because every new semester there will be new subjects with unknown professors, and you will need to study hard for a couple of months again.

Second-year student’s free time

During the second year, as a rule, the study does not seem much scary and unbearable, and students have more and more free time between the classes and exam periods. There is no wonder because this is the time when most students relax, begin playing hooky from time to time, and someone even starts missing the classes systematically.

Do not repeat such a mistake because no one cancels the expulsion and it is high time to start thinking about study more and improve your grades. If everything is okay with study and you are sure you will pass the exams well, you should think about how to spend your free time wisely. What are the options? They are several, and we would call them public:

1. Participation in the creation of a student newspaper.

2. Trying to become a member of a university theater club or any other interest club.

3. Department help.

4. Participation in a student union.

5. Active sports.

Advice to a second-year student: well, probably all the mentioned options are the tips that will help a sophomore have more free time. There is no secret that active students are often high achievers and you also can benefit from this. Do you have doubts that you can become an excellent student? Let us prove you that writing a good academic essay is an easy deal and it will help you be excellent.

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Third-year student’s free time

A third-year student passed the half of a student’s way, which was a more difficult half when it was necessary to fight for one's place under the sun. Now everything is different: some professors know you well, and sometimes you get a good grade, not tanks to your knowledge but to your good reputation.

This is great but does not relax because one day you can not only disappoint your professors but also degrade on your own. This is the time when it is especially necessary to spend your free time wisely. Here are three options:

1. Active social position.

2. Part-time job.

3. Intensive sport.

If you do not choose something you like to do, you will not only lose interest in the study, but also there will appear silly thoughts in your head. This is the time when you can get in a bad company, have a weird hobby, or a chronic tendency for depression. Relationships with professors can be totally ruined and, in general, it all may lead to expulsion. Of course, we will not let this happen! Our professional academic essay writing experts work 24/7 for you and, additionally, offers article editing online.

Advice to a third-year student: in order to pass the middle of study successfully, it is necessary to plan your schedule every day not to have gaps in it and make your days important and full of events. Believe us, this is the time when free time is not your friend but the enemy. That is why you must fill it with something useful.

Fourth-year student’s free time

In the fourth year, usually, all student's free time is spent at a part-time work or with a soulmate. There is no time to get bored. Nevertheless, if you still have some free time and you do not know how to spend it, there are several ways out:

1. Try to be as much often as possible in the public cultural places (exhibitions, museums, theater or even circus), which other educated people also visit. Who knows, maybe you will meet your soulmate in one of these places.

2. Look for a job that can become your hobby and an additional source of income. This is a kind of financial independence and a gentle preparation for independent adult life. Something like this is never excessive and will help you become more mature.

If nothing works with the job and love, why not start studying more? You will need to defend your thesis soon and, for sure, there are some gaps in your knowledge, which are better to fill in with updated data on a subject. Since we have mentioned thesis, let us notice that the best thesis paper editing is provided by our experts: You can wonder where the library is, finish and review your notes, reread lecture notes, improve some poor grades you have. Do not say that all your grades are perfect. There is always something to improve.

Bonus advice: try to devote all your free time to the preparation of your thesis paper, so that you could demonstrate perfect knowledge defending it. There is not that much time left. Be patient.

Spend free time wisely

We hope that that essence of this post is obvious. However, we want to emphasize some points to make the students, who have already started abusing their free time, return to the right path.

1. Free time should work for and not against a student.

2. Free time should be limited.

3. Free time should be spent on a favorite occupation, hobby.

4. Free time is the chance to learn something new that you have not known before.

5. Free time allows distracting from studies (but do not overdo).

6. Free time is the time for the nearest and dearest.

7. Free time should be spent in such a way that you could have good memories.

8. Free time should not make you tired.

In general, if you study statistical data, it becomes clear that:

1) a fresher has about 6-7 hours of free time and spends it on a night sleep;

2) a second-year student has about 10-12 hours if truancy and nightclubs are taken into consideration; thus, there are maximum 4 hours to sleep;

3) a third-year student has a similar situation because daytime businesses and nightlife take much time;

4) a fourth-year student has more free time compared with the previous years, and a student often has a tight schedule and spends free time wisely; a free time before the thesis defense is almost unlimited. It would be really wise to work on your thesis and, in addition, order express English thesis writing for the best result.

Frankly speaking, it all depends on a student.

Papers editing services: you can afford to be on top

It is no longer a secret how much free time a student has. If it does not seem enough to you, we are always ready to provide you with some more free time. Our services are exactly what you need not to worry about academic papers and home written assignments. They are affordable, day-and-night available and always bring the best result. This is everything you need as a student. You will never be sorry if you choose our website! We are often taught on our own mistakes. However, it is better to learn on others’ mistakes and experience. For this purpose, read the posts on our blog regularly and learn much useful and new from them.

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