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Today the companies of absolutely any type and direction of activity exist. Naturally, there are the companies that are specialized in the academic writing sphere. Many of them offer their services in the online format. Our company is of this kind and offers the best services on the Web at the cheapest prices. A cheap essay writer is at your service. Paper writing, editing, revision, proof reading and rewriting are among our numerous services. Also, we can fix and the format of any document. As you can see, you can get it all on a single site, on our site. So, come and get it! We continue our good tradition of sharing useful information with our customers and visitors. And this time the post is dedicated to the matter of the student attendance of the classes.

How to make the students attend the classes? Ask the assignment writing company

Many students regularly play hooky from university and today no one can be surprised by this fact. Many teachers ignore such systematic missing of the classes but this is wrong. Naturally, studying, especially at the university, is a voluntary matter, but partially the teachers are to blame that the students play hooky. The parents of most students also blame the teachers and increased load, which their children have. So, how to puzzle out this serious problem?

The errors of the modern students

A lot of students often have some wrong opinion on the process of higher education getting.

  • The first error: a student believes that the most important thing of life is done, i.e. the admission to the university is accomplished. And now let the luck lead you. There is a misconception that the next five years will pass easily and the professors, just like the teachers at school, will give the high grades for nothing and chase the negligent students, begging them to study better.
  • The second error: a student believes that there is no need to learn additional materials when some classes (lectures and seminars) are missed. At the end of a semester, when the exams come, the students suddenly discover that they have a lot of tasks to do, and additionally, the teachers do not like those, who miss the classes. It may look like discrimination because all students should be treated equally. However, it is not. If you are interested in the issue of discrimination and equality, we recommend reading the following essay:
  • The third error: a student believes that eventually will make a teacher “starve into surrender” and get a good grade, as a result. There is some share of common sense but not when the exams are close. If during the semester the teachers make contact with the students when it goes about various studying issues, then, before the exams, they start demonstrating their temper.

The errors of the parents

The parents also sometimes cannot assess the situation objectively, try to blame someone, in order to shield and justify their already overgrown “child”.

  • The first error: if a student says that he (she) is going to the university, do not trust it easily. It would be better to follow the “trust but check” principle. Thus, the parents will be aware of where their child is and where spends its “student time”. It will be nice if the time is spent at the university. But what if a kid is a great truant… In such cases, there is the chance to change something during the semester, and not before the examination period begins.
  • The second error: if a dean or a teacher calls, do not ignore such a warning signal, saying that “My child is already adult and can deal with everything on his (hers) own”. If they call and ask to pay attention to the “child’s” performance, it means that your parental interference is required.
  • The third error: do not let your child persuade you that he (she) can cope with the studying problems by him(her)self. If there is some problem and everyone knows about it, it is recommended to solve it all together, demonstrating your non-indifference.

The errors of the teachers

Sometimes the lack of desire to attend the classes is the consequence of misunderstandings with a teacher. Partially, it can be blamed on a teacher, who is too categorical.

  • The first error: ignoring the students. Many teachers do not care at all about how many students attend their classes. They come to work, read the lectures and go home, forgetting about their workplace until the next day. This is wrong because the absence of control only increases the number of classes missed. Consequently, a student comes absolutely unprepared for an exam.
  • The second error: friendly relationships. Of course, a teacher needs to find contact with the students, however, the excessively friendly relationships with them are also inappropriate. The lack of teacher’s authority is another reason for the systematic classes missing, which becomes a kind of the norm for some students. Also, being in love is among the reasons for the poor attendance of the classes. This essay will help figure out whether the love is true:
  • The third error: constant shouts and tyranny. If a teacher is a despot, then, the classes turn into a real emotional stress. In order to avoid the constant screaming and claims, the students will purposely miss the classes, what will influence negatively the examination period. Consequently, the fact that the students play hooky is not always their fault but the parents and teachers can also be blamed.

In order to finish the university successfully, it is necessary to strive for the “golden middle” that will improve the students’ academic performance and will prepare them well for the coming exams.

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The ways to make the students attend the classes

There are two ways, in this issue, which are the motivation of a student and the univocal authority of a teacher. In the first case, a student needs to set such a goal, after which he (she) will strain much. This is a kind of reward for the efforts and time spent, and this technique works for many years. However, the students’ desires become bigger every year. If ten years ago the students dreamed about some new clothes or a PC, then, today they ask the tablets, smartphones, traveling abroad, their own vehicles or even apartments. The student imagination is limitless nowadays. It is possible to come to a compromise that will satisfy both parties, a student and parents’ financial opportunities.

Largely, the student attendance depends on the authority of a teacher. The respect is gained for years, there are legends about it and the most important is that the classroom of a respected teacher is always full at the lectures and seminars. Here are several recommendations that will definitely help the teachers to communicate with the students:

1. It is better to have your own notebook, in which you will mark those, who come to your class and who miss. At the end of the semester, “punish” a truant, giving a valuable lesson, in such a way.

2. You need to know not only how to read the lectures but also conduct fun or informative breaks, making the students more interested and involved. If students have fun with a teacher and feel interested, they will attend the classes, even if they begin too early. So, it is very important to arouse interest in them. For instance, you can discuss the topic “Is the language of animals myth or reality?”. The students will definitely like it.

3. If a student systematically plays hooky, it is high time to talk to him (her) in private and contact his (hers) curator directly. Such an indifference to the student’s fate can literary save him (her) because there can be just a difficult life period. So, the students’ attendance is in the teacher’s hands. It is just required to have a positive and creative approach. If a student cannot or does not want to see your good intentions, this is not your problem any longer. And, probably, such a student can hardly become a good specialist. Read more tips in the non verbal communication essay.

How can the students force themselves to attend the classes?

We can blame anyone in our life: parents, teachers, bad weather or bad feeling but, in fact, every student is responsible for his (hers) actions. The university attendance and studying are the main tasks for the next several years, and if a student cannot cope with it, there is no one to blame but the student. Do not look for someone else’s fault but look at yourself and find the stimulus. Some students are led by their desire to get the stipend. Others, especially girls, buy new clothes and attend the classes to demonstrate what new they have (a dress or a hairdo). Also, in order not to miss the classes, the students get involved in the student life. They participate in different events, publish a newspaper, organize celebrations, etc.

Generally speaking, if a student realizes that it is much easier to study at the classes, in comparison with the learning at home, he (she) will miss the classes never again. This is so much convenient: you do all the tasks, in the first half of the day, and the second one can be devoted to your family, rest, friends, having fun. By the way, if you prefer to rest actively, camping is a good option. Thus, the list of items to pack for camping will come in handy. In addition, there are always such teachers, fellow students, and just intelligent people, who will always help solve some difficult task and tell the correct answer.

How can the teachers and parents attract the students to study?

The curator of a group should control strictly all truants and check their attendance, time to time. If such actions are not enough, it is better to ask the dean’s help, who can make anyone listen to reason. The caring parents also should pay attention to their child’s attendance, if they dream that soon they will have a young specialist or another participant of the family budget. The parents should not undermine the authority of their kid, going to all teachers and talking to them. They just need to observe the behavior of a student. As a rule, the truants are not punctual, they always blame the teachers and go to the university at different times. The most important is that they do not wake up earlier than 9 am.

It is necessary to realize that the systematic hooky is a strong reason for expulsion. That is why it is vitally important to assess the situation soberly, improve your performance and, finally, dedicate your time to the attendance of the classes.

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