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An automobile for a student: all pros and cons

In our post, we have decided to present you a significant issue, which worries many students. We shall speak about an automobile for a student. Does a student need an automobile? What can a personal transport give? What responsibilities does it imply? We want to figure it out and be honest. Traditionally, there will be useful recommendations for you because we will try really hard to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of an automobile for a student objectively.

Okay, first of all, let’s try to find out whether a student really needs an automobile. Someone will say at once yes, but someone will claim no. Opinions differ because everyone has one's own living conditions. Someone lives in a big city or capital and someone in a small town or a village. Consequently, everyone has one's own individual need in an automobile and one's own answer to the question of whether a student needs an automobile.

Is an automobile the marker of a student’s prestige?

Probably one of the most persuasive arguments for the fact that you have bought an automobile is that it serves as an indicator of your status among other students. What is a traditional picture of a student? How do we usually imagine a person who studies at the university? A student is a person with notebooks and books who attend lectures and usually walks or goes by bus or subway. And suddenly you get an automobile. This is a really significant purchase. Another indicator of your greatness as a student is your academic progress. Just study well, and others will think you are great. And our online services to check essays will assist you with it.

An automobile is often the reflection of your personality. In case if you want to impress people with your vehicle, you need to buy an excellent new car. Everybody has one’s own taste, naturally, and the options are very numerous today. We cannot advise you something more specific. Just bear in mind that an automobile is your reflection. If it is neglected and dirty, people will think the same about you. That is why you think well when you purchase something.

Another strong reason is the fact that some students do not study in big cities and do not live in a dormitory. Due to this fact they have to go to the university by bus every day. If you do not know, buses are often overcrowded, and it happens that a person cannot even get inside. A personal vehicle is an entirely different matter. You can wake up calmly without thinking about whether you manage to catch a bus, get in your automobile and go to the university. You can even give someone a ride for money or free. You go alone, anyway. So you can drive up to the bus stop where people wait for the bus and say: “Who wants to go by automobile at the price of the bus ticket?” This is another way of how a student can get some money, by the way. But you need to be very careful if you make your mind to get money in such a way. You also should be careful when you choose a writing website. We recommend you to choose only trusted student essay writing services.

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If you dance, you must pay the fiddler

Now let’s talk about the other side of the coin. What obligations does an automobile impose on you? The first one is naturally a driver's license. An automobile will remain in your dreams if you do not manage to get the license. Driving lessons, theoretical courses, and a test, all together it takes about three months. Also, take into consideration that the lessons are paid. Do you have money? Will your parents give the money? And who will pay for petrol, your parents as well? Of course, you should bear in mind that an automobile itself requires much money. All mentioned costs are just the beginning of the list of your next expenses that an automobile requires. Luckily, you will not need to pay much with our cheap custom paper writing service.

Then, there will be spare parts, tires, oil, gasoline pumps… an endless list of different items that break all the time. And bear in mind that the older an automobile is, the more often there will break something. Here is another reason to buy a more or less new car is a lower price. However, you will save money on spare parts and other things.

Know how to repair it

Another disadvantage of purchasing an automobile for a student is that you need to be capable of coping with breaking at the primary level at least. It means you need to know how to replace a wheel, check the spark plugs, etc. Every driver has to know such basic things! If you cannot do this, it is better not to buy an automobile at all. In general, it would be nice if you could repair an automobile on your own if it breaks down. However, bear in mind that you are a student and you do not have time to lie under the vehicle in the evening. You need to study. So what is the solution? We suggest two possible options: either you have a relative (your father or grandfather) who will repair your automobile if something happens to it, or you pay, and specialists do everything for you. Once again, you will need to pay. Where will you get so much money? Well, we guarantee that you can save at least some money if you order written works on our site:

Let’s sum up

A personal automobile is very prestigious for a student. You can make an impression on others, and this is what many people strive for, especially young people. An automobile can serve as the reflection of your status if you care for something like this. The essential point is that an automobile should be well-maintained because it will be the reflection of your position in society. No more, no less!

However, have in mind that an automobile is not just a vehicle or indicator of your well-being, this is another “eater” of your money. If you want to purchase an automobile, weigh all pros and cons before you make the final decision. So the main idea of this post is that if you want to buy an automobile, you need to have the source of stable income because a car requires constant spending money on gasoline, spare parts, paying fines, etc. Everybody knows that a car is a very money-consuming thing. Luckily, our expert writing services do not belong to this category:

We really hope that now, before you decide to buy a car, you will remember our post and think carefully whether it is worth buying it or no. If no, do not get upset because the whole life is ahead of you. There will come the time when you buy it. The most important now is to study well, and we are always ready to help you with much pleasure.

Choose only the best essay services

An automobile purchase is a big deal, which requires much thinking and calculations. Take your time, do not rush and think it over well. Fortunately, you do not need to think much in cases when you need to order academic writing services. You already know that our website offers the best prices. The quality of performed work is always high, and essays created on our site get only As. It is simple to make an order, and it is very pleasant to cooperate with our specialists. We always follow your instruction and demands, and we are very attentive to details. You can feel safe with us. If you are a newcomer, you should know that we have a bonus system. The more you order, the more you benefit. Email us to get more information on what interests you.

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