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How to motivate a friend to study? Use the professional homework help for students, for a start

Higher education is vitally important for the cloudless future, but not every student realizes it when studies at the university. First, having entered the university, the students feel limitless happiness from their new status and joyful perspectives. However, the feeling of euphoria is replaced soon with laziness and blues and a pretty strong desire not to study at all. A student begins missing the classes systematically without any serious reason. It all seriously questions the student’s chance to get a diploma of higher education. Due to this reason many irresponsible students “go off the track” and do not get the desired diploma.

What are the best friends for?

The best friends are the ones who should come to the rescue in time and do not let a future certified specialist get lost or misled. We know several ways of how to motivate a friend to study and we want to share them with our readers. By the way, another option is to use the services of the homework sites for the students.

The ways to make a friend motivated to study

1. To evoke the sense of excitement. There is the category of people who have a sharp reaction to such a phrase as “Is it too much for you to do this?”, and the students are not an exception, in this case. So why not use this sense of excitement for good purposes? But how to act with such potential players? The truth is born in a dispute. Consequently, you need to initiate a kind of dispute or argue. When you manage to do this, this is the question of time when your opponent will reach the necessary condition. Seize the right moment and say the phrase “Is it too much for you to get a diploma?” There is no way back for your friend after this phrase because it acts like a red rag to a bull. So in order not to seem weak, a truant will have to study harder to fulfill all promises given. In practice, this method works amazingly, especially when it goes about the male students. Men, as a rule, are used to keep their promises (especially if they promise something to the girls). Thus, academic performance will start getting better soon. We think that now it would be interesting to get and read an equality essay template.

Maybe, the method is not very honest because you need to “catch the moment” when your opponent does not realize much what is going on. Nevertheless, later your friend will thank you for this. As a rule, the realization of the higher education importance comes much later, when a certified specialist tries to be employed and expects to get a profitable and perspective position. Speaking about certified specialists, get the help of the best ones in the academic writing sphere on our site:

2. To dispute with good intentions. There are such students who like disputing more than anything else. This can also be used with good intentions, in case, when an opponent does not have the desire to study. For instance, it is absolutely real to make a bet, in which a lazy student that gets higher education becomes a winner. The idea is nice, just choose a profitable and tempting prize that will become the stimulus to win.

The prize can be a wish. Thus, a student will not only study well but also think about what wish it can be, in case of victory. If two good friends make a bet, a wish will be funny and entertaining. Well, you will have to be a clown for several minutes but the final goal will be achieved, i.e. your friend will get higher education and will have the real chance to get employed in his (hers) professional field. In fact, there are many cases when higher education has been got because of a bet. There is more, the idlers who have won still work in their professional fields and climb up the career ladder pretty quickly. So, the chances to make a gambler interested in something are very high.

3. To work hard and rest well. The long-awaited vacation comes after every examination period. This is the time of relaxation and fun that should be spent unforgettably. Who else but the best friends can help spend free time, keep you company, cheer you up and fill your boring days with the unforgettable memories, and new impressions? This can be your trump card: promise an amazing rest, in exchange for a good examination period passing. What a great stimulus, is not it? Especially, considering the fact that there are so many ways for young people to have fun today. Meanwhile, you are having fun, you can use our home work help.

A friend will have to improve his (hers) academic performance and all bad grades, if he (she) likes spending time with friends, having fun. Also, the relatives can “join the company” and promise to a student a trip or some other kind of entertainment (consider our tips for camping, just in case). Such promises can become really good motivation to study and get only good grades at the exams. Maybe, it will become a habit to study well, consequently, a student will continue improving his (hers) academic performance without any other additional stimulus.

Here are several posts that can motivate you, as well:

4. To make a gift for good studying. It is very pleasant and touching to make some memorable gifts for good studying. For example, the best friends can encourage each other with suchlike presents, increasing the incentive to study. The parents, who are also interested in the future success of their offspring, can show such a favor.

There is another variant: the friends agree on the gifts in advance, and then, study hard to make each other the gifts in the end of the examination period. The one that fails does not get a gift but has to present something to a winner, i.e. the one that has coped with the exams successfully. In order to make the agreement mutually beneficial, it is necessary to study better, improve an average grade, and finally get the long-awaited prize.

By the way, this method is often used by the students of European universities, and in practice, it works great, helps improve academic performance and self-education. Thus, you can gain new knowledge and a gift.

5. To describe the motivating future plans. In order to make a student graduate and get the status of a certified specialist, the friends need to motivate the student, telling different enthusiastic stories about the future. Why not? Such far-reaching talks inspire and make you want to achieve more. It is always pleasant to see yourself wealthy and self-sufficient with a good job, car and apartment. Today’s dreams can become reality tomorrow. The most important is to set a goal and mover towards it.

For the very beginning, it would be nice to get higher education because the state, employers and all spheres of life are interested in the certified intelligent specialists. If you study well and graduate with dignity, you can expect to get a prospective job, decent pay, career promotion and bright future. Many students use suchlike motivation to get knowledge, not to give up and move to their dreams. And they often dream to be prosperous and significant.

6. To move on together. What else can you do to motivate a friend? You can become a role model, of course. If you demonstrate good academic performance, your friends will also want to present the same good results. It is always better to study together, in addition, you become responsible not only for your own achievements but also you keep an eye on your friend. It is easier and often more amusing to sit together in a library, it is faster to solve a difficult task together. As everyone knows, two heads are better than one.

Thus, jointly you can finish the university brilliantly, get your diploma and priceless knowledge of your future profession. Some students prefer such a kind of motivation, demonstrating their loyalty to friendship, team spirit, commitment and organization skills. If you make it a habit in the beginning of your studying, the process of education, in general, will look like entertainment and not duty or torment. Do you know what else is entertaining? The language of animals can become the subject for a fun or serious discussion.

7. To prove your independence. Some students are motivated by their best friends, others by their strict and demanding parents, and some of them by picky and annoying teachers. The teachers often become such a strong motivation that leads to new knowledge and inner self-sufficiency. That is right, a pretentious teacher not only makes study better and uses the low grades to scary the students, but also revives the desire to reach new heights, the desire to prove one’s independence and compliance with the chosen speciality.

The only thing we can do is to watch the battle of two opposite parties. In any case, the things will not get worse, for sure, because of such a “battle” with a teacher. The desire to prove your genius will make you go to a library one more time, to read the books more, to realize the matters that you have not realized previously, to get prepared for the exams brilliantly and pass them successfully, getting the grades you want and expect.

In fact, all this is real. The most important is to set a goal and prove that you are not the worst student but the “hope and support” of your future profession. First of all, it will increase self-esteem, consequently, others will also start admiring such a stunning breakthrough. This is how the students become certified specialists and competent experts in the field they choose. Another way to increase one’s self-esteem is here:

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Maybe, you have another motivation to make a friend study. We would listen to all your ideas gladly. As we have already said, two heads are better than one. You can never leave in trouble the best friends, and higher education will help them reveal themselves and realize their potential and knowledge got at the university in full. In order to achieve even greater results than you could expect, we advise you to cooperate with the certified academic writing field experts. They will fix your college papers, making them outstanding, and as a result, your academic performance will also be improved. You have the chance to work with the best and present A+ papers. Go ahead and use it!

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