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Does studying at university seem too difficult? You have just finished writing an essay, and you get another written assignment at once. Does it sound familiar? Are you tired of such situations? There is a good way out that can solve all your troubles: appeal to a custom university essay writing service. Our online writing agency will do all your written assignments for cheap. Our prices are the lowest. Our experts are qualified and experienced writers and proofreaders. You will get much pleasure cooperating with our professional team. Whatever difficult studying may seem, this is not the reason to quit it. Nevertheless, some students leave the university. Why does it happen? We are going to make an attempt to find the answer.

Why do students quit studying?

Curiously enough but even the government is puzzled by the question of why students quit studying and, in such a way, deprive themselves of the chance for getting a higher education. We also have been thinking about why it happens so: having entered a higher educational establishment and become a frosh, a student due to some reason stops being interested in education and future perspectives.

Why do not students want to study any longer?

It is pretty difficult to answer such a question because, as everyone knows, the human heart is a mystery. Nevertheless, based on personal observation, we have managed to figure out the reasons that often stand in the way to the desired degree that proves a proud title “specialist” (bachelor). Do not let anything stand in your way with the help of the best proofreading service online.

The first year of studying: breaking stereotypes

When we have any question, we usually refer to the stubborn statistics data. In this case, according to the statistics, one out of five students leaves the university due to some reasons. Usually, it happens during the first year; seniors refuse the education more seldom. Thus, the criterion “age” is one of the reasons that deprive a future specialist of a degree. If this is a frosh, then, his (hers) unexpected refusal of further studies can be related to one’s own laxity and so-called all-or-nothing thinking.

It is not hard to explain: having finished school and entered a university, young people are sure that their life is already arranged and they feel prepared for the new obstacles and reaching of the set goals. At any educational establishment, one way or another, you need to fight for your place under the sun, especially when it goes about a grant or scholarship. University professors are not like school teachers who are often more tolerant of their pupils. At a higher educational establishment, the situation looks somewhat different because every negligent student can be expelled from the university. So, we have found the first cause that makes some students leave their studies.

They willingly quit studying, and their unsatisfactory academic performance proves this fact. Expulsion is just the consequence of one’s irresponsibility. Consequently, we can conclude that one of the crisis times when it is real to leave the student ranks is definitely the first studying year. In this case, we can give only a single piece of advice: it is important to hold on by any means. One of the means you can use is academic essays writing companies that help with studies.

The third year: thoughts about global

When the first year is successfully passed, a student starts experiencing a kind of excitement or passion that helps him (her) finish the next year successfully. However, the next critical point, as a rule, become the third year, and there is a pretty relevant background.

The background is the following: this is the time when the so-called breaking of minds occurs when a student begins thinking that he (she) is not occupied with something he (she) would like to continue in the future. This is the moment when the sincere dislike of the selected specialty appears. Naturally, no one speaks about diligent studying, under such conditions. First, a student begins playing truant and getting not only the highest grades (as it used to be previously). In this case, there are the two ways of the development of the events: based on the first one, a student quits studying on his (hers) own; based on the second one, a student is expelled from university because of unsatisfactory performance. Do you want to get only good grades? We have something to offer:

The situation is complicated. Besides, it is hard and wrong to make a person study something he (she) does not like. That is why such a life position is worth being respected, although, a student will feel sad for the years wasted.

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The last year: understanding oneself

Surprisingly, there are the students who leave the university being at the finish line, i.e., during the last year. There can be several reasons for such conduct and the most widespread among them are the following:

1. downward academic performance;

2. getting a job;

3. getting married;

4. family troubles;

5. immediate need for an additional source of income;

6. feeling of one’s superiority.

All these reasons sooner or later lead to the expulsion. That is why it is so much important to think about your future life timely not to lose the chance that not everyone gets in modern society.

As a rule, seniors are already holistic and intelligent personalities who already aware of how they see their future. The expulsion is a forced measure, in such a case, and usually, a student is an initiator. Some student may have family troubles, another one needs to get a job immediately to support one’s relatives, and also, there are the students who lose the interest in the selected specialty, having found an appropriate profession. Sometimes students are no longer interested in studying because the endless written assignments make them tired. This is the problem that our specialists can solve easily:

If this is a final decision for a senior, no one usually tries to stop him (her). However, in the cases when a person has been just mistaken and promises to restore his (hers) credibility, professors give a second chance. After all, this is almost the end of education.

Nonetheless, there is a student category, for which the expulsion from the university is a real punishment, i.e., they are forced to leave the university. We are talking about the students who, almost having reached the finish, think that they are allowed to relax before the creation and defense of a thesis paper. A huge mistake, as you understand. You can relax only if you order online thesis writing service. Many professors (especially principled ones) do not appreciate such an approach to studies and make every effort for the soonest their expulsion. They believe that this is a punishment for negligent students and a good lesson for others.

Unfinished higher education

In modern society, there is such a notion as an unfinished higher education. In fact, that is also an education, but it implies basic knowledge only, which can be enough for some positions, by the way. Thus, a person who has studied at the university for about three years (depending on a specialty) can speak about an unfinished higher education. Of course, applying for a job, an employer will probably ask about the reasons for quitting studies. Be careful because your employment may depend on the answer.

Naturally, it is better to have an unfinished higher education rather than no basics at all. Nevertheless, it has its disadvantages that will be revealed sooner or later.

1. In this case, we cannot speak about a worker as a certified specialist. Consequently, there will be more questions from prospective employers, and some of the questions may even have an unpleasant implication.

2. The notion “unfinished higher education” is just a nice phrase, which is not be proven by a document. That is why not all bosses will take their prospective employees’ word for it.

3. The demand for an unfinished higher education is high when a country faces a big shortage of staff. Today most countries do not have such a problem and, in addition, it is almost unreal to get a job without a degree.

Consequently, it is hard to overestimate the usefulness of higher education and every student should bear it in mind. If due to some reason a student decides to quit studies, he (she) has to think about the future destiny. A person without a degree is not a specialist and not a valuable employee who can expect to get good work conditions and a high salary. That is why we would advise not to leave the university in no circumstances. Otherwise, you may suffer a lot later.

If you just realize that a chosen specialty is just not for you, in this case, you can discuss it with your professors and dean and agree on the transmission to another specialty. University staff usually helps in such cases, understanding that this is a conscious choice that not everyone has the courage to make. Whatever choice you make, you can always rely on the support of our expert team.

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So do not waste time trying to guess why student quit studies. It is better to think about what they have done to get the desired and demanded degree. We have told you why students usually leave university, and the reasons are various. However, you should always remember that what's done is done and everything that is done is for the better. And what is done on our website is done in the best possible way. Our specialists do their best for the clients. That is why we provide not only the best writing and editing services on the web, but also the cheapest prices with discounts and bonuses. Many freebies and other pleasant perks are waiting for you. Do yourself a favor: contact our team and forget about your written assignments. We will take care of them.

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