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When an academic year comes to its end, it means that the students will have the “hot season” soon, i.e. the examination period. However, as everyone knows, except the exams and other tests, a student also prepares and defends a term paper or a project. Surprisingly, but a student does not pay enough attention to the term work defense, although a term work along with the defense is equal to an exam (get your personal assistant that will help with any issue related to studying: There are many people who believe that the term paper writing process is the most, and the defense itself is something secondary. However, this is a great misleading. In fact, the disparagement of one’s term project defense is almost the same as if someone has won the Olympic Games and has not taken the reward. In this case, the reward is a grade. And the grade consists of several components.

The first component is the text of a paper itself and its formatting. And the next component of a grade (which is often more valuable) is the moment when a paper is defended. We all are taught at the university how to write a term paper, we are given the requirements (which often change, by the way). However, no one and nowhere teaches us how to create a correct speech for the defense. What an injustice! Maybe the professors think that, in such a way, they will give a lower grade to a student? What a guile! Okay, never mind, you will never fail, defending your paper, when you read our tips. Additionally, read the essay about equality published on the blog.

Get your term paper speech ready

The defense basics are the text. At once, a student faces several questions:

1) What to take as a basis of defended paper?

2) What is the size of text?

3) How to meet the set time frames?

So, let us discuss these three points one by one.

Question #1: What to take as a basis of defended paper? A term paper is very big and you need the essentials, as they say, for the defense. What are the term paper essentials? An introduction contains something essential, and the first part of your paper, and the following part, and the conclusions, naturally, maintain the “essence”. And of course, it goes without saying that the conclusions should be presented because they generalize the most important points of your work.

Consequently, when the text parts are selected for the paper defense, the final text turns into a very big one, up to eight-ten pages. This will not do. This is the “raw” or “damp” defense that requires to be “dried up”, i.e. up to five-eight pages should be removed. But how? This is just impossible. A student might think: “If I remove the half of everything I have selected, then, my presentation will not be coherent and I the failure is inescapable…”. We can often hear such statements from the students. Anyway, this is not as hard as it may seem. Not so many students are able to write the defense speech correctly on the first try. Keep it in mind. Also, remember that we know how to make it possible:

Let us imagine for a moment that we are the teachers and think about what we want to get from a student that defends a term paper. For the teachers, the most valuable is to realize that a student is aware of the paper subject and knows its main points. Believe us, the teachers have heard the defense speeches for a thousand times. That is why they do not feel the necessity for the students’ introductory words, such as: “Nowadays, the subject is of current interest…”. Based on the information above, we are going to present you the main tips on what to take as a basis for your defense and what to remove:

1) you take: the exact facts, terms, and conclusions;

2) you do not take the introductory sentences, long annotations, sentences without sense.

These posts may come in handy:

In order to make the teachers pleased with your performance. Tell them the words they wait and want to hear. For instance, if your term paper subject is “The company department head”, the first thing to do is to give the definition of the term “head”, in this relation. In such a way, you create a “starting point” for you and the teachers start thinking at once that you are a profound student that is well-versed in the subject. Do not stick to one question on your subject because your speech will not seem and sound “symmetrical” and the general impression of your term paper will be one-sided, what naturally cannot bring you any extra point.

Question #2: What is the size of the text? It is obvious now that eight-ten pages are too many. More often, seven-ten minutes are allocated for the term work presentation. Every student knows that the size of text is:

- 3 pages;

- Times New Roman font;

- 14 size of type;

- 1,5 line spacing.

Anyway, these are not the strict frames that prevent you from varying the size of text, depending on the requirements and your personal needs. This is just a “support point”, which we usually use, when we create our defense speech.

Another helpful remark: when you write a text, try to make different emphasis for different paragraphs (as we do in this post). When you do so, it becomes easier to navigate through your text, at the defense, because you will worry, for sure, when you need to defend your paper in front of the teachers (and, most likely, many other students). Do not create a big continuous text.

Question #3: How to meet the set time frames? The things are simple, in this case: preparation, preparation and once again preparation. On the defense event eve, for several times, standing in front of a mirror, make the presentation of your text. Additionally, record the “home presentation” on a camera and watch how it looks and sounds. The stopwatch will tell whether you follow the set time frames or not. If no, make your presentation shorter but never start talking faster. Otherwise, you risk turning your speech into a mess. A small text is always better rather than a lot of inarticulate text.

Finally, as a small gift, we are going to share two practical pieces of advice that will contribute to the higher grade getting when you defend.

1) Prepare a presentation for your defense. If there is the possibility, create a presentation as the illustrative material of your defense. Thus, your speech will become more perceptible when you defend your work, consequently, you will get some extra points to your final grade. By the way, get the papers and presentations help in the UK on our site.

2) Foresee some obvious questions beforehand and try to answer them. The best world speakers always try to predict what they can be at their performances and they get ready with the answers when they prepare their speeches. This is the reason why you can almost never see a politician that stumbles through the answer. All the most predictable questions are always studied, in advance. Why cannot you do the same? Use this trick, do not be shy! Use, in addition, the essay editing services for the college students that help survive.

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