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Living with parents or in a student dormitory?

Have you ever made such a choice in your life: to live with parents or in a dormitory? Of course, we are talking about student years when the happiest time is spent in a dormitory with fun and unforgettable impressions. However, not all the students can lead a carefree life in a dormitory, and some of them have to live with parents. So, what is better?

What is a student dormitory?

Almost every university has a dormitory, in which mainly non-local students live. There can be one or several buildings, or even the whole campus with all the necessary facilities. In a dormitory, students get a bed in a shared room that gives them the unique opportunity to get new acquaintances and make friends. You can always hear laughter, jokes, students have fun all the time and live their life in full swing. Do you want the same? Then professional support is just what you need:

For local students

Local students are usually not allowed to live in a dormitory. They have to live together with strict parents and attend classes every day simultaneously. However, this is not an obstacle to make friends and live a full student life, enjoy every day and strive for the realization of future plans. Although, conflicts with parents are inescapable from time to time. Local students usually do not have much desire to visit a dormitory and sometimes they do not visit it even once during all years of study. If they have non-local friends, they come to a dormitory, for sure, and get many great impressions.

Pros and cons of living in a dormitory

Almost all the advantages are related to the fun and carefree life. Well, somewhat it is true:

• there is a place to live;

• there are people to have fun with and a place for this;

• you will never be hungry, your friends are always ready to share;

• there will be many memories about studenthood;

• friends can also help with studies and improve your academic performance (as well as our high-quality student essays services);

• they will never let you be upset;

• you can stay in a city for some time after graduation.

However, the things are not that much simple, and even such a carefree life has its drawbacks. Among them are the following:

• changeable academic performance;

• chronic insomnia;

• almost constant lack of money;

• absence of private life;

• absence of relatives next to you;

• not always roommates are nice and good-natured;

• domestic theft risk (food, stationery, other small items).

In general, there is nothing terrible but, in the very beginning, it is hard to adapt to a student dormitory after a long life in a parental home. Not all students manage to get used to such an intense schedule, and some of them can be even expelled in a year due to poor academic performance and regular truancy. Some share of responsibility for such situations relies on a student dormitory.

Pros and cons of city life

There are delights for city students as well. Naturally, on the one hand, the pressure from parents somehow brings down and knocks out, but on the other hand, such increased care cannot harm. There are other advantages to living together with parents when you are a student:

• always warm and tasty food;

• clean and ironed bed;

• parental care and guarding;

• help with studies and search for useful contacts;

• absence of financial troubles;

• absence of household chores;

• real help in case of sickness.

So a caring mom or dad is always there, and their help will be especially significant in difficult times, for example, before an exam period or after exam failure. However, sometimes such increased care strangles and prevents a student from becoming a mature person. Among other disadvantages, we also need to notice the following ones:

• round-the-clock parental control;

• constant control of academic performance (and it will always be excellent if we do your essay);

• eternal moralizing and internal conflicts in the family;

• fight of generations “Fathers and Sons”;

• running away from home, early marriages.

It all provokes the question of what is better: to live in a dormitory or to be under the care of parents. Minds are different, and every student decides on one's own.

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Relationships of non-locals with professors

There are cases when professors are more indulgent to the non-local students due to the reason that they are far away from home, in a big city, without the support of close ones. You can easily benefit from such a situation but do not overdo. Otherwise, professors will not treat you well any longer. Also, professors will try to explain everything as much clearly as possible (even if this is not their teaching style) and will not be very strict at the exams.

Another significant point: professors are especially pleased when a non-local student is disciplined and diligent, demonstrates the passion for study, polite attitude, punctuality and perseverance to knowledge. Suchlike enthusiasm admires, and professors teach with more pleasure and care. So if you think that professors are more indulgent to the non-local students, you will be right, in most cases.

However, according to statistics, such a sympathy disappears during the second year when a student gains all the bad habits of dormitory life and local friends. A student dormitory can spoil non-locals, and it is already seen at the end of the second semester. Parties at night, carefree life, lack of parental guarding and control: all this often leads to certain mistakes and troubles, which include serious problems in the relationships with professors and frequent conflict situations.

Relationships of local students with professors

Students who live in a city sometimes are more capricious and picky and can become more arrogant when they enter university. Since the very beginning, they can start arguing with professors, being rude, play truant systematically and even insist on higher grades. As a rule, academic performance of suchlike students leaves much to be desired, and they can be over-ambitious. Many professors take it as their duty to tell such students where to get off. Naturally, it can harm the relationships greatly.

Of course, it does not happen always. The most important is that a student should understand clearly where he (she) is and what his (her) role is. The hot temper and constant whims should be left at home. It is better to bring to the university knowledge, aspirations, and perseverance. Even the strictest professor will notice such an interest in the study and give good grades for it. Also, you will get high grades if you do your written assignments with our expert help:

Tips to both non-local and local students

These two types of students have to dwell together, i.e., study at the same university. That is why it is important to have good relationships not only with professors but also with each other. Friendship is possible, especially when people are united by a common thing and the same problems every semester. What can be advised to so many different people united by circumstances?

1. Local students should make friends with non-local, visit parties more often and find new friends, broaden their horizons.

2. Non-locals also should strive for making friends with city students, as they have much to learn. For instance, locals can teach them to navigate in the city better.

3. Local students should not become presumptuous. They should treat the non-locals equally. Otherwise, they will have to spend four years alone.

4. Non-local should never be shy and always bear in mind that clothes do not make the man. Only knowledge and being a nice person matter. So why not unleash your potential and show everyone what you are really worth.

5. A student dormitory unites different socials classes. The most important is to find common subjects and interests for conversations.

Alternative to the student dormitory

Some parents are convinced that a student dormitory is the residence of debauchery and that is why they prefer to rent an apartment for their child. Frankly speaking, such an alternative have many drawbacks. Here they are:

• it is several times more expensive than living in a dormitory;

• there is no control at all;

• a student can make friends with suspicious people who turn an apartment in a place of meetings and wild parties;

• systematic truancy;

• abrupt decrease in academic performance (do not let it happen: use online services to check your essay and keep the bar high);

• parents have additional expenses;

• visits to home become seldom and short.

So there is no need to hire an apartment when you can get a room in a dormitory. Thus, parents of a student will feel less worried, and a student will not be alone and controlled at least a little bit.

We can only add that a student will only benefit living in a dormitory. He (she) will feel less parental care and finally take a step to the conscious adult life full of responsibility and sense of duty. We have presented you our opinion on this issue, and the choice is up to you, as always.

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