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By the way, not only our expert online services can make student life better. Many lifehacks help students study more productively, solve small everyday problems, and just have fun. We want to present you several lifehacks that will definitely come in handy in your student life.

Students’ lifehacks: chewing gum, light, sleep

Studying should not be difficult. There exist simple methods that can facilitate this process greatly. However, not all these methods are the same effect for every person but, with the trial and error method, you will manage to find those ones that will work for you. You will follow them because your life depends on them to some extent. At least your good grades definitely depend on them. The tips presented further facilitate the students’ life greatly, help them increase their productivity, focusing, concentration, and also help avoid postponing.

Chew a gum

The action of chewing is the stimulation of the brain, in fact. Since there are no serious side effects (such as caffeine has, for instance), this is a great help in the process of education. The only drawback is that chewing gum does not work long. So keep this lifehack for the most important moments of studying or when you are too tired. We are always ready to help with academic papers when you are exhausted or do not have either time or desire:

Control your focus

Sometimes you are the worst enemy of you. Block yourself from getting distracted by social networks, unnecessary websites, e-mail, etc. It becomes possible thanks to such programs as SelfControl or Cold Turkey, for example. There are many other options, and you can easily search for them and download to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Download various applications for education

You probably know that there is a huge number of applications for students. Choose one or two that meet your needs and demands in studying and use them. If you think that the ones you selected do not work for you, choose others. Their number and variety amaze.


Yes, eat because many students forget about this when they prepare for the exams or do an important assignment. If an assignment is really important, it is better to ask experts for assistance. On our site, you will pay less for papers writing services. Eat healthy, nutritious and, of course, delicious food. This is what your brain needs to function. Help your brain, and it will help you.


Google your subject: this search engine has a tremendous amount of data, including information provided by the most competent resources such as universities and colleges. You can get access to the exams at different higher educational establishments with the questions related to your subject. Thus, you can practice and deepen your knowledge. YouTube can be useful as well, especially when you do not understand some topic and you need an additional explanation. Many people perceive information better when they listen and watch at the same time. Also, many channels offer free books, for instance, CrashCourse, Khan Academy, Brightstorm, Bozeman Science and many others. There will be no problem to find them.

Write down your notes

Let's recall old school: take your notes by hand. Research shows that when you spend the time to write your notes, you study more effectively compared with the cases when you use a computer, laptop, tablet or another device.

Listen to music

Correctly chosen type of music during studying can increase your productivity, motivation, and the level of focusing. Some genres of music are really recommended for studying. They are known as "music for brain power."


Once again, this is a human need that must be satisfied. Our body needs to sleep to think correctly. Sleep influences your cognitive function. Consequently, it influences the ability to think logically. The conclusion is obvious: sleep well and enough.

Change the location of studying

Change your studying conditions literary. Research demonstrates that studying in one and the same room influences the result negatively. It means that if you are in the same environment all the time, it will be the best option to pass an exam in exactly the same environment. However, if you change the locations when you prepare for an exam, it will be easier to adapt to a new environment where you will pass your exam.

Teach someone

Tell the material that you need to learn to your fellow student or your friend. Teaching another person is an effective way to understand the material better. Teaching is the best test (before an actual test) to find out whether you know all the terms and data required. Moreover, ask a person to ask you some questions to figure out whether you really navigate the subject and understand it well.

Turn on the light

Light helps human brain focus, influences the visual quality and psychological reactions. The best type of light for the maximal productivity is mild and natural. If your lighting is too foggy or too bright (for instance, fluorescent lighting), it can interfere with the process of learning.

The most important lifehack is to rest, spend time in the open air, go in for sports, and enjoy your life! In order to have the chance to do all this, we recommend you our student essays services, which guarantee that all your assignments will be done perfectly and on time.

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Lifehacks for the students who live in a dormitory

A student dormitory is a kind of survival school that many students have to pass. The lifehacks presented further will help students pass these severe tests with dignity, facilitate their life, and feel good, living in a dormitory.

Locked mug

Almost everyone has his (her) favorite mug, and you are probably not an exception. Naturally, you do not want someone else to use it. You can literary hang a lock on your mug so that nobody could take it. Or there is another option. Look for the “lock mug” on the internet. We believe it is a pretty curious and creative way to solve this problem.

Iron from pan

If your clothes are wrinkled and you have nothing to iron it (it happens sometimes), take a pan with hot water and use it like an iron. Surprisingly, it works very well, successfully copes with the ironing function, and your clothes look neat and tidy.


If you need to heat water, you will need 2 razor blades and a cable with a plug. Tie each of the wires to the blades. After that, connect each blade with matches and a self-made heater is done. We do not give prices instructions because it is not recommended to do and use it without special knowledge and compliance with safety regulations. Electricity is always dangerous. So it would be better to appeal to the specialists in this field. In general, it is always better to appeal to the specialists to get the expected result. When our specialists work, the result is even better than expected, and that is why we are the top essay writing service on the web.

Dryer for the socks

Let’s say you have just washed your socks and you need to dry them up quickly. Take a hair dryer, put a sock on it, and in 2-3 minutes your socks will be dry and ready to be used.

TV from smartphone

Do you want to watch a movie on a big screen but you do not have a TV? Take a shoe box, glass loupe, and your smartphone. Make the marks on the box, cut a hole, and fix the magnifier in it. Cut another hole, in which you will fix your smartphone, and cut off one of the box walls. Having put everything in the box body, you can regulate the distance between the loupe and smartphone. Now you just need to play a video, put your smartphone on its place, and turn off the light. Moving your smartphone, you can focus the image and transfer it to the wall. Thus, you get a kind of small cinema in your room. You will need time to watch your favorite movies without worrying about your home assignments. Let us take care of them:

Stove from iron

When you have nothing to cook your food on, you will need an iron and food foil. Turn the iron upside down, put foil on it, press down the edges, and shape such a plate that you need. Having turned on the iron, you get a pan, on which you can fry sausages, eggs, or something else. Also, having wrapped a sandwich in foil and put the iron on it, you can heat it up and make it much tastier.

Also, if you do not like to wash up, take food wrap, put it on a plate, and eat. When you finish, just take off a used wrap, and a plat will be clean again.

Low-cost laptop cooling

Usually, there is no much space in a room, so students have to keep their laptop on the knees, in most cases. For a laptop, it is harder to cool down in such conditions, and it can overheat. There is a good and low-cost solution: take an egg tray and place it under your laptop. This will allow air to freely get into the computer case and cool down its elements.

Garbage bag and chair

You have garbage bags but do not have a trash bin. Put an ordinary chair upside down and put a garbage bag on it. Using your mother wit, you can always find a way out.

Way to open a jar

You have a jar of pickles, let's say, but you lack the strength to open it. You will need a piece of scotch tape, which you need to stick to the jar cap in two layers. Having made some efforts, you will manage to open that stubborn jar.

Essay writer online: your chance to benefit more

These simple tips can facilitate your everyday student life greatly. For more benefit, we recommend you to use the support and assistance of academic paper writers. Their professional help guarantees that all your papers will be done perfectly and delivered on time. Our site offers not only the lowest prices but also there is the system of discounts, bonuses, and freebies to encourage our customers to order our services. Cooperation with us is a pure benefit. If you need more information, contact us anytime.

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