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To write the thesis is a very responsible task. The very important part is to be convincing in your arguments. Even though the moment of conviction of the interlocutor has the significant meaning in our everyday conversations, it is often quite difficult to find the right words in written speech. Thesis writer is a professional in this field. Knowing many synonyms and having the vivid speech is still insufficient. In this context, it is quite clear why many customers address the professional essay writing service to have the thesis writing help online.

In this article, I want to share my suggestions about the development of persuasion skills. First of all, for coming to some sort of conclusions, you usually need to have enough time for consideration. This skill, like any other skill, needs some practice. The possible exercises that will help to pump that particular skill up are quite simple but very effective at the same time. Take any word, the one you often use and, as a rule, pay no attention to its meaning and try to explain what this word means to you. Try not to use the cliche or common truths, try to find your own explanation. The academic writing services of premium quality are always at hand and you may ask for the assistance with any writing assignments. To develop some personal skills is very good but to delegate the most responsible tasks to the professionals is even more reasonable. So, let us see what I did.

Tell me, please do you know how to live? Really. I ask without irony. Of course, life is a thing you can not just turn away from, but still, some people are on good terms with the life, and others are not.

I must admit, I do not know how to live. That is absolute true. I bring many problems and troubles to people. And, as usual, the closer a person is, the more problems and troubles I bring to him/her. I hardly move to the intended goal, but with some suspicious persistence, I reach unintended goals. I am not delighted with the New Year anymore, and my own birthday causes one thing - the desire to throw out the mobile phone and climb into some hole away from all the eyes. The even rusher times are coming when there is lots of work to be done and the deadline is very close. Sometimes, you even are short of time to explain the instructions. Don’t worry, our team can even in this case. Fortunately, the wonderful service may help to solve the problems and can make the essay sound better. This is quite easy and cheap. You may get professional essays written for you and do not worry about the quality and timing. To find more about the custom essay writing service, it is better to see our page and choose the service that interests you.

So, let us return to the reflections on the persuasiveness development. I have noticed that life is a kind of a separate being. And some people are able to build their relationship with Life, and some (like me) do not know how to do that.

I want to try it. I want to try to sort it out. To understand the way it should be. To think and to learn. That is, to teach yourself.

And then I decided to write an essay written not by the person who has already understood everything, but by a person who is trying to understand. And I invite you to this "time of life". When you are just on the way to master the thesis writing, it is quite natural to look for the professional guidance, the online paper assistance is the best helper in this case. This makes you sure that your essay will be perfect. You may read the blog of our company and find out more information about our services.

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There are so many words in the world that we stopped recognizing each other. We speak words, often without understanding their meaning. Words turned into masks, we do not peer into their essence, the superficial meaning is enough for us. I decided to try to understand the essence of the most important words that make up the meaning of human life. For some reason, it seems to me that if you understand the meaning of the most important words, then something meaningful will also become clear about the Life.  

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I am sure, these are generally very important (if not crucial) words for the developing the conviction skill. This is not the creation of the brand-new dictionary. I do not insist on my only rightness in interpreting the words.

I am pretty sure that there are almost all the words that are well familiar with. Moreover, there are the words you are well aware of. But the meanings of these words, their profound meaning is just something to think about.

I suggest you to suddenly stop your running around the life (wherever you are at the moment: in the subway, or at home, or in the train or on the beach) and think about those words you have been using all your life, but do not often think over their meanings. You can disagree with my understanding, reject it, or challenge it. To be honest, I even sometimes exaggerating, by purpose, the originality of explaining other words to provoke you to a dispute.

I must say that I am writing for those who want to strain. It is difficult to reflect on the most important questions of life without a stress. Forgive me ... But, at first, I would like to answer the questions that probably will arise in your heads.

  • Who are you to tell people about your view of the world?

I must honestly admit that this is a question that worried me very much when I came up with this writing idea. Then I thought that such an assignment can and should be written by every person who thinks about the essential questions of our existence. I just suggest an option for reflection. If you want you may agree, if you don’t want, you may argue. Just let's agree on one thing: you can not talk only about economics, politics, sports, and crime. It is possible and necessary to talk about what life is. And this is not forbidden to anyone.

  • By what principle should the words be selected?

I'm talking only about the moral, not about the social or political categories. I'm only talking about those words that seem important to me. It is up to you which words to choose. The main thing is to have the strong interest in the topic.

This is the issue you are open to talk and argue with. If you are looking for easy-to-use and fast company, read The high-quality student essay services also hold out the big varieties of the different writing assignments. They all are for you to choose.

In fact, it's a game: take a well-known word and think about its meaning. It is a kind of entertainment here. Why not? If, as a result of this game, you would be able to look a little differently at the world ... Isn’t it exciting? Games, in general, are taught a lot, the game, as they say, is quite a serious thing.

  • Since the author builds a picture of the world, does this mean that he considers himself a philosopher?

I believe that in this world there is not a single person who would never think about how and why his life goes on, someone, who would not reflect on the laws of his life. Therefore, every person has the right to be called a philosopher. Especially, if you are the professional research paper rewriter, you have to reflect on different topics and find the right arguments on various questions. Taking into consideration the fact that we usually need to be ready with more than one assignment, many people prefer to pay someone to write their papers. The only concern is where to hire professional essay rewriter . In reality, it is much easier than you even can imagine. Visit how it works page and you will find all the answers.

So, dear reader, let's talk. Let us take some words, as the example. And all you need to do is to continue the process.


That may sound quite paradoxically, but not all the words, that the mankind has invented, make sense. Sometimes people invent words not to denote them a certain real phenomenon, but, for example, in order to rise above others.

This is the word "altruism"- an unselfish action aimed to help others. (Incidentally, the word "altruism" comes from the Latin alter - the other.)

The dictionary defines the word "altruism" as follows: "The willingness to act unselfishly for the benefit of others, regardless of their personal interests."

Indeed, it is very worthy: forget about yourself and act for the good of others. However, is it so? Altruism can not be understood. It can not be calculated and verified. We never know what really drives a person. Therefore, one can either believe or not believe in altruism.

I do not believe in altruism.

I believe in a person who does good deeds because it is natural and typical for him. In the one, who helps others through his own selfishness, because the meaning of the life is in such help for him. I believe in the hero who commits the feat because this is the only natural choice for him in some particular situation, I believe.

But I do not believe in altruists.

I proceed from the fact that the meaning of the life of any person is the road to happiness and harmony. If circumstances do not compel a person, he will never turn from this path.

A free man, when he does any act, thinks about himself, certainly. This conclusion may seem cynical. In fact, it exalts the man and the mankind.

Let's think, does our conclusion mean that a person never compromises his personal interests? Of course not. But he departs from his personal interests only on the way to happiness and harmony.

If someone does the most insane, most senseless act for the sake of the beloved or for the sake of the child, he does this not because he is an unselfish altruist, but because he understands (and often feels): if he does not do so, his soul will be restless and his way to happiness will be interrupted.

Or when, for example, a rich man sacrifices his capital to the poor one, even if he does it sincerely, he does it not unselfishly. His self-interest is the peace of his soul.

According to the dictionary, the personal interests never lie in the field of selfless service to others. This is not true. Personal interests are not always material. Often, while doing an unselfish act, from the point of view of others, a person, in fact, builds up his relationship with God, with a conscience. That does not make his act less significant, or less kind, or less worthy.

If a person commits an act with a free choice, he/she always does it with one purpose, that is to bring the joy to him/herself. And the fact that there are people who bring joy to themselves while delivering it to others, is an optimistic conclusion that exalts a person, and humanity at the same time.

Therefore, I do not believe in altruism and I believe that this word denotes something that is not. I believe that a man's personal interest often is to bring happiness to other people.

And that is why our world has not completely lost its mind, and we can still love each other and give joy to each other. Will the on-time help bring the joy to you? No doubt, every person would be extremely happy to receive the necessary help when it is really needed. Let’s recall the last pass of the exam. Would not you think that to hire the top essay writing service in order to have the best academic success is really the good idea? This all gets the special importance when you are limited in time. Here is a key to your success, you may write an essay in 7 hours on service.


If you think about it, then "indifference" is a word that denotes something that can not be.

Well, really, the indifferent person is the one who does not see a difference either between the events in the world or between people. Is that possible? Maybe.

Indifference is a disease of the soul, in which the soul ceases to react to the ambient life.

In my opinion, indifference is the highest degree of disregard. After all, if an indifferent person does not care about anything that is not personally related to him/her, such a person, as a rule, has a little interest in him/herself as well.

Indifference is a disease, and every illness arises as a reaction to something. A cold is a reaction to a hypothermia, a gastric ulcer is a reaction to a bad diet.

How does indifference arise? Indifference arises as a reaction of the soul to senseless attempts of man to change his life.

This is very clearly seen in the example of love. While lovers scandal, swear, converge - diverge, love is alive. But, when one of the lovers (or both) realizes that love can not change their life, indifference arises. Indifference is a clear sign that love has passed.

If we have agreed that indifference is a disease, then it is obvious that there are people more and less susceptible to it. There are those who will fight for life for a long time, trying to change it and those to whom everything is becoming indifferent, as soon as life will strike a light backstroke.

However, there is hardly ever a person who never said "I do not care about anything" under any circumstances.

  • What is the danger of this disease? Can it lead to any complications?

It can lead to complications in life. The soul will harden, will cease to perceive the signals of the world, as a result, you can not, for example, notice a person, a meeting with who could turn your life around, or miss your only love.

Indifference destroys emotions. And if the world is perceived without emotion, then it loses its colors and it becomes impossible to feel it adequately.

  • What is the treatment for this disease?

Time. You know, as with the cold: you take medicine - you recover after seven days, you do not take them - you recover in a week. But the main medicine that can treat the indifference is the action. And this action should not be directed at what has caused indifference.

Indifference loves when it is groomed and cherished. Then it grows to an incredible size and can fill the whole person. However, if you try not to pay attention to it, it surrenders.

Any disease, even the one that seemed completely innocent, can result in death. The soul, as you know, is immortal. Even indifference can not destroy it. But if you do not fight it with the help of actions, it can change your soul beyond the recognition. You will not recognize yourself or the world around you. You will become different, indifferent and lonely.

I can imagine pretty well that someone will even find it easier to live in this situation. Well, this is always the personal choice. The main thing is that it should be conscious and not bring suffering, as a result. The indifferent person does not know what the gratitude is. He/she does not have a desire to thank anyone.

So, I propose to think over the next word.That's about gratitude…

If you consider such the exercise helpful, you may use it whenever you like. In case, you need to contact the accurate online essay proofreader or order any other help from the reliable essays website, do not hesitate to contact and get the professional assistance.

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